how to develop a website like amazon


Before making a website,We think of a good website positioning,Plan for the website,For example, the target group,Want to display a website or marketing promotion,Website style positioning,These columns and functions needed for website are good to think about it before building,After a preliminary plan, it is the official construction of the website.。

(how to develop a website like amazon)how to develop a website like amazon

Website development,In fact, it is the construction station.,The process is as follows:
one、Platform planning
first,Apply for website domain names and space,.comIs an international domain suffix,.cnIs China's domain name。Website is used to store website content and program files,Such as web pages、picture、Video information, etc.。
Then the interface design of the website,Different types of website design pages are different,It needs to be a reasonable plan in the early stage of the station。
two、Program development
After the page design is determined,Page is just a static picture,Want to implement information interaction,Convenient users to modify information,The programmer needs to write the website program。(
Front-end programmerResponsible for cutting the design of the design,Then layout,Use the code to put the page first layout,Let the page display on the web page,The interaction effect on the general web page is also responsible for the front-end engineer.。
Backend programmerThe main task is to write a background,Convenient users to manage and modify upload information。Database design and code writing according to website function planning,And system integration,Combine the program with interface,And implement functional debugging。
The backend engineers are only responsible for providing interfaces and data.,Focus on business logic,The front end is displayed in the browser after picking up the data.,Various divisions。

how to develop a website like amazon

Enterprise website construction can publicize enterprises,A bigger benefit is to carry out e-commerce。


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