do you capitalize website development costs


For the quotation of the website,It is not easy to say,Many business owners will often say,You are doing the website for so many years,Reporting a price to the enterprise is not very easy,If you don't quote the company's product demand,That is basically easy,This is already an open price,Nothing is personal、studio、The difference between enterprises。

If you really have an enterprise site experience,You will find that a website construction fee is actually given,Not easy,The main reasons are as follows:

1、Website details plan

Detail discussion of site features,Is an indispensable part,If you have not passed this process,You will find,Even if the website is developed,Subsequent after-sales work is quite cumbersome,Even a headache。

When you ask him,There is no problem,When he officially put into operation,All problem,To avoid excessive resource waste,Before the station,Be sure to buckle detail。

2、Website multi-party coordination

According to the experience,At the beginning of the website,In order to avoid increasing unnecessary cost,Multi-partial coordination is required at the beginning of the station。

So,What is the cost of building a website??

1、Website development cost

Here mainly divided into partial program development and front-end page design,For SME situations,Basically no special plugin development,General is only the cost of the template,This needs to be calculated according to the design requirements of the actual site。

2、Basic configuration fee

domain name:If you don't need to get some high-net domain name,Usually.comThe domain name of the class end100Within the yuan。

Host:Host costs for target traffic estimates,Selected configuration,The price is not the same,Usually for SME sites,Dual-coreCPU,2Mbandwidth,2GThe memory of memory is generally annual fee1500about。

3、SEOOptimized cost

Usually we are based on the cost of establishing a website cost,Should be considered the operating costs of the website later,for example:Put inSEOOptimized cost,You need aSEOOptimized offer,Reference,MeasuringROI,And the relevant fees for developing online marketing methods。

Summarize:Cost of establishing a website mainly includes:Time costs、Communication cost、Development and operating costs,Don't give a quote simple,If you just create a site,Don't consider multiple details,Still quite easy。