how to develop a website using java


JavaProgrammers have always been considered a high salary occupation,It is also a lot of people to go intoITPreferred,Annual salary50Ten thousandJavaProgrammer is the leader in the industry,How can I become an annual salary?50Ten thousandJavaprogrammer?How to graspJavaProgrammer's career gold time?NewbiejavaHow to advance programmers?What is effort?

To become an excellent programmer,First of all, there is a clear plan for your career.,Otherwise, it is easy to fly like a headless flies.,If you have problems, you will gradually lose your confidence.,Lose the passion。

OrderJavaProgram,I think the most important thing is system design capabilities.,Secondly, the encoding ability。

Under the current situation,Optimistic method and technology have:

1. Business complexity:DDD

(how to develop a website using java)2. Expand problem:distributed、Micro service、Response system、Container

3. language&frame:JVMlanguage+Vert.x, React, Elixir+Phoenix, Ruby on Rails

BelowJavaTechnique,for reference:

The above is started.JavaTeacher teacher organizesJavaKnowledge Planet Learning Road Map,As long as you have a solid master of learning content,Strengthen special skills。

(how to develop a website using java)In addition, you must write the code.、Multi-write code、Multi-write code、No brainwriting。But what do you write?,More documentation。Don't stay any questions。There must be the spirit of the root of the roots,But don't die of the corner pointers,Multi-movement。Don't go around,To make efforts to break through。

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how to develop a website using java

JavaYou can write desktop applications、Webapplication、Distributed system and embedded system applications, etc.,Very good development prospects,Interested friends, learn quickly.!

The above is to start the class, Xiaobian, today, I will give you all the release.“JavaWebsite development,How to strengthen special skills?”One-piece,I hope to provide a reference for friends who are going to find a job or are looking for a job.,MoreJavaRelated content in the opening ceremonyJavaTraining camp!

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