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(website development languages 2020)IEEE Published the latest programming language list。and 2019 Compared with the year,Python、Java、C and C++ Stainful list 4,and JavaScript replaced R The language became the list of lists 5 name。also,In the trend、Demand and open source and other other subtles,Python Continuous lead,Java and C Language is also excellent。

website development languages 2020(website development languages 2020)

recently,IEEE Spectrum Released the seventh programming language list。Python Named the first,top 5 Several other languages in the middle are Java、C、C++ and JavaScript。Fifth place last year R Language this ranking declined to 6,and JavaScript Convert position。

According to introduction,IEEE 2020 Programming language list 8 Information source 11 IndicatorData collection,In turn, the overall ranking of programming language。

(website development languages 2020)Information source includes:Google Search、Google Trends、Twitter、GitHub、Stack Overflow、Reddit、Hacker News、CareerBuilder Wait,Covered social networking sites、Open source code website and job hunting site。

This survey GitHub Collected 300 Multiple programming languages,After the screening, I finally left. 55 kind。These include speaking languages familiar with most computer users(Such as Java),Old programming language Cobol and Fortran,Seemmer programming language Haskell Wait。

IEEE 2020 Programming language list covers 4 Different programming language types,Since the language used to develop websites and applications, respectively,Business、Desktop and scientific application language,Language for mobile devices and languages for embedded environments。

(website development languages 2020)Ranking typeOverall ranking、Trend ranking、Work、Open source、Customize five

website development languages 2020(website development languages 2020)

This list is based on various indicators of different weights.。If you have an objection to the weight,allowable IEEE Set the weight you want on the interactive page:

website development languages 2020

Next,Let's see IEEE 2020 Specific data for programming language list。

top 10 Programming language:Python Four consecutive championships,Java and C Language is not underestimated

In this rankings,top 10 The overall ranking of programming languages is as follows:

website development languages 2020

last year IEEE Default settings,Get higher weights,And this year's default ranking is right IEEE Member interests have set higher weight。

Under this new setting,We can still see Python Continue to maintain a leader,Followed by Java and C language,List of lists、Three。Compared with last year,Before two Python and Java Distance continues to pull,Python Still maintain a strong rising momentum。

(website development languages 2020)website development languages 2020

IEEE Programming language list,2019 Year 2020 Year top 2 Score comparison。(The picture above is the data last year,The figure below is this year's data)

also,Arduino Language implementation is remarkable,Rank last year 11 Name jump to the first 7 name。

for Python Ranking is always high,Some people give such an explanation,That is, it is increasingly used as a teaching language,Therefore, the corresponding indicator is exaggerated.。

(website development languages 2020)This BASIC The development of language has the same work。20 century 80 Era,BASIC Very popular language,Special book、Magazines and even radio programs introduce this language。But very few professional programmers use BASIC,Later, when home computer foam rupture,BASIC Language is no longer so popular。

There are two anti-revision opinions on this point of view.。first,Students are also users。If you only pay attention to the use of professional programmers and developers,It may not be possible to get a full objective programming language panorama;Secondly,and BASIC different,Python Language has a large high quality private library,Therefore, in the field of professional fields and machine learning, it is frequently trial.。

(website development languages 2020)also,Different from previous years,This year's programming language ranking is inevitably COVID-19 Impact。Example,If you only choose in the indicator weight Twitter,You will find Cobol The language is in the list 7 Position。

This is probably because,4 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy At a press conference, the government urgently needs to be able to use COBOL Language programmer,Have a help repair has been used 40 Many years of unemployment insurance system。This reappears people Cobol This ancient programming language is concerned。

website development languages 2020

Other rankings,Python Continue

(website development languages 2020)After reading the overall list,Let's take another programming language in other rankings.。

In the trend list,Python Still demonstrating its strong development momentum with absolute advantages,Java Ranked second,C language、C++ and Go Level 345。

website development languages 2020

The language in the work environment is still the language Python,C Language ranking second,Followed by Java、Go and C++。This is also Go The language first enters the top ten。

website development languages 2020

In the most popular programming language ranking on open source projects,Unhappy,Ranking is still still Python,Java and C Language is followed。

website development languages 2020

纵观所有榜单,Python Programming language list announced,Java 和 C Throughout all list。





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