website development company in hong kong


Corporate Services


website development company in hong kong

As a large number of online retail and manufacturing occurred in Hong Kong,This entrepreneurial discovered a huge market。EasyShipA kind of need,Service providers for simplified and convenient transportation processes。

EasyShipWill pick up the order,Pack,And make their operating rates are high than any other performance level of the Hong Kong。Safe since the world,This entrepreneurial company has got rapid growth in the Asian market.。

(website development company in hong kong)27、Oddup

website development company in hong kong

Want to know what startup is worth investing in,Or do you start a business in this past year??OddupIs a platform,By data from mass media and database,Entrepreneurial company1arrive100Rank。

Users can view the statistics and potential entrepreneurial success of entrepreneurial companies,Planned and view trends in overall analysis and entrepreneurship。Just justBigcolorsgot5Wan Dollar seed investment,OddupTake a view28%Speed growth,And the average monthly sales reached5Ten thousand U.S. dollars。


website development company in hong kong

AfterShipIs a parcel tracking platform,Track API Small plugin with a track button,You can help online retailers to easily track the parcels sent out in their store.。This service helps online retailers track traffic conditions,Send a notification and a business intelligence that obtains transport efficiency about the goods。Most foreign e-commerce retailers did not like their peer Taobao in China.,Logistics tracking data embedded in the website。

This company is established2011year,Use trackAPITo show the world more than200Multiple operators' information,And track more than one month600Wan's shipments。exist2012I got an unapproved seed wheel,2014AnnualIDG-AccelAcquired100UniversalARound financing。


website development company in hong kong

EventXtra Is an activity management software for the mobile。Positioning in the event、Post-activity management。Whether companies or governments can streamline activities through this software,And let more focus incidents affect participants。

also,ThisAppAlso provide personalized recommendation in the venue,vote、Real-time interactive function, etc.,Active electronic data releases provincial printing costs,Scene collection feedback,Can generate reports such as reports。exist2014Launched in the beginning of the year,EventXtraIt has been raised from Hong Kong and US investors.26Wan Dollar Fund,Now they are seeking to expand services to domestic markets。


website development company in hong kong

Pay4BugsOnce an item of a software development company,Now it is independent from it.。This company is mainly committed to finding and reporting software or websites.。This is a self-service product,When the user wants to,Can control from their account。This platform has5000Multiple prepaid testers are in the softwareBUGMake money。Pay4BugsAlready from Hong Kong、America、Europe and Australia exceed1000Customers customers。

(website development company in hong kong)physical education


website development company in hong kong

CoachbaseIs anNike +Incubation application,Allow sports coaches to draw scripts and drill training teams20Species,And directly through email,social media,Or share with their players through the cloud storage of the website。2013year3moon,CoachbaseRaise33.5Wan Dollar Seed Fund。The app is also includedNBAKylvin - Durant starring movie《Thunderstruck》。



website development company in hong kong

SnapteeThis mobile app can create personalized by smartphones.T-Shirt design,User from their album、Instagram,Or direct mobile phone camera photo import image,SnapteeLet users choose from templates、Add filter、Personal writing、Change font,Design their jersey,Even you can sell the only shirt in the app。Snapteeexist2014Raised at the end of the year75Wan Dollar financing。

(website development company in hong kong)33、Shopline

website development company in hong kong

ShoplineProvide a simple、Budget and local solution,Quickly launch their own e-commerce sites in Asia for small and medium-sized enterprises。ShoplineThe business model is to provide tools for those who have independent sales websites.。exist2015Opened earlier120Wan dollar seed wheel investment。

(website development company in hong kong)As of this year2moon,This company said they already have more than15000Merchants in using their platform,60%Are in Taiwan,Other in Hong Kong。And in August last year,They only have4000Family。

34、IP Nexus

(website development company in hong kong)website development company in hong kong

IP NexusIs a startup、inventor、SMEs provide global platform for intellectual property protection,In addition, it is still a helper、The intellectual property innovation one-stop platform for those who provide services for the patent agent。

This platform has a free“Expert advice”Function,You can use the information directory directly to exceed1600Expert connection。IP Nexusexist2013Near the Guangdong Science and Technology Finance Group and the total total90Wan Dollar financing。


website development company in hong kong

Woman always makeup every day,Eye shadow、Lipstick、Mascara, etc.,Glam-it!Concentrated all the features of a skin care makeup box,Contains all women needed with cosmetics and tools。The company has already raised50Wan Dollar seed investment,And drive their products to enter more6Country,Distributors and partners through luxury goods。


website development company in hong kong

Through powerful combination analysis tools and superior user experience,SpaciousCan help users get higher efficiency in purchasing a house,Their technology is similar,And has covered the vast majority of listings in Hong Kong,By cross-references these listings,Can tell consumers,Is this house value worth it?。This service also includes detailed neighborhood guides,Added the integrity of residential search。The company was last year3The month is raised50Wan Dollar seed round fund。

37、Skylab Mobile Systems

website development company in hong kong

(website development company in hong kong)This young software company specializes in mobileGISSoftware solution development,Skylab Mobile SystemsDevelop drones for personal and commercial use,The initial products,Sky Drone FPVIt is full digitalization,low cost,And use cellular network full HD consumptionFPVs solution。

(website development company in hong kong)38、Frenzoo

website development company in hong kong

(website development company in hong kong)FrenzooThis entrepreneurial company is headquartered in Hong Kong and San Francisco,Focus on creating a fashion style for women3Dmobile game。Their first product is a call《Me Girl》game,I have gained more than the second week of online.10010,000 downloads。

Frenzooexist2010year1Month development3DVirtual fashion platform,Can bring our fashionable three-dimensional experience。This company2012Year from time to timeEfficient Corporate、Siemer Ventures、K5 Venturesas well asMetaverse ServicesThe agency is obtained.100Wan Dollar financing。

(website development company in hong kong)39、Luxify

website development company in hong kong

(website development company in hong kong)LuxifyIs Hong Kong's first local connection buyer、Seller、Collector's online market,The main products include wines、Second-hand car、Luxury, etc.。LuxifyIs buying and selling new,wine,And second-hand luxury Hong Kong's first local online market,And join the buyer trader,Collectors and sellers。This platform has8Category,And make it easier to compete with smaller luxury business。LuxifyDo not participate in trading,There is no sales commission,The platform is completely free。This company will receive it in Qidong.20Wan Dollar Angel Round Finance。

(website development company in hong kong)40、Variably

website development company in hong kong

VariablyIs a tool for buyers and sellers,You can find the most fair price without the need to bargain。This tool allows users to automatically negotiate the best price,No need to change their website,And engaged in a new way of shopping。Simply, it is a bit like Ali Wangwang。Last year,This company is getting92.5Wan Dollar launch fund。


website development company in hong kong

(website development company in hong kong)GoGoVanIs a free truck dispatching software,The business has spread in Taiwan、Singapore、South Korea、Australia and other countries and regions。Mainland China isGoGoVanLatest battlefield,Entrunly,GoGoVanTake a very grounded name——Fast dog speed,Main city freight。

GogovanThe core advantage is broken.CallMonopoly mode for truck dispatch,Develop an average price of the industry that can accept one driver and users,Users directlyAppOrder,The driver will grab the order according to the destination and the driving route.。This model changed the difficulty of finding a car in the cargo market.,Prices are opaque,Waiting for a long time。CurrentlyGogovanPlatform ownership2.410,000 trucks,Take a Hong Kong freight market60%Market share。

(website development company in hong kong)This company has got a total of1650Wan Dollar financing,Last year11moon,Everyone's network1000Wan US dollar acquisitionGogovan10%Shares。

social media


website development company in hong kong

Recently known“”,AroundIs a marketing platform,Connect people with their true neighbors。The founder believes that a powerful community and platform function,Allow users to create connected to their neighbor,Buy and sell goods,Rental property。exist“Hybrid directory”Function can help users find their community-can-works,as well as“Neighbor announcement”Help users look for local information。The company has alreadyCatalystVCThe group raised approximately13Ten thousand U.S. dollars。


website development company in hong kong

This entrepreneurial company is a food-based social platform,FoodieQuestLet people share their favorite food photos。And compete with friends and strangers,Make sharing gourmet pictures into a socially fun game

(website development company in hong kong)The app can also be used as a discovery platform for food,Users here can pass“Hottest”Filter。FoodieQuestfromNestThe Venture Accelerator is there.13Wan Dollar Seed Fund。

(website development company in hong kong)44、Praisage

website development company in hong kong

2012year1Monthly launch,PraisageIs a value-added platform,It provides an integrated and independent channel that makes anyone express your gratitude or thanks.。

The founder aims to promote cultural appreciation。Users can become“Praise manufacturer”pass throughFacebookOr email registration,And share the praise of experience and story。PraisageIt has raised approximately from digital port creative micro funds and personal angel investors.15.9Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

(website development company in hong kong)45、Grouvly

website development company in hong kong

A pair of appointments will be scared for you?GrouvlyA social platform,Will arrange you with2Friendly,With another3Seminability。Users need to passFacebookRegistration account,And match。OneGrouvlyTeam staff will review users,Because they want their users to have a good educated young man。

(website development company in hong kong)GrouvlyRecommended object is based on both partiesFacebookEstablished on common interest。After finding the recommended objects for everyone,GrouvlyWill coordinate all things,Arrange。Before meeting,Everyone needs to pay within the application first20Dollar cost,This fee is the first cup of drinks in both parties.。GrouvlyAlready20Wan Dollar seed round financing


website development company in hong kong

SensbeatIs a mobile social sharing app from Hong Kong,Users can share music using this application、Image and text and other content Share their joys and sorrows。The entrepreneurial company believes,Social media is the future emotional expression。

SensbeatMake music stories to find people with similar or opposite emotions。When browsing the content,User can“Popularity”and“Feeling”Search and browse, etc.。At the beginning, there is no money spent in marketing,SensbeatNot10Licensed6.610,000 users。Currently they have obtained100Wan Dollar seed round financing,Investment partyHeungKong Group Limited。

news content

(website development company in hong kong)47、Notey

website development company in hong kong

Available blogs million,But can you find the right content that suits you??NoteyA company,The purpose is to help Internet users discover more original content and blogs.,By using more than50Topic theme。This company has raised160Wan Dollar Seed Fund,includeSteve Kirsch,、Hugo Barra and Ryan Holmes Investment agency。


website development company in hong kong

9GAGIs a large online humorous community,Users can discover and publish funny content on it,And share content to major social media networks。This platform can help each monthFacebookGenerate millions of sharing and“great”,Global independent user visits exceed7000Ten thousand,Monthly page views exceed10100 million。The company attracted attention to many investors,Once280Wan Dollar seed round financing。


website development company in hong kong

DayDayCookwas founded in2012year12moon,The number of active users currently exceeds40Ten thousand,Is the largest gourmet network information multimedia service platform and gourmet community in Hong Kong。It is a kitchen little helper,Can help you order menu,Give each meal to a different cooking inspiration,At the same time, it is a small community.,Users can directly test the spectrum,Share culinary fun with others。This company has already obtainedIronfire Angel Fund and Vectr VenturesGet an unknown amount of money。


website development company in hong kong

StartupsHKIt is a non-profit independent team founded by a set of successful constructors.,Focus on building a community belonging to entrepreneurial companies。Their task is to improve the popularity of start-ups.,Entries、Meeting、Networking activities and their website sharing the knowledge of entrepreneurship companies,Provided a startup ecosystem for Hong Kong。

The website is built in technology entrepreneurial community,They also run a year“Start Up Saturdays”activity,Get feedback from the time and view of new enterprises。They provide communication channels for entrepreneurs and investors a week.,There is also a similar to Hong Kong entrepreneur.CrunchbaseA。

De dealers, focus on venting market,If you are also the Internet entrepreneur,Seeking reports and exposure,Can pay attention to the WeChat public number:hizhulu