magento website development india


(magento website development india)Whether you are doing platform,for exampleAmazon,AliExpress,ebayof,Or traditional plantBoss,And even if it is done beforeB2CI have encountered a problem:

“I want to build a B2CWebsite,In the end should be used toMagentoTo build,stillOpencart,Shopify,ShopYii,Or is itWordpress?

Yes,This is a very real problem,Which in the end user system you should use to do their ownB2C Mall of it?

In deciding which system to build the mall, then,Let's take compareMagento,Opencart,ShopYii,ShopifyandWordpressAdvantages and Disadvantages。

magento website development india

(magento website development india)Magento


(magento website development india)MagentoIn this system all features,Is the most powerful open source shop system,Expansion and marketing functions are excellent,You can continue to add their own functions for late,These are just minor obstacles。

It is particularly suitable for those who feel that their future independent station will do better,Relatively large flow,Will further expand in the future,As well as a certain degree of technical support it,You can chooseMagento。


(magento website development india)MagentoAlso in all systems, whether in or installed in the use of the most sophisticated。

due toMagentoThe strong expansion,So he consumed a great performance,Compared to other systems,MagentoVery slow,After not very professional performance optimization,Its speed simply can not stand。

In addition there are a lot of operational problems backstage,It requires a certain expertise programmers to solve。Another isMagentoBackground required the operator to take the time to be familiar with the operation and,Background operation compared to other more difficult。

from this angle,General small sellers is difficult to get the,Especially those who turned independent station from the platform,Because of the independent station is basically a blank,So I do not recommend you to usemagento。

(magento website development india)but,If you are a big company to do,Have a certain strength,To force on the future of the independent station,In the long term,magentoFor such companies。



OpencartThe system is relatively lightweight Mall。 For the development of non-speaking,The process is simple and clear,In the operation is relatively simple,Easy to get started,The vast majority of sellers to meet demand。

so,Opencart More suitable for small change,Small to medium-sized electricity supplier

(magento website development india)Disadvantage:

andMagentocompared to,Opencart Expansion of the late poor



PrestashopUse a simple background,Installation is relatively simple system,Plug a lot。Suitable for the needs of most users。


(magento website development india)andMagentocompared to,PrestashopExpansion of the late poor


WordPressIn fact, there's really nothing,His blog is gene,To do with the blogwordpressit's the best。

(magento website development india)Many people usewordpressMall to do with,In fact, I do not really agree with this,But someB2BuseWordpress,As long as the product is not a lot,You can still do the show。

Many doB2BWebsite,choosewordpress+WoocommerceTo match,I think there is no wrong。

but,ifB2CThe single shopping,Really do not recommendwordpressTo build,If you want long-term,Little idea of,Will not useWPOrders to do shopping。

(magento website development india)Shopify

This year more fire,Third-party company establishment。It is a fool station,Buy plug-in,Buy Templates,Various assembly,Do not worry about being casually pit。


ShopifyIt is a third-party system,Users simply select their favorite template,Add your own plug-ins,Very simple,Basic programmers do not need,Suitable for small users want to save time。

(magento website development india)Disadvantage:

You can not install their own,Only choose a template。Higher costs and unreasonable,And after very inconvenient site personalized display and expansion。appears in:

theme:With lots of free themes for you to choose,Of course, most paid,In almost$180above

(magento website development india)Shopifytoll:ShopifyIt offers three pay monthly plan(This article does not discussShopify Plus Customized plan),Be29Knife,79Knife,299Knife,Different monthly plan fees and support can provide different。May the cost of the different plans see below。

magento website development india

All of the aboveShopifyThe fees charged,In addition there will be other shops additional cost,mainly:Other payment channels if not using a transaction feeShopify PaymentsPay,E.g,usePaypal,Apart fromShopifyWill be charged2%Fee outside,SoPaypalWe will charge a fee for each transaction。

1.For cross-border transactions,PaypalThe transaction fee is:

Order Price x 3.9% + 30c

In addition to the cost of the installation is plug。

(magento website development india)soShopifyWhile easy to use,But there is also no money actually found,Whether you have a website traffic,Anyway, you have to pay every month。

For small sellers in terms of,Web site for a long time, it should be no traffic(upload product,Website Optimization,drainage,These add up to have a lot of time)So long down,In fact, this cost is still high。


(magento website development india)Advantage:

(magento website development india)source:ShopYiiA third-party company establishment,FeelingOpenCartFuture capacity expansion is rather poor,ShopYiiexistOpenCartCarried out on the basis ofSaasAnd bundles ofOpenCartPlug the mainstream market,OpenCartSome features include all of the official version,And follow-up will continue to add new features for free,Properties similar toShopify

Plug-market:ShopYiiUpdated plug-depth market,Add dozens of sets of templates compatible mobile terminal,And supports Mail Manager、Product Options Figure、Bulk import and export、Pic batch updates、Attachment Manager、Blog management, mass function,Focus is on all of these features for free correspondence course,Unlike other programs plus a plug-in station collect a fee,Various routines,futureShopYiiThe official will continue to expand its plugin market

Migration support:due toShopYiibased onOpencart,So if the customer is dissatisfied,ShopYiiSupport payment to migrate to customersOpenCartsystem,And guarantee the customer's customersOpenCartSite is running normally

in addition,ShopYiiCurrently, for each single transactionShopifyTake the platform transaction fee


Unable to install,Can only choose templates、Plug-in。

Currently, it is only relatively perfect for English.,Supports several other small languages,But not very perfect。

in addition,andShopifySame,No matter how traffic you have,You have to pay for each month.。

(magento website development india)SimilarShopifyandShopYiiSuch platform,Monthly expense is inevitable,After all, even if you build your own station.,Monthly server costs cannot be paid

I have touched many sellers.,I know them too much.,Many sellers feel very cheap in the early stage of the seller.,But if there is no traffic long term,Many sellers will absolutely want to change one,So the independent station can't do it again.,Always try it,So when I started,I suggest you want to think about it.。

SimilarMagento,Opencart,Prestashop,Does this problem

A more important point,I think the very unreasonable charge is,Shopify Actually, you have to receive your product order commission.!we knowShopifyNot given you drainage,But he has to receive your product commission.。

Amazon15%Commission,It is actually understandable,butshopifyCommission,Really unreasonable。

This,Please remember everyone.!

In summary:

In fact, various mall construction systems,Each of the advantages and disadvantages,Need to choose your own according to your own situation:

◎ If there is a professional team,Powerful technical support,Independent standing is long-term development,Can consider usingMangeto

◎ ifB2BFactory,I want to do a simple standalone order now.,Function does not need to be too complex,Can consider itWordPress+Woocommence

◎ If the product is very small,Team recommended,Personally recommendedOpencart、ShopYii

◎ If you feel afraid of being pitted by others,I also feel that there is no traffic in the previous period.,Can always pay the fee,Also feel that it doesn't matter if you think about the future source code in your own hand.,Can consider itshopify、ShopYii

◎ ifsoho,Product is also more,Server or spatial configuration。Still recommendedPrestashop

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