website developer degree


1. transportation、Warehousing or distribution manager

annual salary:$96,390

These managers are usually employed by shipping or freight companies,and participate in scheduling、Routing and tracking merchandise and ensuring employees follow safety rules。Although a college degree is not required,But must have around five years of experience in the transportation or logistics industry。《usa today》Consider this job category the highest paying job category for people without a college degree。

2. commercial pilot

annual salary:$93,300

If you are fascinated by airplanes,then even if you don't have a degree,You can also become a commercial pilot。Of course the pilot will fly the plane,But they also have to check the condition of the plane,Submit flight plan and communicate with air traffic control,and other responsibilities。

Commercial pilots differ from airline pilots in that,The former can drive a charter plane、Operate air ambulances and carry out agricultural flights such as crop spraying。They usually work on irregular or variable schedules。Airline pilots mostly work for major airlines,These airlines transport passengers and cargo on a fixed schedule,Including weekends and nights。

To become a commercial pilot,All you need to do is complete flight training and get the FAA (FAA) commercial pilot's license。Training usually takes place at a flight school。Completion of training courses and FAA required 250 flight hours can take from six months to two years or more。But having that license could mean a long career in your future。

3. detective

annual salary:86,940 Dollar

If you are a fan of TV police shows,then this could be your career。Detectives collect evidence of possible crime,interview,Evaluate records and participate in raids and arrests。in larger units,They may specialize in areas like homicide or fraud。When you work with crime and accident victims,This can be a stressful job,and may have to work in dangerous places or encounter dangerous people。but,For those who like to help others or solve difficult problems,it might be a rewarding job。

Most detectives start with the police。to be a police officer,You need a high school diploma and completed police academy,The course lasts three to eight months,Depends on city or state。After a few years as a police officer,You will be eligible to take the test to become a detective。

4. web developer

annual salary:77,200 Dollar

website developer degree

Since almost every business has a website,therefore Web Developers are in high demand。

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The ever-evolving business environment requires more knowledge of how to create and maintain a websiteWeb Developer。Web Developers usually focus on“front end”Work(Design website layouts and integrate applications and graphics)or“rear end”Work(The technical construction of the website and writing the code that allows it to run)。When it comes to what type of environment they want to work in,Developers have multiple options,Because their skills are relevant to many industries,including insurance、e-commerce、Publishing and Finance and more。Many web developers are also self-employed。

Web Developer requirements depend on business requirements,and varies by company。you really need to know JavaScript or SQL and other programming languages and HTML。become without a college degree Web The easiest way for developers is to attend a coding bootcamp。It only takes about four to six months to complete a coding bootcamp,You will take your portfolio with you when you leave、Online presence and key coding skills。

5. Line installer or repairer

annual salary:75,030 Dollar

Line installers and repairers use high voltage electricity to install and repair cables and fiber optics on telephone poles across the country。This is one of the most dangerous career options on our list,Because of the risk of electric shock。It is also one of the most physically demanding jobs,Because you have to be able to climb poles and work at heights,Maybe in an airtight bucket above the truck。You may also work in extreme heat or cold。

Workers may specialize in installation or repair work。for any job,you all need a high school diploma、Strong work ethic and extensive on-the-job training。The Electrical Training Alliance also offers an apprenticeship program。

in China,Probably many situations are different from the U.S.,but,America as a developed country,There is also a lot of experience for us to refer to and learn from!