guide to web development with java understanding website creation


Java Web,UseJavaTechnology to solve the associatedwebTechnology stack in the internet field。webinclude:webService andwebTwo parts of the client。JavaIn the client's applicationJava Applet,But very small,JavaVery rich in the server side,for exampleServlet,JSP、Third party framework, etc.。JavaTechnical pairWebThe development of the field is injected into powerful motivation。

guide to web development with java understanding website creation

Java Webconcept

InternetFor external accessWebResource is divided into:Staticwebresource(Such ashtmlpage):refer towebThe data for people to browse in the page is always constant。dynamicwebresource:refer towebThe data for people to browse is generated by the program.,Visit from different time pointswebThe content seen by the page is different。StaticwebResource development technology:HTML、CSS。dynamicwebResource development technology:JavaScript、JSP/Servlet、ASP、PHPWait。existJavamiddle,dynamicwebResource development technology is collectively referred toJava Web。

DevelopJava WebProject steps

BuildJava WebApplication development environment-----deployTomcatserver、useeclipsecreateServerServe、ConstructJava Webproject、Establish the first oneJSPdocument、runJSPdocument。

The first point is to mastertomcatInstallation and deployment。existWindowsInstall on the systemTomcatrelatively simple,Download the compressed package to decompress to any directory(Directory name Do not contain Chinese characters)。Entertomcatofbincontent,Can run directlystartup.batstart uptomcatServe。

(guide to web development with java understanding website creation)The second point iseclipseAddServerServe。BundletomcatandeclipseConnect,Convenienceeclipsemanagetomcat。

The third point is to buildJava Webproject。WebThe first step in project development is to establish a project。In new constructionProjectProject,chooseDynamic Web Projectproject type,CreateWebproject。

(guide to web development with java understanding website creation)The fourth point is how to establish a projectServerIn operation。Select to runJSPdocument,Click Right-click,Select in the pop-up menuRun on ServerCommand,When you first run the project,What is needed?ServerIn operation(If there are multipleServer)。

Power nodeJavaWebDevelopment of basic actual video tutorial,Mainly introduced how to downloadEclipse,How toEclipseInstallation process;And explain in detailEclipseTheme settings、Font setting、Character encoding settings、JREset up、Compiler settings, etc.EclipseBasic environment setting;Tomcatserver configuration、defaultwebBrowser configuration, etc.Eclipsebasic configuration;ReviseJSP、HTMLDefault character encoding, etc.;And explain itEclipseHow to createJavaEngineeringJavaWebproject;PassJavaThe video tutorial explained in detail.EclipseShortcuts commonly used during actual development。TheseEclipseThe shortcut is divided into three categories.:File related shortcuts、Code writing related shortcuts,And source code view related shortcuts。

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