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03 moon 27 day,IT orange(itjuzi521)

(greenmark developers website)Accumulate 24 Investment/Acquisition event

greenmark developers website

District block chain begins to penetrate Southeast Asian consumption financial market,Help Internet financial enterprises to achieve joint ventilation。

3 moon 26 day,Financial technology company「Defi」Multiple US dollars strategic investment。Investor includes heart capital、Danhua Capital、Straope、Body Investment Fund(OGC)and Ledger Capital。The specific amount is not disclosed。

Defi Is a family based in Singapore block financial technology service provider,Using block-based trusted computing technology to help Internet financial enterprises to achieve joint ventilation。The company accumulated in China's big data credit construction,Help Southeast Asia and South Asia have not established more than 100 million people fully served in traditional financial business to establish a better credit system。

greenmark developers website(greenmark developers website)also,A bank and a manufacturer welcome。

3 moon 26 day,Rural commercial bank「Qingnong Firm」Listed on the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange。The company issued 555,555,556 share,Issue price 3.96 Yuan/share,Fund raising 21.5 Billion,It is the largest listed company since this year.。

Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank is a joint-stock rural commercial bank,Provide investment financial management for individual users、personal loan、Electronic banking equation;Provide deposit and loan business for enterprise users、Bill business、Settlement business and other services。

3 moon 26 day,Tape manufacturer「Yongguan new material」Listed on the motherboard of the Shanghai Stock Exchange。The company issued 41,647,901 share,Issue price 10 Yuan/share。

Yongguan new material is a comprehensive industry chain、Complete tape manufacturer with infrastructure。

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(greenmark developers website)Other investment financing:

Domestic event

1. Titanium rice robot B+Wheel investment

(greenmark developers website)Titanium rice is established 2015 year 1 moon,It is a high-tech company in China to provide products and solutions for high-end service robot markets.。

The company has completed in the first quarter B+Round financing,Financing amount has not disclosed。The investor is a platform for the Shanghai Pudong Kechuang Group Co., Ltd. – Shanghai Zhangjiang Torch Investment Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Zhangjiang Haoheng Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Zhangjiang Technology Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd.、Hangzhou Cantonese Entrepreneurship Investment Partnership(Limited Partnership)。

(greenmark developers website)This round of financing will accelerate the research and development of titanium rice robots in high-end medical robots、The application expansion of the robot in the smart hospital。

2. Urjoy school Get a thousand levels of capital pre-A Round financing

Life education is a family 0-3 Yamiyo chain education institution,Focus on children's hosted and educational business,At the same time found a national article、Hiking、multimedia、English four major classes and self-edited materials,Provide comprehensive solutions in children's hosters and education。

Urjoy school Recently completed the critique capital million pre-A Round financing,This round of funds will be used in the strengthening of headquarters management systems、Team expansion、New campus construction, etc.。

(greenmark developers website)3. Guapane 3 moon 26 Millions of Angel Round Finance

Guapane Biotechnology is a special purpose POCT R & D enterprises for inspection solutions,Committed to putting hardware、Software and artificial intelligence applications to medical test、diagnosis、Treatment and rehabilitation。3 moon 26 day,Melon creatures declared millions of angel round financing。It is reported that,This round of investment is composed of Suzhou Yichen Medical Investment。

4. Creative information is proposed to acquire and increase capital to get the open source software 47.73% Equity

Wanli Open Source is a solution and technical service provider focused on database development and technology promotion applications.,It is also domestic leading MySQL Cluster solution expert。Creative information is proposed to acquire and increase capital to get the open source software 47.73% Equity。

(greenmark developers website)5.「Xijing Technology」Recently completed a round of financing

WestWell Lab Xijing Technology is a focus study Neuromorphic Engineering Classical brain strong intelligent business company of neurological engineering,The chip manufactured by the working principle of the human brain neurons,It has both human brain learning skills,Also have powerful specific calculation capabilities,Just a piece of stamp size chip,It will imitate the human brain to handle massive sensory information in a short time.。

「Xijing Technology」Recently completed a round of financing,The specific amount has not been leaked,Investor is a ten-dimensional capital、Junyue shared、 Shenzhen Jingxi Rui Sheng No.1 Investment Enterprise(Limited Partnership)、 Shanghai Union Selenium Enterprise Management Center(Limited Partnership)。

6. OYO Rate Islands

greenmark developers website

Beijing Bei Shege Friends Technology Co., Ltd. was established 2017 year 8 moon,The company has Qian Yuli S、Qianyu selection and Qianyu League three brands。

Qian Yin S Light luxury brand for the company,Focus on mid-range hotels、Apartment's operation management,Qianyu Union is committed to the use of model innovation and technology solutions for small and medium-sized hotels、Homestay property,Help the owners to achieve brand、standardization、Intelligent。OYO Has full-owned accommodation brand「Qian Yulu Islands」。

(greenmark developers website)Foreign event

1. VR Training company Mursion Announce 800 Ten thousand U.S. dollars A Wheel investment

Mursion It is a startup of a must-have skill to provide immersive virtual reality training for workplace must,The company 3 moon 26 Day announced 800 Universal a Series investment,Take the lead impact investor New Markets Venture Partners、Schusterman family investment office(Schusterman Family Investment Office)、Zoma Capital、New Schools Venture Fund、Propel Capital、Figure 8 Investments and Strada Education Network。

2. EaseCentral Announce B Round financing 1,900 Ten thousand U.S. dollars

(greenmark developers website)EaseCentral,3 moon 26 Daily announced its completion 1900 Universal B Capital wheel,This round of financing Centana Growth Partners Lead,Propel Venture Partners、Compound Ventures、Freestyle Capital and Upside Partnership Follow。

3. Inflazome Get 100 Wan Dollar Finance

Inflazome It is a medical service company that Ireland is committed to finding anti-inflammatory disease therapies.,It is studying specializes in inflammatory body,New drugs for a protein complex in the immune system,I hope to be able to be irritated in immune cells,Sign up to carry the salvation。

Inflazome Get more than 100 Wan Dollar financing。This fund is from Michael J. Fox Foundation,Will be used to support the company NLRP3 Specific positron emission tomography(PET)Tracer research。

4. Sonata Software For retail artificial intelligence SaaS platform Retail 10X Strategic investment

greenmark developers website

Retail 10X Is a retail artificial intelligence SaaS platform,The platform is intelligent intelligence and machine learning ability,Provide practical advice,Help to better reduce the methods of inventory losses and commercialization to improve operational efficiency,Real-time supply chain collaboration;Establish personalization with customers in the shopping experience、Related and timely contact,Enhance customer loyalty。

It is reported that,Sonata Software For retail artificial intelligence SaaS platform Retail 10X Strategic investment。

5. Synerkine Pharma B.V. Company completed 330 Million euros A Round financing

(greenmark developers website)Synerkine pharmaB.V. Finish 330 Euro A Round financing,This round of financing funds will be used to treat inflammation、Novel fusion protein flow water construction of neuropathy and osteoarthritis pain。It is reported that,This round of financing Thuja Capital Lead,Synerkine pharma B.V. Founder Hans Preuting Give。

6. Exchange gets Du Mada 500 Van Gold Strategic Investment Is a global digital currency trading service provider,Committed to creating the safest for users around the world、Stablize、Efficient digital currency trading platform,It is also the world's first platform handling fee 100% Repurchase and destruction of the platform coin。recently, Exchange gets Du Mada 500 Van Gold Strategic Investment。

7. GreenMark Finish 120 Wan dollar seed round financing

(greenmark developers website)GreenMark Is a US Biomedical Company,GreenMark Products will be used by dental professionals for regular inspections,These minerals that contain fluorescently labeled starch particles are loaded due to their tooth decay,And use standard curing lamps in dental clinics,Thus reducing the discomfort of patients and improving long-term oral health。

GreenMark Finish 120 Wan dollar seed round financing,Further development and commercialization of its nanoparticle-based dental technology。This round of financing Blue Water Angels Lead,Invest Detroit Ventures University of Michigan BRCC Follow。

(greenmark developers website)8. Ouster Refinan 4 Billion

Ouster Is a laser radar research and development producer,Product included OS1 Laser radar, etc.;Committed to improving product resolution、Visual distance and parameters such as dimensions。

Ouster Announce A Round financing 2700 Ten thousand U.S. dollars(Bind 1.8 Billion yuan)back,Its financing is raised 6000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars(Bind 4.0 Billion yuan)。

The latest round of financing Runway Growth Capital Lead,Silicon Valley Bank(Silicon Valley Bank)、Cox(Cox Enterprises)、Constellation Tech Ventures、Fontinalis Partners、Carthona Capital And other companies,Make the company's total financing 9000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars(Bind 6.0 Billion yuan)。

(greenmark developers website)9. Arch Oncology get 5000 Universal B Round financing

Arch Oncology Announce,get 5000 Universal B Round financing,This round of financing Lightchain Lead,RiverVest Venture Partners,Rocky Risk Fund(Roche Venture Fund)and 3×5 Partners Participate in investment。This financing fund will be used to promote the company CD47 Antibody new drug AO-176 of 1 Clinical trial。

10. CoinDCX Complete seed round financing,Bain Capital

(greenmark developers website)CoinDCX Announce a seed round financing,Investor is a well-known venture capital firm Bain Capital and a batch of angel investors,include Mehta Ventures of Sanjay Mehta and AngelList India partner Utsav Somani,Fubo TV Founder Sung Ho Choi,Block chain industry investor Karn Nagpal and Rafael Ugolini,Legal company Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas partner Jatin Aneja。

11. Uber Will 31 $ 100 million Careem

Uber And headquarters shared travel companies in Dubai Careem Joint statement on Tuesday,Uber Will 31 $ 100 million Careem。Understand,In this acquisition transaction,Uber Will pay 14 Billion US dollar cash,Remainder 17 If the US dollars pay the transaction to pay at the end of the transaction。

12. DST Global Leading global cross-border payment companies「Airwallex」C Round financing

(greenmark developers website)Airwallex It is a startup of a financial technology in Australia,Main cross-border payment service,Enable SME users to visit the exchange rate market provided by the inter-bank interval during cross-border transactions,Use algorithm、Big data analysis and quantization model,Help customers avoid market fluctuation risks。

Airwallex(Aerial cloud)At 3 moon 26 Daily announced 1 One hundred million U.S. dollars C Round financing,International top investment institution DST Global Lead。

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