dynamic website development tools


(dynamic website development tools)Below we introduce four more commonly used front-end development tools,Which one is best to use,varies from person to person,Everyone can according to their own situation,Choose the one that you think works bestwebFront-end development tools。

(dynamic website development tools)dynamic website development tools

Sublime Text

Sublime TextWith its beautiful user interface and extremely powerful functions,reputed to be“God level”code development tools。

Sublime Text Syntax highlighting support for multiple programming languages,Has excellent code auto-completion。also,It also has code snippets(Snippet)function,Commonly used code snippets can be saved,call whenever needed。Sublime Text support VIM model,can useVIMMost commands in mode。

Sublime Text It also has good expansion ability and completely open user-defined configuration and magical and practical editing state recovery function,Supports powerful multi-line selection and multi-line editing。

The editor's unique interface is that it supports multiple layouts and code thumbnails。Use the file thumbnail slider on the right,You can easily observe where the current window is in the file。

If you already have a certain front-end foundation,I believeSublime Textmore suitable for you。Sublime TextAllows you to develop quickly,Highly recommended!

dynamic website development tools

Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio,short nameVS,Microsoft's development kit series,is currently the most popularWindowsIntegrated Development Environment for Platform Applications(IDE)。so called integrated development environment,Refers to the application used to provide the program development environment,Typically includes a code editor、translater、Debugger and GUI tools。so complicated,who can understand?Hey,simply put,Visual Studiois a development tool with many uses,It can be used to develop very powerful websites。Do you understand now?

Visual StudioIt is the most powerful among the three development tools recommended by the author.,But it is also relatively complicated to use。But after getting used to it,Development efficiency is still very high。Visual StudioNot only can develop static web pages,Also very useful for developing dynamic web pages。In developing dynamic web pages,It can be saidVisual StudioCompareDreamweaverbetter。We said earlier,Static web pages are generally not interactive,All the user can do is browse the web。while in a dynamic web page,as a user,We can participate in comment exchange、upload files,as well as interact with the server using。

dynamic website development tools(dynamic website development tools)


WebStorm YesjetbrainsOne of the company'sJavaScript development tools。has been widely used in ChinaJSdeveloper hailed as“WebFront-end development artifact”、“the most powerfulHTML5editor”、“the smartestJavaScript IDE”Wait。compared toDreamweaverVery unintelligent smart tips to see,WebStormrighthtmlespeciallyHTML5andJS's smart tips are simply gods,well worth using。butWebStormunlikeDreamweaverIt also supports dragging or inserting code to do itHTML,If you are a beginner,If you need to pull the table to complete the layout,WebStormTotally inappropriate for your use。WebStormOnly suitable for front-end developers with handwritten code。

(dynamic website development tools)compared toVS 2010For such a tool,WebStormlight enough,Download only a few dozenM,Quick and easy installation,Low requirements for machine performance,Occupy enough memory,and supports cross-platform use,Very convenient。And yesjsThe tips are also advanced enough。Also withjsDebug function。

dynamic website development tools


Dreamweaver,short nameDW,YesAdobeA very good web development tool for the company,and popular among users(especially for beginners)favorite。The latest version now isDreamweaver CC。

for beginners,Dreamweaveris the ideal development tool,It is the first choice for the majority of front-end beginners。But to emphasize,if selectedDreamweaveras a development tool,we must not useDreamweaverthat traditional、Develop web pages using an interface。This way of development has been abandoned for a long time。When the author first came into contact with front-end development,also suffered。I followed a video,Where to click first,Step 2 click where……dot dot dot,All with the mouse,I got dizzy。

don't thinkDreamweaverIt is easy and convenient to create web pages with mouse operation。After a while, you will find,What you learn is not knowledge at all,but just where you should click when developing a web page!and,when you useDreamweavermouse operation to create web pages,You'll find out how many drawbacks!especially redundant code,piles of,Make the developed website difficult to maintain in the later stage。

Of course,DreamweaverStill a good development tool,I'm not against everyone usingDreamweaver,but against the use ofDreamweaverinterface operation to make web pages。For those who are new to front-end development,can useDreamweaveras a development tool,However, I strongly recommend that you must use code to write web pages,Do not use mouse clicks。and,I can tell you very clearly,Most websites are now implemented without mouse operation.,by writing code。even if people useDreamweaverdevelop,Not just a mouse click。

But then again,DreamweaverStill the preferred development tool for beginners,easy and convenient。But we must not use“dot dot dot”way to develop web pages,Remember。


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