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2020The year is very hard for everyone.,Although new crown pneumonia has been effectively inhibited;But with the arrival of winter,The epidemic seems to be repeated,In Sichuan,Xinjiang has some signs of scroll。

So,What should I say if the epidemic in English??Today, let's learn to learn.

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New coronary pneumonia


(website developer greenville sc)The English in the coronary virus isCoronavirus,Family members of coronaviruses have many,New crown virus as a new virus,Our understanding of his understanding is very small.。

  • We know so little about the COVID-19.
  • We know very little about new crown viruses。
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pandemicRefers to a wide range of dissemination in a wide range of diseases,Can be a certain area,A country,Even global,You can translate an epidemic,epidemic。Human history has an influenza epidemic,Black dead disease, etc.,Are famous and horrific epidemic。

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Effective control/Under control/Controlled

under control

(website developer greenville sc)underThere are at……Below,controlIt means control。Translation is under control,Therefore, it can be translated into the control range.,controllable,Effective control。

Second wave/Roll/relapse

second wave/ coming again

wave Wave meant,secondSecond,second waveThen indicate the second wave。

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second wave Is a noun phrase。If you want to use verbs to repeat,Come back again,can usecoming again。

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Let's hope that Covid-19 is going to be under control soon, and don't coming again.

(website developer greenville sc)we hopeCovid-19Will get the control,And will not appear again。

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Do you learn??follow me,Learn more English knowledge!


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