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Before talking about this industry,Let's take a look at a statistical statistics.!

According to the statistics,National industrial and commercial households and enterprises close8000Ten thousand,However:The number of websites is only523Ten thousand,Public number500Ten thousand,Small procedure230Ten thousand。(Data comes from2018year12moon)

marketing website developer

Number of websites

(marketing website developer)marketing website developer(marketing website developer)Number of netizens

Industry work portrait:

1、Female programmer accounts for super17%,This is the main force

2、90After the programmer occupies half a day,Work3~5The most programmers of the year

3、The proportion of programmers from the past computer related major

4、UIDesign women's proportion60%above,Slightly male,But more male managers

5、Front-end development80%above,Women account for less,And the preference of the small program is highly wage

6、programming language,PHPHigh,JAVAand.NETSecondly

marketing website developer

Analysis of the status quo of website construction:

Enter2021year,China's number of companies increased at the speed of 10,000,And with“the Internet+”Proposed development,Enterprises have more and more demand for the Internet,Requirements are getting higher and higher,Enterprise website construction industry has become the most popular、The most challenging market。But looking at the current stage,Corporate website construction market is quite complex,Crude abuse,Whether it is from price、quality、Technology or service has no unified industry standard,Coupled with the lack of cognition of network knowledge,I only know that blindly pursues website appearance,I don't know who to do it in the corporate website.?But completely ignore the function and quality of the website itself.。This is the industry status of business website construction,It is the sorrow of the Internet industry.。The reason for this sorrow is more than just the understanding of the company's knowledge.,It is also a lot of business websites.。

marketing website developer(marketing website developer)

We analyze from the following aspects,Corporate website currently exists:

one、No considerations or data support,Blind construction site

A business or company,Why build a website,How should the website operate?,How to promote after the website is ready,They have not considered these problems,Just blindly find a company or individual, a scribbled development website,What is the ultimate goal of our construction website, there is a little clear cognition,Therefore, many corporate websites on the Internet have become the market.“Furnish”and“Luxury”,And companies for building websites are not a good thing,Renewal rate is greatly reduced!

(marketing website developer)two、As long as the flowers,Do not pay attention to website marketing

(marketing website developer)Why is it so far?,There are still many business website, flowers, whistle,Have no focus,Do not pay attention to network marketing,We can see that,my country is in the first few decades,The Internet is still in a relatively low state,Many traditional enterprises under this market impact,Have a more molded marketing model,For the new type of business model for the Internet,I can't accept it even when I accept it.。However, the development of the Internet industry is unprecedented.,Internet marketing replaces traditional marketing model is already an inevitable trend,There will be more and more companies to start emerging model marketing.。therefore,In the next few decades or even longer,The market constructed by corporate websites is very huge and it is very challenging.。

three、High-end website construction needs to be refined

(marketing website developer)This industry between high technology and traditional technology,With development,It is dismantled into a fine design、front end、program、Operation promotion four links。Every link needs more fine、More specialized employees。

Four、Innovative technology

WeChat emergence,A lot of applications need to access WeChat,Need to spend humanity to solve this problem,And you must solve this problem;Html5The appearance also needs to be applied to the website。

Fives、client、User's cognitive improvement,Improvement of demand function experience

along with020、Internet thinking,Customers are more and more feeling that their websites should be centered on themselves.,What should I want?,What should I provide for website construction service providers?,It is best not to have a similarity to others.。And the website is no longer just a displayed page,It should carry more sharing promotion。This must enhance the service provider's service level。

marketing website developer

2021Analysis of the development trend of news technology:

2020Year has passed,The new year has arrived,New Year's new scenery,I will share some development trends in the construction of the company's website construction.。Little little experience in the employee who wants to enter or have entered the industry,futureITThe industry is characterized by the following points,user experience、color match、Website opens smoothness、Youth user experience、Update iteration, etc.。A good websiteUIDesign can bring excellent importance to company corporate image、Integrity、Active action,thus,The company has more design-style and characteristics in the case of website design style design.,Furthermore, driving further development trend of corporate brands。

2021year,The new development trend of the company's website design and construction development and design is to see from the following aspects.


Website user experience design,Typographic design must be reasonable,Color matching must keep up with the trend of the times,Website must be compatible with various equipment design,Therefore, the next two-year online multi-screen interactive response(Response website)Still the key。

1、Multi-screen interactive design

Intelligent terminal equipment is getting more and more,mobile phone、ipad、Terminal large screen, etc.,Website development and design must be compatible with terminal equipment.,Experience interaction more applicable design,Cross-screen response design,Is a future development trend,Websitehtml5Technical can complete the website can be very compatible under different display terminal devices.,In addition, we have the purpose of multi-screen interactive marketing promotion in major websites.。

2、Print design reasonable layout

Promote the direction of the design style,Microsoft has always been the leader in it.,Feeling from the original plane to 3D visual effect,Flat design afterwards,win10Also give everyone a splitting function design。

Habit traditional column design,The design of the display will bring the visitor to the visitor.。This web page exhibits different types of information in parallel.,It is the most type characteristic of division screen function design,The information content on both sides can include the same kind of racemic,You can also show content of different characteristics。

Split screen function sets the website must be displayed in addition to2Different content requirements,This type of website design design is the best reflecting the same influence.,Let customers choose to choose access to access。

3、Color matching

bold,Unique color match,recently2The year turns into a trend of design style development and design of popular website design construction。

Website web page color gorgeous,bright,Full of comparison。The same color can be used as the main color of the website,Can also be used as auxiliary color。The same color matching can bring a more unique pitch actual effect to the visitor.。In the development and design of website design construction,More colorful color,The more you have Significant visual impact,The more you improve the appeal of the content of the website,District content area block chain,Even more variety of web pages,It doesn't feel congestion。

Bug and zoning are the primary conditions for hazard the actual effects of web pages and customer experience。In the actual website design and construction development design,Different colors bring the separation of the actual effect is not the same.,Different matchup,More reflect this。

marketing website developer

In summary,Future website construction industry trend is still more considerable,But it is bound to eliminate some technologies.、Companies or individuals without design concepts, etc.,Those technological big cows、Experience design masters or other companies or practitioners will face new challenges and opportunities!


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