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Pornhub,Also known asPstand——The corporation headquartered in Canada,The world-famous company,Always flaunt their healthy image、Positive website,But public opinion questioned recently by an unprecedented attack。

according to12moon4day《New York Times》Of a hard core reports,PStation Monthly attract billions of video views,There are a large number of pornographic videos involving violence and exploitation of children。

The report said,This site is full of darkness、Pornographic content:Minor video,Candid women,As well as some of the most do not respect women,The women as playthings video。existPNo space station search“18Years old girl(girlsunder18”(nospace))”or“14yo”,Will come out100,000More related videos。

(website development company in canada)website development company in canada

One ripple。Shortly after the report,PStation became a target of public criticism。However,PRoll station,Just opened a tip of the iceberg of those dark violent crime,The global Internet governance,It is still a long way to go。

PornhubWhat's wrong?

(website development company in canada)PornhubDepend onMindgeekThe company has。andMindgeekIt is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, private porn Group,more specifically,MindgeekIt is a holding company,We have a large number of sites and adult entertainment production company。

in,Apart fromPornhuboutside,MindgeekAlso has100Multiple sites,includeRedtube、Youporn、XTube、SpankWire、ExtremeTube、、MyDirtyHobby、Thumbzilla、PornMD、BrazzersandGayTubeWait。It can be said,MindgeeAs the porn industry giants,If another industry operators,Enough to make the Department of Justice for its discussion of the appropriate antitrust measures。

(website development company in canada)MindgeekandPornhubAlso stands out because of its influence。According to the statistics,available everyday1.25Million people visit porn sites,And where to goPornhubThe number of accounts on1100 million。only2018In the year,PornhubContent distribution to more than New York Library5000The entire contents of ten thousand books and。

Profitability,For pornNetflixAnd other Lord of painstaking do streaming media content also has an absolute advantage。It is estimated that2017US porn industry revenue up970One hundred million U.S. dollars,Netfilxonly117One hundred million U.S. dollars。at the same time,With at least a day1.25Million visits,MindGeekTo have a large number of users access to data and information to create content。And this mode of productionMindGeekBrought huge profits。

Since productionaldultContent costs lower,MindGeekCan quickly adapt to emerging trends。Search Trends Search Trends and news erotic developed as fast。for example,“MeToo”The rise of the movement,make“Female sex”become2017yearPornHubThe most popular search terms,It is followed by the popular animation“And Rick Moody”and“Indra fingertips”。2018year,The top two search terms is“Daenerys”and“Fortress night”。

(website development company in canada)Pornhub InsightsData show,Virginia's congressional campaign,Bigfoot search volume soared pornography800%,Role in The Avengers《The Avengers:Infinite War》After the release of search volume is also rapid surge。According to a study surveys a digital marketing company.,PornhubYes21The impact of technology company's third-largest social-century,second only toFacebookAnd Google,But ahead of Microsoft、Apple and Amazon

But unlike other industries more different,The enormous influence of the sex industry also exposed the dark side。This timePornhub The rollover also stems from this fundamental。Well-known,PStation allows users to freely publish video。Annually published on the site680Million new video,The vast majority of adults are likely to have been through someone's consent issued。

(website development company in canada)website development company in canada

However,In the video of child abuse and involuntary acts of violence,It becomes a completely different nature of two things。In this《New York Times》The report,PStop violence、Dark shocking content on。

One15After year-old girl missing in Florida,Her motherPornhubFound on her,There are about her daughter58Video。Coincidentally,One14Year-old California girl indecent video was uploaded to the site,Finally see the video of the students by a report came to light。However,Although the perpetrators can be brought to justice for each exposure,butPornhubBut unharmed gain a lot of profit。

also,due toPornhubVideo can be downloaded directly from the website,this means,Even if the parties to delete the video from the site,But before that could,Illegal video has been downloaded,And share it with other people,Or then again after upload。then,Delete also delete countless video,It has become a nightmare for many people。This“many people”,Or minor。

at the same time,While most of the video has not been violence on children,but,Video where people often do not know their own video sites are placed on it。And this video,The number on this site,Too many。

Barbaric growth porn chaos

along with《New York Times》Fermentation reports,PStation has become a target of public criticism。rightPornhubThe concern is boiling。The site is closed petition has been received210Million signatures。Including many well-known financial institutions,We are being prepared andPDraw a line station。for example,According to Canadian mediaCBCReport,Credit card giantVisaas well asMasterCardAlready on Sunday(12moon6day)Joint investigationsPornhubBusiness relationship。

PStation's outrage even drew reactions from politicians including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau。Among them, Canadian MPsPornhuband its parent companyMindgeekfrom“mass sex crime”profit for this reason,ask the government to take action。Trudeau has said,The Government of Canada is working with police and security officials,solvePornhubrelated questions。

(website development company in canada)from nowPSee the station's response,Pstation representation,any about its permission(That)are irresponsible,And it's totally unreal。PThe station also stated,It takes extensive measures to protect the platform from such content,This includes a large team of human reviewers,Manually review each upload and remove illegal material,and automatic detection technology。

but even so,user forPThe trust of the station has been greatly reduced。In fact,Historically,Sex as a need that won't go away,Keeping the porn industry ahead in terms of market entry。

usually,Early adopters of new technologies are often also the ones driving widespread adoption of the technology,For the media,including videotape、Use of e-commerce and video streaming。Although the porn industry is not responsible for these innovations,But the porn industry is an important factor in helping them grow rapidly。It is precisely because of the huge market demand in the porn industry,also convince capitalists,something is worth investing in。

And if the investment is not regulated,will cause market chaos,And the porn industry as a special industry,The adverse consequences will undoubtedly have a more lasting and far-reaching impact on society。Now,This adverse effect has been expanding with the popularization of the Internet and the development of technology。

According to the statistics,1998year,have3000Multiple reports of child sexual abuse images。just over ten years later,Annual report soars to10more than ten thousand copies。2014year,For the first time, this number exceeded100Ten thousand。last year,have1840Ten thousand,These reports include more than450010,000 images and videos flagged as child sexual abuse。

also,The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children compiles annual reports of images related to child sexual exploitation、Number of videos and other content displayed:2015year,The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received650Report of 10,000 videos or other files;2017year,its received206010,000 related content reports;2019year,received reports up to6920ten thousand。

last year,Twitter shuts down in six months for sexually exploiting children264,000accounts。This year,Facebookthen deleted124010,000 images related to child exploitation。

website development company in canada

These numbers are staggering。Although the birth of what is commonly referred to as child pornography predates the digital age,But smartphone cameras、Social media and cloud storage allow images to multiply at breakneck speed。Loops and new images are taking over every corner of the internet,includeFacebook Messenger、Microsoft'sBingSearch Engines and Storage ServicesDropboxand a series of different platforms。

A disturbing trend is,This has formed a huge industrial chain,and only dedicated to sharing images of young children and more extreme forms of abuse。These groups use encryption and the dark web,the vast hinterland of the Internet,Come to teach paedophiles how to commit crimes and how to document and share images of global abuse。

challenge“boundary”the dark web

obviously,In the information age,The Internet provides people with efficiency while,It also facilitates the breeding of sin。Issues that have not been put on the spotlight for discussion and attention,More on the dark web。

2016year,4German erection、Operating a child pornography platform“Bliss Space”,Its platform applications belong to the extremely high hidden density.“dark web”that is“darknet”,Child pornographic images circulated on the platform,From baby to toddler、boy to girl、All-inclusive between same-sex and opposite-sex。deadline2017year6moon,The site is shared worldwide11million members,wide area、The size and number of people,shocked the world。

2019year3moon,The German Limburg District Court ruled in the case,website4founder and operator“Establish、Running a child pornography platform,hold and spread children、Sexual abuse images of even babies”,sentenced separately4to10years in prison。and“Bliss Space”Darknet platforms are just the tip of the iceberg of German child pornography。

This year's exposure in South Korea“Nroom number”event is so,2610,000 abusers' exploitation of online pornography victims shocks Korea,And these people are through“darknet”to evade investigation,watch、Exchange erotic images,even criminal acts of sexual abuse。

The dark web presents a challenge for criminals“boundary”Opportunity,Including physical and network boundaries。As long as the network can reach,the possibility of crime。With the rapid development of the Internet,People's dependence on the Internet has become stronger and stronger。The media frequently exposed such items,It also brings those evil abysses into the public eye.。

on the one hand,This prompts the necessity of governance in the new field of cyberspace,To maintain our country's network security,The threat of dark web pornography must be taken seriously,and make effective adjustments,respond in a timely manner。

for the individual,What should be seen is that today's personal information is constantly being digitized,Importance of Information Security Education。This at least lets us know when our private information is leaked or exploited that it may be leaked,not because of inexplicable“fear”while being tricked。

PStation rollover,Just uncovered the tip of the iceberg of those violent dark crimes,The global governance of the Internet,Clearly there is still a long way to go。


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