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website development lebanon

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China's double11Many merchants and consumers participating in domestic and abroad,All platforms have launched corresponding promotions。And according to the double-selling11Data Display,LebanonPatrick ChayebIs the platform11The last place of successful overseas consumers。So,What is the status of Lebanon's e-commerce market??

(website development lebanon)Hugo Net learned from foreign media recently reported,The domestic e-commerce market in Lebanon did not appear like Amazon oreBaySuch a large e-commerce platform。according to2015Year data display,Lebanon only10%Internet users shopping online,Lower than the global level。

(website development lebanon)Understand,Internet speed and internet cost is the main obstacle to the development of Lebanon e-commerce。Data Display,The cost of the Lebanese Internet is four times that of other countries.。To this end, the Lebanese Telecom has launched a planned action.,To reduce Internet cost and improve Internet speed。

In addition, Lebanon e-commerce development is also facing another challenge.,How to improve the safety understanding of consumers paying online。Business reflection,Lebanese consumers are afraid to enter credit card information online,Still tend to adopt cash on delivery。However, as e-commerce has become part of the local life.,This trend is gradually changing。

Market research institutionIPSOSData display,Lebanon's Internet users are2014Yearn210Ten thousand,Internet coverage also2012Year56%Increasing2014Year66%。

According to market surveys,2016-2020The annual size of the Lebanon e-commerce market will double。Lebanon e-commerce has broad development prospects,Local companies have opened the sales method combined with e-commerce and physical stores.,And said that e-commerce helps them get greater exposure in the Middle East and North Africa.。

Numerous number of e-commerce companies in Lebanon,Electric commodity class with fashion accessories、electronic product、books、Air plane tickets and tickets、Hotel accommodation, etc.。Electronic products are the world's largest electrical commodity class,It is no exception in Lebanon.,The local area is most often seen in the electronic product online store。High-end clothing sites are getting more common,for examplelebelik.comWait。

Group purchase website is very popular in Lebanon,LivingSocialIs the first website that entered the market,A large number of imitors,E.gMakhsoum、GoSawaandScoopCityWait。

The following is the most popular e-commerce website in Lebanon.:

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