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Well-knownCMSThe founder of the system website builder builds the first oneWeb3.0website preferIPFS APINot AmazonAPI

(drupal website developers)Well-knownCMSsystemDrupalFounder released articlesIPFSandENSBuild the first oneWeb3.0website

“Even if my laptop is disconnected from the Internet,My web is still available”

drupal website developers

For many domestic Internet practitioners,CMSIt is a hierarchy.,Since thereCMSback,Changed the past website to build a complete manual message,No need to go to the free building procedure,This also avoids the threat of attacks by the code after the code.。

CMSYescontent management systemEnglish abbreviation,Content management system,

(drupal website developers)Be a kind ofWEBfront end(Web server)And backend office systems or processes(Content creation、edit)Software system。
Content crew、Editor、Publisher uses the content management system to submit、Revise、Approval、Publish content。Herein“content”May include files、sheet、picture、Data or even videos in the database, all you want to postInternet、Intranetas well asExtranetWebsite information。

Content management also optionally provides content capture tools,Source of third party information,For example, put text files、HTMLWeb page、WebServe、Automatically capture,And then put it in its own content library after analysis.。

(drupal website developers)

Content capture tools are more familiar with trains,Small bee collector,Let the personal webmare that do not have time to take care of your website, you need to have more functions that need to be copied from other websites.。

drupal website developers


Well-knownCMSsystemDrupalFounder released articlesIPFSandENSBuild the first oneWeb3.0website,

(drupal website developers)drupal website developers

Original text:

today,I will use web3 Technology releases my first page。I will upload a page to IPFS(Star file system),dries.ethuse ENS(Ether Fang Name Service)Make it available,And use support web3 Browser access it。

If you don't know what this means,Please be ready to participate in the quick course。

First1step:Buy ENS domain name

(drupal website developers)last year,I castbuytaert.ethIn.,recent,I bought it.dries.eth. Both areENS domain name。

ENSRepresentative Ether Walk Name Service,Is a naming agreement based on open source block chain。

You can ENS Deserve web3 of DNS。DNS Map the domain name to IP address,ENS Map the domain name to the EDF address。Ethereal address can point to encrypted currency wallet、Content Hash, etc.。

ENS Not only the service of the Emperor Square;It is a general purpose use of intelligent contracts in the Etoufang web3 Serve。because ENS Is built on the block chain,So it is better than DNS More resistance to review。

today,Own ENS The main use case of the domain is to make the received encrypted currency easier。If you want to send me some tariff,You have to put it
0xbAD65DE65AE2c23f5eA30d12fC8c2f883cbe671fSending the address of my Emperor Wallet。Because I havedries.eth,So you can send itdries.eth。More easily remember!

dries.ethNo need to collect encrypted currency from anyone else from anyone else in the world.,This is really amazing.。but,This is not the theme of today's blog articles。In this blog post,I want to show howdries.ethUse it to host a completely detrimentary web3 Web page。

If you want to buy.ethdomain name,allowableENS Domain website。due to.ethDomain name is NFT(Non-homogenous),You can alsoOpenSeaWait NFT Market trading domain name。

ENS At 2017 year 5 Month,It only supports ENS Native TLD .eth。since 2021 year 8 Moon,ENS Increase DNS Namespace support。therefore,If you haveexample.comDNS,Can be usedENS Domains Website isexample.com.

(drupal website developers)First 2 step:Will HTML The file is uploaded to IPFS

IPFSYesInterPlanetary File Systemabbreviation of,Is an open source protocol and point-to-point network for storing and sharing data。

now,Most web pages are stored on a single server,Hosting in a single data center。These sites have a single point failure、Refused service attack or government review。

More advanced websiteCDNCopy their web pages with other cache systems。My website uses multiple Kubernetes Web node,Varnish and Cloudflare,But that is because my company helps run some of the world's largest websites.,Not because my website needs it。All these technologies can be used to improve the elasticity of the website。

use IPFS,Your web page can be hundreds of people worldwide“IPFS node”Copy。Everyone in the world can run one IPFS node。Node Creates a single global network,Each file in the network has a unique global identifier。

In theory,IPFSHosting more flexible than traditional websites。

due to IPFS The node is running by people and organizations from all over the world.,And content is replicated between them,Therefore, the managed content is more resistant to single point failure.、Denial service attack or government review。on the other hand,Metacity error message is also more difficult。

I am writing“In theory”Because it is uploaded IPFS The content is only available when you choose to host it in a node in the world.。

(drupal website developers)by default,IPFS Does not include a built-in mechanism for exciting other nodes in the network。Each IPFS Nodes tend to host your own data。Other nodes can cooperate to copy data,Can also be used as a service copy data。

This isFilecoinMartial art。and IPFS Same,Filecoin Is an open source protocol。

IPFS It is not based on the block chain,but Filecoin Yes。Filecoin Expanded through a public market for storage and replication data IPFS。

Miner can earnFilecoin(Encrypted currency)In exchange storage and copy IPFS data。because Filecoin Based on the block chain,Therefore, the market is not a single intermediary。Storage Transactions is proxy by a node on the network.。

Long-term short,Be in IPFS Have my web page,I need at least one IPFS The node is willing to host my content。

There are two solutions:

(1)I can run my own IPFS Node or(2)I can pay a third party IPFS Service to host my content。

Run my own IPFS node

I have helped build the spirit of going to the center of the network.,Run your own IPFS Node should be preferred。You can see my local below. IPFS Node hosting meindex.htmldocument:

drupal website developers

(drupal website developers)drupal website developers(drupal website developers)

Because of my local IPFS Node runs on my laptop,So my webpage is only available when I connect to the Internet when I connect to the Internet.。

(drupal website developers)As mentioned earlier,I can use Filecoin Pay your other nodes to copy my content。

but,I came up with a better solution.:One of my best friends。

I let him put my documents“fixed”In his permanent connection to the internet IPFS Node。

(drupal website developers)so,Even if my laptop is disconnected from the Internet,My web is still available。

drupal website developers(drupal website developers)

There are a few friends IPFS Nail the website of each other,You no longer pay for virtual hosts!

Third party IPFS and pinning Serve

If you don't want to run your own IPFS Serve,Or you have no friends who can copy your data,You can use third parties IPFS and pinning Serve。

(drupal website developers)I found a dozen fixed services.,And try the following method:



Pina Tower

InfuraUse their command line tools to easily upload files:$ ipfs-upload-client --id xxx --secret yyy ./index.html

xxxYes Infura project ID andyyyInfura Project key。

FleekandPinataAllow you from Web Browser upload file:

drupal website developers

drupal website developers(drupal website developers)

If you are looking for Filecoin s solution,Recommended Useweb3.storageandestuary.tech。

First 3 step:Access you web3 Web page

Upload the file to IPFS back,You will get the file“Hash”(only ID Or address)。index.htmlThe hash of my file is:


Can be used IPFS Compatible browser(E.gBrave )Access host IPFS On the content。Firefox、Safari and Chrome Not currently supported IPFS,But there are various IPFS Browser extension。

use Brave,You can visit my webpage

drupal website developers

First 4 step:Map your web page to your domain name

Ability to access you IPFS Trust website is very simple,But you may not ask other people
ipfs://bafybeibbkhmln7o4ud6an4qk6bukcpri7nhiwv6pz6ygslgtsrey2c3o3q View your new web page。use 60 The sixteen-binary hash is not completely ideal。

(drupal website developers)This is ENS Martial art。I only needContent ResolverRecord settingsdries.ethTo associate with my webpage IPFS Hash。

drupal website developers

renew ENS Record will permanently update the status of the Tanfang District Block Chain。

This means you have to pay“Gasoline fee”Or network transaction fee。

As you areEtherscanSeek,Update me ENS Record me0.004369 Tariff(then 11.69 Dollar)。

You can use it now ENS and IPFS Compatible browser accesshttps://dries.eth。Look at,A truly decentralized website!

drupal website developers

ENS and IPFS Is it the future of the network??

Have a variety of big disadvantages:

It only applies to static sites。Most organizations use dynamic websites,For exampleDrupalorWordPressRendered website。Of course,You can simply Drupal Site(This blog)Export is static HTML,Then upload these files to IPFS。But not all sites are suitable for static websites。

It's too expensive for many people.。Change the website each time and redeploy it to IPFS Time,Will build a new hash value。New hash means updating you ENS Record,Update your ENS Record means payment gas cost。When you must update your site frequently,This will become very expensive。

It's too slow to some people.。 Update me ENS Record is manual,Need to approve transactions,And take some time to solve the problem of block chains。It is unacceptable for news websites that need to get information in real time.。

Lack of browser support。Mainstream browser still does not support unloading ENS。Before they do this,web3 Feel like a parallel universe。

I believe that these shortcomings will be solved in the next few years.。Some people may already have a solution。

Disadvantage,I believe IPFS and ENS possible:

I prefer to use it. IPFS API Not Amazon's proprietary S3 API。It makes me Web Application is more portable。Open source protocol is the first choice。

These services do not need to be licensed and programmable ideas。E.g,This makes I want to know if I can create an intelligent contract.,Automatically pay the fee to miners around the world,Let my blog and album in the future 250 Keep online within many years。I really want to explore this in the future blog post.。

ENS It feels like a very useful build block,Used to solve and verify various things。The global key value stores many potential use cases。

Web3 What does it mean for developers??

(drupal website developers)If you are a developer,Please web3 Constantly growing new“Web Serve”gather。

IPFS and ENS Two such Web Serve。

today,They mainly provide improved elasticity and review protection。

If the flexibility and review protection is important to your website,Please use them。

if not,You don't have to use them。

Behttps://dri.esOwner and developer,I don't care review protection。Due to this reason,I am very happy to continue to use traditional managed technology.。

But I really realize IPFS and ENS It will become more interesting in the future。

(drupal website developers)In the current state,IPFS and ENS Value for most website owners,But a small part of all site owners is huge。This may change in the future。

Web3 What is the promise??

I really think about watching web3 Very important。

(drupal website developers)New powerful web3 Service will appear。

The desire to eliminate intermediates in the Internet has continued 20 for many years,This is an unstopable trend。

use web3,More intermediaries face the risk of mediation and decentralization。

This includes organizations its business model depends on proprietary databases and classified organizations;Financial institution、Central bank、Some non-profit organizations、Social groups。Many of them can become truly detrimentary network services。

E.g,Many commercial websites use PayPal or Square Waiting for a loan and loan repayment plan。over time,Some intermediaries may be replaced by distributed network services without permission.,Interests charged for these services and/Or low trade costs。

Imagine a day,The business website does not have an intermediary to provide a loan repayment plan to customers directly to customers. It is very easy.。When the profit margin benefits,Technical solutions will be quickly adopted。

The block chain will also enable us to solve coordination and ownership issues in new ways.。

Create content on the network(image、music、video、Blog article)Everyone can benefit from it。Others use your content and programmatically flow back to your ability is very exciting.。

the most important is,I hope that these detrimentary services can help us promote the management of public goods.、We maintain an open source project,And how we can make it possible to transfer power from large organizations to individuals and communities。But this is the theme of future blog articles。

(drupal website developers)— Dries Buytaert

drupal website developers

Dries Buytaert Yes Drupal Open source Web Original founders and project leaders of the publishing and collaboration platform。

(drupal website developers)Buytaert Serve as Drupal Chairman of the association,The association is a designed to help Drupal Flourish non-profit organization。

He is still Acquia Joint Founder and Chief Technology Officer,Acquia Is a software company that is supported by venture capital,for Drupal Provide products and services。Dries still Mollom Joint founder,Mollom Is a network service,Can help you identify content quality,more importantly,Can help you stop the website spam。Buytaert Born in Belgium,Have a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Gure University and Antwerp University Computer Science (MSC) Bachelor of Science。2008 year,Buytaert quilt《Business weekly》Comment as a technological youth entrepreneur MIT TR 35 Young Innovator。2011 year,《Forbes》Will Acquia Combinated the most promising 100 One of the companies。2012 year,Inc Announce Acquia Is the fastest developments in the United States。

(drupal website developers)drupal website developers


As mentioned earlier,I can use Filecoin Pay your other nodes to copy my content。

(drupal website developers)but,I came up with a better solution.:One of my best friends。

I let him put my documents“fixed”In his permanent connection to the internet IPFS Node。

so,Even if my laptop is disconnected from the Internet,My web is still available。

In the current state,IPFS and ENS Value for most website owners,But a small part of all site owners is huge。This may change in the future。

Web3 What is the promise??

(drupal website developers)I really think about watching web3 Very important。

New powerful web3 Service will appear。

The desire to eliminate intermediates in the Internet has continued 20 for many years,This is an unstopable trend。

use web3,More intermediaries face the risk of mediation and decentralization。

(drupal website developers)Review:

how to useIPFSandFilecoinMandarin to build a website,This time gives a specific answer,The biggest point is even if it is disconnected with the current Internet.,It can still be accessed,This confirms in practiceIPFSIn operation, it is interrelated and used in combination.Filecoinand,对于弥补或取代HttpGreat value。

Filecoin是IPFSFor compensation or replacement,在操作中是相互关联和配合使用的。

(drupal website developers)Traditional Internet natural disadvantages have a large impact,虽然在目前还Although there is still a need to explore and improve不断探索和改进,Yes,会开发出更多的应用工具,Unique excitation layer,并得到更多的使用。

IPFS和Filecoin是相辅相成,Many functions including building websites,相互关联,IPFS需要Filecoin激励来存储更多数据,I believe that the global community and developers continue to work hard,把数据传输网络壮大;Will develop more application tools,Filecoin也需要IPFSSoon, you will get a better experience experience.。

就好比以太坊和以太币一样。And get more useIPFS和Filecoinand,或者说独立无关者,It is complementary,就是混淆视听,Co-ordination,有着不可告人的目的。

Interrelated,决定你的未来!need,相信谁,Incentive to store more data!一切取决于你!


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