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10moon27day,India government telecommunications department requires Internet service providers(isp)prohibit827Website with pornographic content,This is the second time India in recent years.“Cleanse net”。2015year8moon,After making a ruling in the Supreme Court,Government has tried to shield857Related website,But finally failed to succeed。at the same time,The latest ban gains a ridden irony in India social network.,some people think,What is the intention of the government?,Almost all impossible to prevent Indian consumption online pornography。

website development company in dehradun

National shout:We are not happy

The Indian government“Second degree sweeping”Cause,It is a rape case in Dramon, North Akandbang, India.:This year7moon,5name9Old14The year old boy is watching the porn movie,Common trap8Old girl。and,According to news websiteQuartzReport,They are just after browsing the pornographic website.“Thief”。In9month,Several boymen, boy, committed the same mistake after browsing the pornographic website.。Looking at the vulgar network is infringing adolescents,Threat social security,The Indian government will order blocking827Porn site,“Net action”Roll。

only,I don't know if the Indian government has been from last time“Net net”Lessons learned in the failure of action??

(website development company in dehradun)India's first“Net action”exist2015year7Month。then,Indian Prime Minister Moti and Government Public appeal“Nothing can be like erotic works,Effectively devastating a person's mind,Evaporate his time life,Eliminate his fighting potential,Continue to destroy the whole society”。then,Modi authorities will be made by protecting public morality.,Notifying the telecom companies across the country857Home erotic website。

However,After the ban is issued,Domestic contest,Accumbmentary government is“Moral review”,It is trying to limit the freedom of citizens.“Control freak”Reflect,What's more doubizes that the Modi government has received a conservative group Hindu nationalist?(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)Influence and manipulation,The organization is forcibly interferes with personal and family privacy。Netizens said in indignation:“India is becoming like Afghan Taliban,Do not bear freedom。”

website development company in dehradun

finally,2015year8moon4day,Indian Telecom Minister Ravi•Sangkar•Prasad(Ravi Shankar Prasad)Have to make concessions,Ordered to delve the porn website,He said:“These porn sites should not be masked all the public.,Unless there is any evidence that the website content is related to children's pornography。We have always supported the freedom of media,Also committed to maintaining network freedom,The ban is just one‘Temporary measures’。”India vigorous“Sweeping yellow ban”In short5Declared death。

Since then,Modi government“Hot mood”Throw it to the Internet service provider,I think the supplier is not reviewed,On the government globally。And Indian telecommunications officials argue,They believe that India's adults are fully capable of judging whether they are suitable for porn,And the provisions of the browsing website are,No need for excessive intervention。《India Times》I have done this reverse event.:“The government is forced to re-examine their decision,Very awkward situation;At the same time, the communication and information technology department is dissatisfied.,Because it is inexplicable‘scapegoat’。”

Playback failure history,The reason is obvious

See the first failure of India,BBCSummarize two reasons。on the one hand,The gender customs are deeply rooted in India。according toBBCReport,India is the fourth largest country in the porn website(The top three is the United States、United Kingdom and Canada)。and,India has a wealth of gender customs and history,Their religious and culture is closely related to the two-sex customs,Including engraving in the temple、Art and text, etc.,Elola(Ellora)、Happiness(Hampi)Carjarah(Khajuraho aho)Engraving and sexual guidelines《Love》(Kama Sutra)etc。

website development company in dehradun

▲Khajuraho aho。

on the other hand,People's Party of Moddy “Braise”Be quite dissatisfied。Regional area led by the People's Party,People are banned from making and consumed cow products,Because the cattle is considered to be“God”。In the movie《50 degree gray》Last line,Not only the movie is banned,Continuously with a long string English word is prohibited from being used in movies,Among them“lesbian”。

website development company in dehradun

▲according toBBCstatistics,There is a quarter of the user's user.,Global average23%。

(website development company in dehradun)and,exist2015After the year of implementation,People go crazy on the network2012Narnataka,People's Party in Moidi(BJP)Members when they participate in the State Council meeting,Photographed by the camera to browse the porn website。(Soon after,In the state meeting of Gujarat,Other people members have also been found to have the same thing.。) I want to manage others in the internal tube.,No wonder India“Cleanse net”Failed。

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