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Provide more accommodation options for visitors的旅游部门主管已与爱彼迎(Airbnb)Abu Dhabi's tourist department supervisor has been with love,为该酋长国内的传统酒店寻找更多转型替代方案,Signed a new agreement。

阿布扎比文化和旅游部 (DCT Abu Dhabi) Find more transformation alternatives for traditional hotels in the Chief Domestic (MoU),将共同促进阿布扎比度假屋行业的发展。

website developer in abu dhabi

(website developer in abu dhabi)根据谅解备忘录,And the international holiday rental platform, loves to announce the memorandum of understanding Wednesday,爱彼迎 Will jointly promote the development of the Abu Dhabi holiday industry,帮助阿布扎比的新老房东了解并遵守相关度假屋规则。

“Abu Dhabi,增加消费者的选择,Sign relevant agreement with AP。我们期待与阿布扎比 DCT Development of the enhanced holiday industry,并期待这种合作伙伴关系在未来能为旅客创造更多新体验和机遇。”Based on the memorandum of understanding。