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“Please provide a oxygen bed for my grandmother in Bareli.。Her blood oxygen saturation is78%-80%between,And still falling。”

India time5moon5Day in the morning2Time9Minute,A name“Strawberry cornflake”The tweenty user has released a information for its grandmother in India.,Attached“Indian new crown emergency situation”“New crown rescue”Label。

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Twitter users“Strawberry cornflake”(@TaroKaJahaan)Published help information。

(website development company in bareilly)For the body that can't take care of my grandmother“Strawberry cornflake”Convinced,Every second after help is burning。

“Please save my grandmother,She is already in a coma,Age70Older!Please help me!”

“Can a hospital offer a ambulance??I can't live in India.,But our grandmother is still there.,Need oxygen!”

“I can't stand it.,Please provide oxygen for my grandmother。”

Less than one minute after the first help information is released,She also sent three information above。

finally,After the demand for oxygen is released for about one and a half hours,“Strawberry cornflake”Tone。“We found an oxygen bottle,Grandmother now feels much.,Hemox oxygen saturation is stable84about。”

That night,“Strawberry cornflake”Continuous release8Signifier,Transfer amount exceeding200Second-rate,Available in the case of top day。Fortunately,Provide medical clues in netizens,Her grandmother's health is gradually improved。

This year4moon,The second wave of epidemics is like a tsunami generally swept India。In this serious period,oxygen cylinder、ICU(intensive care)Ward、The ventilator has become the most scarce rescue resource in India.。When you seek causing fruits in multiple times,Many helpless Indians“Strawberry cornflake”Same,Put the last hit to the social media platform“stranger”。

Since the second wave of epidemic,Social media will have newly added thousands of India's help information every day.,Most of them are uniformly labeled for help、age、address、Blood oxygen saturation、Phone number、Important information such as demand。“SOS”(Urgent help)“New crown rescue”“Indian new crown”The label is the most obvious signal that identifies the help message.。

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A Hindian promised a syndicate oxygen gas tank on social media。

Another head in the information transfer,The volunteer team that emerged as the rain is in the evening“salvage”These rescue signals,Strive to provide a corresponding medical resource clue for the help。

Although there is no exact data showing how many new crown infected people have saved the life,But this way has become a hoped hope in the Indian epidemic crisis.“lifeline”。

“In the past month,Social media action breaks the previous epidemic trap。”Dadhi, a private hospital in New Delhi·Kara(Divanshi Khera)To the US public television station(PBS)Frank,She has witnessed too much heartbreaking moments in the hospital.,Sometimes it can only be appointed,But there is no power。In Kaira,The current situation has changed,The people can not only help from social media,Even the hospital is also attracting government officials with social media,Expect for more medical resources。“When the government deals with the epidemic,This is the only path to the dilemma of India.。”

No room to rescue

“I have a strong sense of guilty, I will feel strong.。”In the past two weeks,Indian volunteer organization“Citizen collective assistance”(Citizens’ Aid Collective)Sponsor exam Hik·Raje(Kaushik Raj)I have been busy providing the medical resources they need for Indian families infected with neoquap pneumonia.。

Kohike is a fourth-grade student in a University of Delhi.,Since the on-line assistance action,His daily working hours are long21Hours。“I only have a rest when I can't open my eyes.,Probably in the early morning4Half sleep,Morning7Point half again。”Kohike told《India today》。

Similar to Kohike,Anya, the person in charge of another volunteer organization(Aanya)There are also work rhythms with same high strength。In the past half a month,Average work every day20Hour、deal with20to30An emergency help phone has become her habit。

since4Mid-month,India's people began to send a request message on social media。Anya told the news(,This information failed to arrive at the target audience,That is, it is received by those who can meet their needs.。Enlighten,Anya and friends in the communication platformDiscordA immunity community was created,Easy to exchange medical resources in India、Epidemic prevention knowledge, etc.。Currently,The community has exceeded1.2Ten thousand members。

The construction platform is only the starting point of the online assistance,To ensure the credibility of medical resource clues,Anya and team200Many volunteers embark on a long and reciprocated check and update information。

Derriti(Dhriti,Name)Applying to be a team volunteer,Her mother has been infected with new crown。In the previous round of epidemic,She also infected a virus with her father.。“Experience in the early morning4Some of the four beds to find a bed,I don't want others to experience this pain,I want to do my best to help them。”Derri tells the news。

(website development company in bareilly)To ensure the latest medical information in a timely manner,Derriti and other volunteers will group according to regional groups,Repeatedly calling local hospitals、Pharmacy to confirm the remaining medical resources,Continue to register it in the team's shared document。Once you receive the help needs,Volunteers will check this document,Provide available resource information to the help。

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Anya and Derri team sharing documents summarizes the verified plasma、oxygen、Medical resource information such as bed。 Reporter

Although the volunteer team verifies all day、Update all kinds of medical clues,But in front of life and death,They still feel uncomfortable。Anya recalls,The help of the Delhi was in the early hours of the morning.1Send her information at all,Need oxygen andICUClue of the bed,To save his friends' statement。Just send the resource clue that Anya to verify it to the other party.,But I haven't waited until response。

“He is already。”Next morning,This is a very small number of general information there such as thunderstruck let Anya's mood instantly fell to the bottom。

So inner torment,Kaushik seems to have gone and come back。He recalled a recent conversation and callers,Other indignant Road,“Now do not you help the,Patients already gone。”Similar words have been lingering in his ears,But in addition to kept saying sorry,He can not do anything。

(website development company in bareilly)“It is their own doing enough?I still can not find enough clues?In fact it is not so much a resource?”Anya emotion,“Even if I helped to30personal,But if there is15I can do nothing personal,I still feel helpless。”

However,No matter how sad or helpless,Anya did not have time to let yourself get stuck,Because the next callers to dial the phone rang possible at any time。to date,Anya where the volunteer team has hundreds of patients to provide medical assistance clues。

It is worth mentioning that,In addition to volunteers like Anya and Kaushik created organization,From Bollywood actor、Cricketers to comics artist and entrepreneur,Social media and many public figures have joined the rescue team online,They have gradually become the minds of the people“Heroes fight against SARS”。

Bollywood actor Suonu·Sood(Sonu Sood)It is one of them。Since last year during the outbreak,Sood's response to users through social media,Assist their medical needs and return home。After the second wave of the epidemic struck,Sood almost be on Twitter@One of the highest number of people。for@His help information,After the team and coordinate resources,Sood will be forwarded along with the“Oxygen has been sent”“ICUBed scheduled”And other words of tweets。

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Suonu·Sood reply callers“Plasma has been issued,get well soon”。

(website development company in bareilly)“Heroes fight against SARS”He could not save India?

(website development company in bareilly)However,India, along with the number of new crown diagnosed continues to rise,And the massive demand for assistance on the influx of social networks,“Heroes fight against SARS”I can not help but sigh powerless。

(website development company in bareilly)“yesterday,I received close41660A rescue request,Despite my best efforts and team,But we can not contact the owner,Because that would take14Years,mean2035In order to achieve。”In Sood5moon9Tweets of the Day wrote。

Just the day before the release of this Sood tweets,India one-day crown new new deaths4187example,For the first time since the outbreak4000example。The face of the grim situation,Content attend Tweets,There are still thousands of visual Mehsud is“Straw”Of users a message below the tweets,Calls for urgent rescue。

While the surge in demand for help,Part of the volunteer aid organizations recently fell into a dilemma。Previous,Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi·Adi Diya Na Special(Yogi Adityanath)Asking the officials to confiscate the property of those who spread rumors on social media, according to the National Security Law。Adidas also claimed that Di Yana special,Uttar Pradesh is not hypoxic gas,The real problem is the black market and hoarding resources。

“After seeing his statement,We will release a statement saying,We will not be able to provide assistance in Uttar Pradesh。”Kaushik said reluctantly,“He said Uttar Pradesh since no hypoxic gas,If we continue to provide assistance to local,May be treated according to the law。”

Kaushik's worries are not unfounded。4moon26day,Living in Uttar Pradesh sand Schenck·Yadav(Shashank Yadav)Tweet said:“Need oxygen bottles,The sooner the better”,and@Sood help。And the next day,Schenck was sand criminal charges,Charges“Publishing false content on Twitter”,He could be sentenced to imprisonment。Here,Local officials explained that,Sand Schenck's grandfather was26Day died in the evening,The cause of death or heart disease,Not infected with the new virus crown。

For the above,The Supreme Court of India4moon30Announced,People have the right to issue any required medical resources on social media message for help,Or express dissatisfaction with the government unable to control the epidemic,If the above-mentioned acts of the government banned public,Harassment of citizens will be treated with contempt。

(website development company in bareilly)Although the Supreme Court position to defend the rights of people,But many volunteers are still due to sand Schenck was accused of the issue feel fear。Kaushik admits,The size of its team of volunteers is shrinking。“People are constantly forwarded message for help,But the number of volunteers to provide medical resources for clues that they have decreased significantly。The volunteers began to share resources on a network heart fear。”

Actually,Even though there are thousands of daily surging help information on social media,But this is still a huge crown of new confirmed cases in India“drop in the ocean”。India has more than13Million people,but《Foreign Policy》Magazine quoted the Indian government data said,Only India32%People use social media,only1500Million people use Twitter,The most popular social networking platformWhatsAppOn about4.1Million subscribers。Analysts pointed out that,These two social media has its limitations spread。Twitter is more conducive to influential public figures to spread the message,The announcement of ordinary people tend to“Go down the drain”;WhatsAppMany scattered on the false information related to the new crown。

at the moment,Epidemic sweeping the already low social media usage in rural hinterland of India。in India13Billion people,Around seventy percent living in rural areas,And Delhi、Compared to big cities like Mumbai,Health care spending in rural India、The number of hospitals and doctors per capita ratio should be much lower。India80%Doctors are located in the city,Shortage of medical professionals in rural areas the rate of76%。

“Situation in rural areas has been very dangerous。”According to non-governmental charitable organizationsMSEMVSSite coordinator Suresh·Kumar(Suresh Kumar)Introduction to Reuters,In some villages in Uttar Pradesh,“Almost every household has died”“People crowded fever and cough at home,terrified”。Suresh says,Although these are symptoms of infection of the new crown,But many villagers failing to come into contact with the outside world information,And think“This is a seasonal flu”。

website development company in bareilly(website development company in bareilly)5moon13day,A new crown Bart patient oxygen outside India that hospitals。Xinhua News Agency picture

People spontaneously fight against SARS,Modi government has“absent”?

now,On India's social media page,In addition to all kinds of information on the fight against SARS aid“Scraper”,People discuss the most——What is the government doing??

“If you want to use the people to use the way to coordinate hospital beds,Provide oxygen and logistics support,So what is the Indian government doing??”West Bengal Parliamentarian Mena·Moytra(Mahua Moitra)Asked in the propelion。

University of Delhi Afaba·Alam(Aftab Alam)It's more,“you(Modi government)knowledge,Deleting a pusher is easier to ensure oxygen supply。”

“If you take the necessary actions and measures earlier,The situation is not so bad。”Volunteer Derriti,The second wave of epidemic has caused irreversible damage to India.。Although economic losses can still make up,But people 's life can no longer save。

(website development company in bareilly)at the moment,The second wave of epidemics that came in the incidents have pushed the tip of the 理 莫 迪。Due to government epidemic prevention,India's domestic people resentment。Against the party's policies,Ordinary people will actively compete for the positive battle before the epidemic in the epidemic and the negative of the epidemic.“hide”Strong dissatisfaction。4Month,“Moti resigned”This topic also once again reached India's social media hot playback。

International Journal of Authoritative Medicine《Willow knife》In the editorial,The Modi government dominated a game“National disaster caused by yourself”,If you want to successfully overcome the crisis,Also need the government“Acknowledge your own mistake”。

This article also blames,“Moti tried to kill criticism and public discussions during the crisis.。”The Modi government seems to be more inclined to eliminate the criticism on the twice.,Not trying to control the epidemic。last month24day,The Indian government puts forward to the Tete Company“Legal request”:Requires to delete dozens of species on dozens of crown epidemic on the twinet platform。

How to get out of the current epidemic crisis?Indian public health experts said,The Modi government must play a stronger leadership,Solve the shortage of anti-vloys in all states。

current,Mutual cooperation between government departments,The active signs of the joint anti-afflamment have appeared。To solve the oxygen shortage,The federal government has increased between the states“Oxygen special train”(Oxygen Express),The preference will stop supply oxygen to non-designated production services,Mobilize the country with oil enterprises, etc.,Transduction medical oxygen production。Indian Supreme Court5moon8Day also said,The committee has been established to establish a“efficient、Transparent mechanism”,Oxygen in all places。And the Indian Ministry of National Defense announced the next day,Will recruit400Net retirement military doctor support medical and health department。

Epidemic,No one can be alone。“Strengthen government、Civil or social media cooperation,Or solve the only way to solve the current crisis。”Indian Public Health Foundation Epidemiologist Gilrida·Bab(Giridhara Babu)Accept the US《Massachusetts Science and Technology Review》His answer is given during an interview。

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