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(e commerce website development services)Website is to publish business information、An important way to achieve business management and transactions,e-commerce system“window”。Although most e-commerce systems use websites as the window to serve customers,But the two are not equivalent。e-commerce system is based onInternetAnd support enterprise value chain value-added information system,while the website evenWebis only a part of the system or one of the technical means。e-commerce system as a whole,It includes not only the external electronic environment in which enterprises conduct business activities,It also includes the electronic environment of the internal business activities of the enterprise,These two parts must be combined to meet the needs of enterprises inInterneton the need to carry out business activities。Therefore, the website can be regarded as an integral part of the enterprise e-commerce system。

derivative,The composition of e-commerce system:

1,Front-end trading system,consumer facing,i.e. traditionalb2c,C2C,b2border transaction management system

2,Back-end e-commerce operation platform,Operational Personnel Management for E-commerce Enterprises,commodity、Order、member、in stock、promotion、finance

3,backendERPsystem,For business managers,finance,OA,Workflow,report,Order,storehouse,etc. management system


(1)This technicallywwwServer as the core structure;

(e commerce website development services)(2)business and customers、Partner interaction window;

(3)The image of the enterprise on the Internet;

(4)combinedTCPVarious service modes of the protocol application layer;

(5)is part of an enterprise e-commerce system。

main type

Enterprise Information Portal:Such sites are for structured information“one stop”search and service,The motivation for such sites is mainly:efficient、Knowledge Base Management、cut costs。

Supply Chain Management Community:pass throughEDIRealize business interaction between enterprises,motivation:charge transaction fees、efficient intermediary。

Consumer Information Portal:Provide community information,Collaborate with each other,motivation:advertising fee、Invest and go public。

B2COnline store:Selling the company's products and providing services,Motivated by business income。

B2Bmarket place:Create a marketplace for goods and services,Search for buyers and sellers、Matching and trade guarantees motivated by trade commissions。

B2Cmarket place:A place for the exchange of goods and services for customers,Motivation is transaction commission。

(e commerce website development services)C2CCommunity:consumer auction、bid、communicate with,Motivation is to charge transaction fees。


(1)application server;

(e commerce website development services)(2)Workflow and Groupware Subsystems;

(3)Content Management Subsystem;

(4)directory server;

(5)performance optimization tool;

(6)mail and message server;

(7)Personalized Information Service;

(8)search engine

(9)secure server

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