website development proposal letter


website development proposal letter

as the Internet develops,The appreciation ability of users is also getting higher and higher,Enterprises also pay more attention to the design of website pages,If the design lacks character and personality,Does not reflect corporate culture,It's easy to be submerged in a sea of thousands of websites,When we casually look up a certain industry on a search engine,We all find thousands of websites,Just imagine,among so many sites,No own business characteristics、A mediocre website is not interesting,Not to mention going into detailed browsing,It is difficult for the website to achieve an unforgettable situation,Websites that are less able to play a marketing role。

Reasonable page layout design

(website development proposal letter)Designing the homepage of a website,Be sure to pay attention to the overall layout of the page to be reasonable,don't clutter。

a reasonable layout,Simple and clear web pages can bring people a comfortable feeling,and will make people willing to spend more time to understand。

(website development proposal letter)Must pay attention to layout design,Avoid clutter,From page layout to collocation,focus on coordination,render fresh web pages,Give people a bright feeling。

Color matching for your comfort

Websites of any industry,Do not blindly pursue visual stimulation in the design process,Unique color matching。

(website development proposal letter)web design process,Designers must pay attention to the color matching of the page,More warm colors,Match with cool colors,As long as the color is coordinated enough、soothing,To make people have the idea of continuing。

There are hundreds of colors to choose from on the website design,website design principles,Most websites can only choose three tones as the main color,To choose according to the business positioning and website audience,General environmental protection companies choose bright green and blue,Choose orange or red for matching like a restaurant website。

Unique web content

text content of the website,as indispensable as human knowledge and insight,represents the person's taste。

design a web page,Must promote corporate culture、product、Serve、Advantage、Strength is the starting point,Content in web pages is indispensable,To attract users with content,must have unique content,focus on originality,It has the characteristics of。

Website design should have its own characteristics

A feature that no one else has,only one,Can make people remember your website at once,That's the feature,A simpler explanation is personalization。

(website development proposal letter)Keep it simple when designing your website pages、beautiful、atmosphere、high end、Upscale,All in all, it has to be impactful,If the design is too simple,no own characteristic,will not attract the user's attention。

Summarize:How to design a good website to improve the image of the company,A good website is structured、navigation、color、Content and other aspects are very particular about,it could be as simple as,but attractive,Allows viewers to understand corporate information while watching。

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