make money developing websites


Make money is the purpose,Operation is the process,This is so in every project operation.。

Before you don't have financial freedom,What we do is basically guided by making money.。

but,Make money is just the final purpose,The process is most important。

We do our website,Write articles every day,update content,Nothing to do better,In order to get more traffic through the search engine,Thus you can make more money。

But doing the website to make money,The final result is related to a lot of aspects。

one、What is your initial target positioning??

This is the most important thing in the entire website to make money projects.。

There are many ways to make money.,There are many types of websites.,There are many kinds of websites.。

Some people do the website to optimize the keyword;Some people doing websites are ranking and traffic of operating the whole station.。And what I want to buy this,It is also a level that can be listed later.。

Home Keyword Optimization is the simplest,Maybe3Month,5You can optimize keywords to home months.,Needless to update what too much content,It's okay.,However, the traffic of a single keyword ranking website is definitely limited。

If you want to pay attention to the operation of the whole station,Then the website starts from the beginning、content、Key words layout, etc.,And do a good job in the data analysis of many pages during the website operations to adjust the website,to learn、Things to do very much,But the benefits are also obvious,More traffic,The future development of the website is higher,More time and energy that needs to be put into investment。

so,What is your initial target positioning??

Someone asked Xiaobian website to make money with the website to make money projects?

The difference is above,A focus on homepage,A payment of website operations。Starting point is different,In fact, there is essential difference。

two、Choose what kind of field to do?

What is the type of website in this field, in nature?。

Very many fields that can be selected online,3600Row,It will be all right,As long as you have a user search,Even if the keyword is not worth,We can still ads、Advertising Alliance、Public traffic、Flow test, etc.。

What field will choose to do,Essentially actually in the value of the traffic。

This traffic value is the same as if we usually contact other fields.。E.g,The value of financial powders on online is undoubtedly super high,The passenger cost of a single financial powder has been up to hundreds.。

If you can do a financial station,Whether it is advertising、Still selling powder, its value is very high。

make money developing websites(make money developing websites)

A website focused on foreign exchange information like this,The advertising fee of its single advertisement is far from the advertising fee of our blog type.。It is because the value of financial fans is much higher than the net earnings of fans.。

so,Website is critical when choosing the field。Instead, it is just to see the weight and traffic of the website to distinguish the good and bad website.。

Look at a website is good and bad,First look at the type of website,Secondly, you will watch the website data.,Then analyze the profitability of the website,Comprehensively analyze the good and bad of the website。

here,We don't say that the fans don't have to choose the fans when choosing the field.。Infunding、The fans of these industries such as loans are very high.,But the corresponding competitors will be very much,And there are large websites in many industries to compete.,How to choose to completely see your ability。If your ability is fundamentally supported by this website,Then there is no good result.。

In addition, even if you have the ability to work such a website.,You still need to see the time of investment.。

E.g,If I work for a financial website2Annual income in the year50Tens of thousands of words,Then I can go to work.2Make a website to make a blog type,The same time input,The income that these two networks can make blogs have exceeded100Tens of thousands。

This is a truth with buying things.,Although I said a penny,But it doesn't mean that the most expensive is the best.,We should choose the most cost-effective,I believe this truth must know。

Dai Sen a hair dryer sells thousands,Many people think it is used up with ordinary100Multiple blocks are almost,Why have many people choose to buy??

actually,Many people have this economic condition,Buying a Dai Sen hair hairdryer is nothing,Thousands of things, no matter how it is sure100Multiple blocks are good。

But if you don't have this consumption capacity at all,Hard to buy Dai Sen hair hairdryer,So you have to suffer in other times.。

1、To suit you

2、To choose cost performance

What type of website chooses is also this。

three、Give me feel deeply

I have bought a house recently.,The house last year has not got it yet.,A set of lives,There is also a set of unreastways that have been empty.。I have a set of fixing houses immediately.,The family asked me if I want to rent out the house.。

I saw it.,The monthly rent price of a house is also2500about,Not as good as an ad position on the website,A site can be got on the ten houses if the advertisement is more。

How much is the cost of a website??How much is the investment of a house??

Although the house itself will appreciate,But don't forget everyone.,The website will also be appreciated in the process of continuous operation.。

more importantly,If you take the money of the investment house to invest in the website,Can make a few、More than a dozen websites come out。

Of course,For those who operate different websites,Don't do this kind of investment,Investing in real estate may be more secure。

And for those who understand the website,Even if you don't have any funds, you can run a more valuable and can continue to stabilize your profit.。

In fact, make money,The essence in different projects is the same:Hardships will not,Be unhappy。

Make a project,Can't just rely on luck,Only if you continue to improve your ability, you can make money that you can only rely on luck and opportunities can make money.。