google website developed in which language


google website developed in which language

Ordinary programmers are still very lovePython, But this does not includeGoogle,Uber,Dropbox,Soundcloud,SlackandMediumOther international top company programmers, They started using it very earlyGolangorGoIn。

This is not to sayPythonnot good,BecauseAPI,WebService or data processing,GolangorGoCan play a higher performance。

GoLanguage originGoogleBlazers created

GoByGoogleA all-star three-person inventions:Robert GriesemerYesGoogle V8 JavaScriptOne of the heads behind the machine,TooGoogleAnother language of the inventionSawzallMain developer。Rob PikeDeveloped with othersUnixenvironment,And create togetherLimboProgramming language。 In Ken·Thompson(Ken Thompson)Under lead,The team joinedUnixInventor andBLanguage founder(CPredecessor)。

(google website developed in which language)GoogleInitially usedPythonWritten,But when2007Forehead,Engineers are looking for a better language to implementGoogleTypical task。 According to Rob·Pike(Rob Pike)exist2012Speech,They have encountered a lot of problems:

  • Slow construction:It takes a long time to generate a new code.。
  • Uncontrolled dependence:You have tried to install the package,It is found that at least five other dependencies and multiple sub-dependencies can be installed.?even ifGoogleProgrammers also have this problem。
  • Each programmer uses different subsets of this language:existPythonmiddle,A developer may usenumpyBag,Another developer wants to usescipy,So on and so forth。When the programmer wants to mix their code into a package,The program code will become a mess。
  • Program understanding:Those who have understood the code in the moment of seeing the code is lying.!Because these codes are not simple “Hello World” program。And the code of the code is in most cases,Even do not exist or write incorrectly。
  • repeating work:You must try to copy the code,Then paste into other programs。
  • Update cost:Update software will spend a lot of time and energy。
  • Version deflection:Repeated code everywhere,Engineers may only update a version of the original code snippet,Ignore other versions。therefore,You finally got a version that contains new code and the old code.。
  • Preparation of automatic tools:Can automatically write code programs,Most programs can do this at a certain stage。But for modern programming languages,It is difficult to achieve。
  • Cross-language construction:PythonVery suitable for small and medium-sized scripts,C ++Very suitable for exquisite procedures,Javavery suitableWebDevelop,HaskellVery suitable for lazy but powerful code。The result is a single program usually contains code snippets from many different languages.。But in order to make the code easier、Debug and concise,It is best to write programs in a language。

So the three start designing a simple、Easy-to-read language。A language that eliminates or at least alleviates these very common problems in software engineering。

GoIs a streamlined language…

The root cause of these common problems is the complexity of modern programming languages。If you don't knowPythonstillC,Then you need to carefully read the documentation again.。

Compared with,GoThe biggest feature is its simplicity。 This doesn't mean you can't use it to build a complex code.。 butGoIt will be very deliberately avoided without bringing complex functions.,And too many questions。

E.g,GoThere is no class like other objects.。 Category is the functions that are often used in other languages,Can make an object to inherit an object of another object。 The issue is,If you do not change the structure of other objects,To change the structure of some objects,So,The code will be destroyed。GoOne knownstructAlternative method,It is more inclined to use a combination rather than inheritance。

google website developed in which language

GoOther main features include:

  • Type security:existCLanguage,You can use the pointer to perform almost all operations,Including the crash。
  • readability:andPythonSame,GoPlace readability first。Compared with most languages,It is more friendly for beginners,And make the code easier to maintain。
  • Comment documentation:Especially primary developers,In order to let others understand the code more conveniently,Then we have to comment for the code,This is a very cumbersome thing。andGodoccompared to,useGodocCan make this process more automation,Developers don't need to waste valuable time to record their work.。
  • Orthogonality:this means,If you change an object in your code,Don't change other objects。Change a statement,For example, the radio is orthogonal,If we replace the radio station,The volume will not change。existCLanguage,If we change some code,Then there are other places to contact this code.,Also change。 GoOrthogonal,It makes programming easier。
  • minimize:existGoLanguage,There is only one way to write a code。Compared with,PythonHave countless ways to write one thing!
  • Practicality:The purpose of any programming language should be convenient to write code。Need this meansGoCan't do other things。We all want to improve the production efficiency of developers through quick and easy execution of repetitive tasks.。If there is a more complex problem,We can also write another language。

These features can sound very bored,There is no idea。but,in some sense,this is correct,GoNot a language that can be used to hit others,Not a way to solve many problems,Nothing without limits。 GoNot a language that can be used to explore and research。

But when you try to build a useful thing,Will make you a shock。When you work with teams of different technical backgrounds,Use actually is the same code。

google website developed in which language(google website developed in which language)

GoThere is a thriving community

GoThe language has become one of the most collaborative languages today because of its simplicity.。Programmers have been sitting in their small compartments in the past,Never met with others have passed。

Now,We haveStackExchangeTo resolve all coding problems。We haveSlack、Zoom、GoogleMeetEquality,Can keep in touch with our team。But modern language is still tailored for nerd in the small compartment.。

GoChange these status quo,Although ratioPythonyoung20age,But it has a vibrant community。

GoCommunity respect、Open and friendly placed above the bad guidelines。Although other languages,Such asPythonorC,There are also similar community statements,But the emphasis on these basic values is less。

therefore,CommunityGoThe annual survey plays a clear role is not surprising.,This is different from many other languages。

(google website developed in which language)google website developed in which language

Data description

(google website developed in which language)according to2019yearGosurvey,GoogleThe language is most commonWebDevelop,Network and system programming。 ThisPythonThe situation looks very similar:

google website developed in which language

The only significant difference isPythonFor data analysis and machine learning more。 In these areas,Other popular new program languages are also emerged。

Besides,GoCan also replace manyPythonusage, IncludingWebDeveloping46%,System management andDevOpsmiddle37%,And in network programming19%。 Even if you assume that many developers have completed these three work,You can also boldly assume half of themPythonProgrammer isGoComplete your own work。

Actually,Many developers have realizedGoGreat potential。 according toHackerrankSaying,About one-third of programmers hope2019Year studyGo。

This trend is true,And due toGoMore easy to learn,In the next few years,We will see many people fromPythonarriveGoTransformation。 For most companies,May not rewrite all code asGo,This will be very wasting money,But attempts in new projects,Will be a better choice。

(google website developed in which language)In big company,Existing developersGoSuccess。You will choose to learnGoLanguage language?


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