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Sprinkle this year(Holli Festival,It is also a traditional Spring Festival in India)Even,10Man holding cardboard statue,Gathering in a jewelry shop in Campau, North, India。These cardboard statues have five feet high,Head is pink,Have a curly beard,According to local holiday customs,These statues are made for incineration。On the statue torso,These people spherically Amazon founder Jeff·Betzos image。

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This isPraveen KhandelwalOrganized on-site demonstration。KhandelwalDelhi businessman,Leading a contract8000Chamber of Commerce:Federation of Indian Traders(Confederation of All India Traders),AbbreviationCAIT。

When Campl's group of businessmen prepare Bezos portrait,Hundreds of Indian businessmen distributed across the country,AppearingZoomsuperior(Online participation in demonstration)。They should appear offline activities,But India is in a deadly second wave of epidemic,Citys in all over the country are already in a blockade state。These businessmen are in their own store,On the balcony and terrace,Or just stand in the street,Video call。Many people have homemade world-rich cardboard statues:A owner and his two children hold Besi's avatar and chest printed “AMAZON”Silhouette of a long magic king Ravana,Appear inZoomsuperior。

Khandelwal Under one's order,They put their own Beszos images。Sprinkle,The burning statue represents the destruction of the female magic head Hollyka,This is a victory of evil every year.。And for the owner and businessman,Beszzos is the devil who is burning this year.。

(website development company in indore)

This is Khandelwal Latest gameplay。this60Years old businessman with Modi's print party(Bharatiya Janata Party,AbbreviationBJP)Very deep relationship,BeCAITLeader,He appeared in front of the public.30for many years。Khandelwal And the foundation of the government like him is the government。They represent India's support,That is, Moti likes the native economy in the speech.。However, the blocked the blocked seal destroyed India's entity enterprises,Let Amazon such as foreign e-commerce platforms,Enter India10Downs consumers' view。

When more and more Indians turn to Amazon(That9000Wan online shopper estimates2025The year will turn two)And similar e-commerce platforms,Khandelwal The support is promoting Prime Minister to the world“Bezos”Opening the store on its site,Take a stronger position。Khandelwal Even launched a trader friendly e-commerce platform,Just namedBharat E Market,or "IndianE Market",Trying to divide a cup in the network economy。

(website development company in indore)

When the body model begins burning,When there is a smog on the screen,ZoomThe sellers in the video began to shout “Amazon rolled back!”,Here, I borrowed the slogan of British British in India.。

“Why should we burn their portraits??” Khandelwal Shouting his computer camera。“We decided to burn the Amazon this day. Flipkart Image,India law is not weak,India's government is not weak。”Business people cheering。“You let this become every village、Problem of each town,therefore,All of us have come together。”

website development company in indore

Sprinkle, Khandelwal Incine Jeff on his floor·Beszzos andFlipkartImage,Symbolizing justice to overcome evil。

Beszos's Indian courtesy

2019year12One day of the day,Khandelwal Use hisiPhoneBrowse the web,I saw Jeff·Beszzos visits India's headlines。Although since90Era,He has established a reputation for the interests of small companies,But since2016India has relaxed foreign investment law,Amazon begins to dilute the interests of small business owners,KhandelwalTake Amazon as its biggest opponent。

(website development company in indore)

then,Beszzos will meet with Prime Minister and senior cabinet members.,This is Amazon from2004Since the establishment of a center in India,Fourth visit to the country。"He is in the last visit(2014year),The red carpet of the Prime Minister is welcome。"Khandelwal Sigh,He vowed to stop Betzos from continuing to get the same courtesy.。

whenever Khandelwal Think about a propaganda skill,His a bearded round face will come up with a smile,His speed is so confused,Slow speed only when switching to English。He is a rich man,There is a hardware wholesale store on the busiest street in Delhi,He will drive a stern Jagua to participate in many government conferences.。Small point to wear green gemstone ring,The pocket on the inside of the trousers is fitted with a stacked cash. Khandelwal ,Is Indian traditional businessman Laraji(lala ji)Typical image。

website development company in indore

Praveen Khandelwal

(website development company in indore)

In his office in his family store,A bright yellow wall hanging dozens of decorated photos,AKhandelwal Family three generations of business people in the black and white portrait of the prince。On the opposite wall,A3Foot high collage,AboveKhandelwal Sitting with Moti Prime Minister,Both people are laughing。Khandelwal The family piety supports Moddy's people's party,Part of the reason is that Prime Minister also supports them such a businessman。

(website development company in indore)

since2014Year since the next year,Moti clearly said that India is open to business.。He is behind《Wall Street Journal》Write the first column article written in the article:"India will be commercial、Creativity、Research、Innovation and travel to open and friendly attitude。”Chief Minister, India Gujarat,He has cultivated business-friendly reputation for many years.,At this point he gains Indians support at home and abroad to improve the international status of the country.。

(website development company in indore)

Although Moti advocates India's business and innovation and opening up in the campaign.,But he also advocates the concept of Indian companies in the first place.。Last year,The Modi government promulgated "Indian manufacturing "sports,Aim to relax certain foreign investment regulations,Promote India to become a global manufacturing leader。in every aspects,Promote India to play a role in the opening of foreign investors open borders。Foreign capital flowing into the country has reached a historical high。He "New India "The commitment is kicked off2019The prelude of year campaign,Moti claimed this“New India”Will“Consistent with its brilliant past”,Commitment to economic growth and national prosperity。

In order to boost the weak economy,The Indian government is carrying out10Maximum privatization operation over the years,Selling its position in major state-owned enterprises。Although small businesses struggle under the bleak economic prospects,But Amazon and Wal-MartFlipkartThe market share has grown sharply。Long-term blockade further consolidates the status of Amazon:Since the epidemic,Amazon's sales have turned over。

website development company in indore

2020Annual Indian Festival shopping season online sales share/mapping:Rest of World;Data Sources:Redseer

Beszzos second India trip,It is in Modei,It is also a year after this e-commerce giant enters the Indian market.。Before the visit,Bezos announces investment in India20One hundred million U.S. dollars,to develop nationwide business in India,and meet Modi in his office。Modi tweeted a photo of the meeting,They both smiled at each other。

Although Bezos received a warm welcome,But India has safeguards,Prevent Amazon and other e-commerce players from taking over the Indian business market。In the United States,Amazon can sell its own inventory directly to customers on its platform,While Indian law restricts this,This restriction is to protect small businesses。This means Amazon can only collect fees from Indian suppliers as a platform,to display goods,rather than direct exclusive deals with manufacturers,Create Amazon-branded products。

But Amazon has bypassed these restrictions by creating its own entity for Indian sellers,The most prominent of these is calledCloudtail。Cloudtailwas founded in2014year,is a company namedPrione Business ServicesSubsidiary of Bangalore Corporation,is Amazon Asia and aInfosysCompany founderN.R. Narayana MurthyA joint venture of an Indian venture capital firm。

This year,A Reuters investigation found,pictureCloudtailSuch clever tricks have allowed Amazon to thrive in India。Although the country's Amazon platform is crowded with hundreds of thousands of sellers, large and small,but as of2019beginning of the year,about35merchants account for more than two-thirds of Amazon's online sales,Benefiting Amazon and large commercial events。

(website development company in indore)

Amazon's continued circumvention of Indian legislation angersKhandelwal。"These companies sell throughout the year,Give unimaginable discounts,They are blatantly flouting policies and laws。" he told the media。

(website development company in indore)

Small business counterattack

2018year,Modi government announces further restrictions on e-commerce,to prevent the expansion of large platforms。These rules are specific to Amazon andFlipkartand other foreign e-commerce companies,and prevent them from havingCloudtailWait for the seller entity to exceed25%of shares。for modi,The timing of the rule is critical:He's fighting for re-election,And for the Bharatiya Janata Party,picture Khandelwal Such small businessmen constitute a strong support,he can't stay away。

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This appeases small traders and Khandelwal ,Forces Amazon to sell part of its stake in two of its seller entities,and cause temporary failure,Because some items, including Amazon Brands, are temporarily unavailable on the Indian version of the platform。arrive2020year1when Bezos announced his visit,The company's position in India has changed a lot。

therefore,Early in the morning after learning of Bezos' visit5point,Khandelwal start to act。He sent a message to the attachés in the Prime Minister's Office,Tell them Bezos' visit caused small business misunderstandings,These small businesses are being destroyed by Amazon。

He sent an email to Modi's office on union letterhead,He later shared the letter with the media。"AmazonCEOJeff·Bezos eager to meet PM(the original),It must be to cover up unfair business activities in e-commerce。"

"We didn't just send that letter to the Prime Minister,Also sent to the BJP chairman、interior minister、defense minister、finance minister。" Khandelwal recalled。soon,Calls from ministers pour in。Local media covered the story。to the morning9point,Almost all important political functions in the BJP government have received Khandelwal letter from the trade lobby,Urge them not to meet Bezos。

Lobbying works。exist2020year1month's three-day itinerary,Bezos has not met with any ministers or government officials,Modi's office is also said to have declined appointments。KhandelwalandCAITdouble the effort,A protest was scheduled near the Derry venue where Bezos spoke。when the man in bluesherwani(turtleneck long coat for indian men)technology companiesCEOWhen bowing with both hands to a packed auditorium,Khandelwal Shout out to dozens of retailers “Amazon go back!” Khandelwal raised fist,Speak with a microphone。

compared to Bezos' previous visit,This reception has changed significantly。The red carpet and Modi's tweets are gone。this time,Minister of Commerce of India Piyush Goyal Publicly slams Bezos for helping small business merchants10billion dollar commitment。

Shortly after Bezos left the country,The Minister of Commerce met Khandelwal 。

The path of inferiority and autism in right-wing populist governments

20early century,KhandelwalFamily starts their trade in Delhi,and made a fortune selling architectural hardware。India after Partition,The country's economy is largely isolated from global markets,Their business started with little to no imported products。KhandelwalSay:"People in our family used to import cards including playing cards、everything including keychains,Because these things were not produced in India at the time。"

Khandelwal is a political performer,This earned him the favor of the local media,They always crave his colorful comments。He has become a regular talking point on TV。Burning remains and sit-ins are a major part of his game;So does his twitter,Passing on the never-ending contempt for e-commerce。But he is related,In a country where patronage and lineage matter,His family legacy paved the way for him。

India's merchant class has a long history,Ruled by the Banya tribe belonging to the Vaishya caste。in the Hindu caste system,They are a deal lender、Social class in banking and commodity trading。During the Mughal rule,Banyas are incorporated into the mercantilist tradition。

historian sayed(Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi)wrote:“without their knowledge,No transaction is possible。”over the years,Baniya caste's association with trade success makes them the most powerful business group in India。Many famous Indian business tycoons,like the Ambani family、Burroughs、The Jindel family are all from the Banya caste,Their personal and industrial histories closely follow the trajectory of the Indian economy,Extends into the country's internet boom。

(website development company in indore)

in the process of growing,Khandelwal Always knew I was going to join the family business,But he never thought it would be so fast。1975year,when Khandelwal still a teenager,Prime Minister Indira·Gandhi(Indira Gandhi)long-term blockade of the country,now called“state of emergency”(the Emergency)。After war and heightened political tensions with neighbouring Pakistan,India has fallen into21month's moratorium on constitutional rights,Gandhi arrested thousands of political opponents。

Khandelwal 's father and uncle are the heads of their company,It is also an emerging organization Jana Sangh the member of,The organization is the Hindu nationalist organization National Volunteer Corps(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh,or RSS)the political branch,Banned multiple times for being accused of spreading hatred in the community,But in recent years,The group repositions itself as a right-leaning youth organization。exist“state of emergency”period,The organization goes underground,Khandelwal The father was eventually arrested and jailed,Spent two full years in prison。

about this period,Khandelwal still cry,His daily elation gave way to fragile memories of his teenage years。Khandelwal I remember visiting my father in prison once,father told him:“Although you are still a child,But the responsibility rests on your shoulders。You have to go to the office regularly to help your uncle。”

website development company in indore

Khandelwaland his nephewPoorva Khandelwal(far left)And grandsonTanmay Negi(middle)Working together in the office。

The businessman is political“State of emergency”The uncertainty during the formation of,His father's organization Jana Sangh Eventually became the People's Party。Khandelwal He said beyond the scope of voting for the People's Party loyalty。“This is a heartfelt。We are closely linked with ideology。”

Khandelwal As a teenager inRSSStudents Department,Together with those who later became a member of the internal Modi。Even then,He also has a knack for publicity,And management of media relations for the student body,Play press releases and put them to the media agency editor。

Modi in2014In the overwhelming victory Khandelwal Very excited。The rise of the right-wing populist government,With his status as an industry leader in the continuous improvement of the match。but,Although they have a common Hindu nationalist ideology,Modi desire to bring foreign investment into India to make Khandelwal And the economic policies of his own party had a disagreement。Khandelwal think,Welfare and concerns roads in India and retail trade is the way forward in。

According to political scientist and writerVinay SitapatiSaying,Indian nationalism "No ideological point of view on the economic front"。While the political theory of nationalism talking about the organization and unite Hindu society,The establishment of a permanent voting district,but Sitapati Poke,Hindu nationalists rather vague on issues of governance and foreign policy issues。

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Most of India's modern history is closed by the Congress of、Defined economic doctrine of self-reliance,Congress has been to Modi's reign were dominated India。This led to widespread social unrest and economic stagnation,Eventually lead1991The financial crisis,Prompted India to open borders to free trade。

Bharatiya Janata Party factions strongly opposed90Reforms of the early years。Ideological vacuum lead “In the past five、Sixty years,Various leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party have different views on the economy。And many of them contradictory。”Sitapati Express,Modi even before boarding prime minister,To stand firmly on the reform camp,He served as chief minister during,The establishment of large-scale manufacturing in Gujarat by inviting foreign companies,Often considered to be changed Gujarat。Under his leadership,Today's Bharatiya Janata Party to a market-oriented economy full of enthusiasm。In addition to occasionally put self-reliant attitude,Modi's policies of privatization and foreign investment welcome。

SitapatiFurther notes,BJP from the outset a political consciousness,That is, if it is seen as a right-wing parties on economic rather than on society in India,This is detrimental to win the election。picture Khandelwal This high-caste businessmen due to historical reasons still play some of the influence,But this did not translate into protectionist policies。

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on-line、Game of the line

(website development company in indore)

this makes Khandelwal andCAITIn an uncomfortable battle frontier,Battle with Modi make their economic policies of some flags opposition。The lobby and Khandelwal exist2018In emerge,When it threatened to hold demonstrations across the country,Against Wal-Mart160Billion US dollars acquisition of India's electricity supplier giants Flipkart The majority stake。

(website development company in indore)

They said the deal was the retail industry “cancer”,And to lobby regulators to review the acquisition,But Modi's office and the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Competition Commission of India signed the deal。Since the acquisition of,FlipkartUsers from1000Million to about1.08100 million。With Amazon and Flipkart Expansion in India,Some sectors of the retail market has been particularly large impact,Including retailers of consumer electronics products。arrive2020year,Each had two phones in India is an online shopping,So physical retailers in trouble。

(website development company in indore)

For asArvinder KhuranaThis phone sellers,This shift is cruel。Khurana said:“Before electricity supplier,I even can not find time to eat,We always stand selling。”But in2015Years later,When Amazon and Flipkart When started offering exclusive smartphone models on the Internet and with a substantial discount,picture Khurana Such retailers can not compete。

“I found that the kids are big customers come to the store,But do not buy a mobile phone。They will look at the phone in my shop,Then order online。”Khuranaintroduce,have25The cheapest smartphone models did not even like him in the store to sell。

Retailers are scrambling,Unite online flash sales,Only to get exclusive inventory。Khurana Description says,The shopkeepers30Multiple credit cards and ID cards get together,Bulk purchase mobile phones for their own online store。But these hacking in a final struggle to the owner of adverse system。

According to the All India Association of mobile phone retailer,since2019Year,More than4Ten thousand mobile phone shop closed。KhuranaShut down their Sanjiadian,And dismissed these employees,They now Some throughUberA taxi driver,Some hair cut in the salon。KhuranaExpress,Educated people are being driven out of the industry。

as a response,Indian authorities have begun to take action against business platform。2020year1moon,Bezos is going to visit India during the week,The country's antitrust regulator according to a New Delhi-based trader community complaints,Amazon andFlipkartLaunched a formal investigation。Khandelwal and Khurana As well as other affected traders said,Platform to influence by a substantial price discounts and exclusive cooperation,Especially in terms of mobile phone sales,And by helping to give preferential treatment to certain sellers and manufacturers deal。

In the media's inquiry,Amazon Indian company spokesman declined to comment。exist4A press release in February,The company said,Exceed5Retailers and community store sales on Amazon India under ten thousand lines,since2020year1Since January,It has helped create nearly India30Ten thousand “Direct and indirect ”job opportunity。

Before the Committee began investigating whether these exclusive violate antitrust laws in India,Amazon challenged the decision in a court in Bangalore,The investigation was shelved。2021Under the Reuters survey reiterates its call for the line retailers continue to investigate,A court representation,The results of the survey confirm the long-standing allegations of priority sellers。

After the publication of the report, Khandelwal call “An immediate ban on the Amazon operations in India”,It reiterates its call for new rules to limit electricity supplier。His appeal to get media attention,But with his big move against Bezos different,What other things did not happen。

website development company in indore

New Delhi,Customers inKhandelwalWaiting outside the hardware store。

“Local sound”

2020year5moon,When much of the world is still plagued by the impact of the epidemic on the health and supply chain,India due to the nationwide total blockade,Relatively speaking, was not affected。Optimistic policy makers forecast,In Modi-driven “India's priority”Under the stimulus road to recovery,Will appearVShaped recovery。

“Local sound”Become the government's slogan。Modi said in a televised address to the nation in:“The new crown virus crisis allowed us to recognize local manufacturing、The value of the local market and local supply chain。Local is not only our needs,It is also our responsibility。"

for Khandelwal Convinced,He saw friends and neighbors to turn to online shopping during the first wave of blockade,This is the call of personal action,Is a signal that eventually resurrected him brewing years:Create a local e-commerce platform。2020year9moon,CAITreleaseBharat E Market(BharatIs India's Sanskrit name)。In the press release on the platform,This platform is designed“Let your store near you are closer to you,Just click on”。

Khandelwal right Bharat E Market Definition is simple。Itkiranas(That is, Indian family purchase most daily necessities)Platform,Do not charge seller commissions。exist Bharat E Market superior,Various types of businessmen can create their own online stores,Provide private discount to customers,In theory, you can also contact larger customer base.。Khandelwal explain,Users on the platform simply enter their area code,Can be around them3Any shop shopping in the mile。

although Khandelwal I have always wanted to build this platform for many years.,But the old shop owners have always been willing to change。“Epidemic is a good thing,Now every businessman,Each Tom、Dick and Harry,I realized the power of e-commerce.。””KhandelwalSay。

(website development company in indore)

website development company in indore

Amazon2020The total value of global commodities/mapping:Rest of World;Data Sources:Redseer

But it's hard to imagineBharat E MarketCan be with Amazon orFlipkartSuch a company competition,Even the local competitors who have established their own platform。The site is established by the five programmers team in Indo.,Indo is known for its cotton and textile industry,Not a programmer。

(website development company in indore)

Most of the founding members of the platform are50Multi-years old businessman,BeBharat E MarketPerson in charge,Khandelwal Managing this website is more like a political action,Not an e-commerce entrepreneurial company。He is selected56Name-recognized businessman,Be called "E-commerce warrior",Seminar for organizing training suppliers to register and use their platform。He described his colleague as “volunteer”,them“Dedication ”、“honest”,For a market that is driven by the profit rate,This is a very Gandhi practice。

“This56Personal will roam in their world,Arouse peopleBharat E Markets concern,And guide them to join。”Khandelwal Say。

Despite the growth of e-commerce acceptance,Make Khandelwal And the same businessman like him is right,However, the current e-commerce only accounts in the retail industry in India.2%。For Amazon,Relatively few income from India,Even compared to other foreign markets such as Japan。

according toForresterThe data,2020year,India only accounts for the Global Global Value of Amazon2.2%。in other words,Local competitors have enough space to grow into feasible competitors。Musse·Anaban's trust group and Indian industrial giant Tata Group is an e-commerce new bureau。In recent years,Both companies have acquired most equivalents of local start-up companies.。Amazon and Real Group are struggling with a high-risk court,Compete for a value34Billion dollar Indian chain supermarket control,I hope to consolidate their equity in the online retail market.。

In addition to large enterprise groups,Hundreds of funds are sufficient、Ambitious local start-up companies are helping millions of familieskiranaStore realizes digitization。was founded in2012YearFyndIt is one of them。Joint founderHarsh Shah I hope to help offline retailers sell their products through their stores.,And enable them to cooperate with third party platforms such as Amazon。

(website development company in indore)

32Year-old Shah Graduated from the famous Indian Institute of Technology,Compare Khandelwal And his cadres in line with the characteristics of the e-commerce platform。Shah Say,Although it is blocked with the epidemic to force them to shoot,But trader“Need to do this earlier。I think it is a lot of time to question and oppose e-commerce and technology.......It is better to see it as a new way of business.。”Shah think,The future of the small shop is a mix of online and offline sales.,Large platform “Never copy”Small store gains and customer loyalty。Shah ofFyndNow by a letter group(Reliance)Most equity,Company2019Year-oldFynd 87.6%Shares。

andFyndSuch a startup company,Bharat E MarketIt is a bit inferior.。Khandelwal Classify what this platform is not,Instead, what will it be?。he thinks,No foreign investment,There will be no Chinese products,Only Indians will be committed to building the platform。

Amazon's mode “Customer first”One of the key principles,andBharat E MarketBe “Traders,Merchant(consist of),Trader(Services)”。AsKhandelwalSame in the launch video of the platform。although Khandelwal says have10Ten thousand traders have signed the initiative,But the portal has not been active for customers to use,The site will be put into use within the next few months。

(website development company in indore)

This allows Khandelwal And the businessman who cooperates with him is unstable。Even if he has a lot of relationships in the people's party,This middle-aged businessman thinks that his party can do more。“In the next six months,There will be changes。”He is more optimistic than usual.,“But of course,so far,Businessman does not receive the accommodation in India,Although they are providing the best service for the Indian people。”

website development company in indore

Indian Prime Minister Naldenndra·Moti(Narendra Modi)and Khandelwal Photo,Hang in Khandelwal New Delhi office。

He is not willing to criticize the Modi government,But the rule of the people's party in the past seven years Khandelwal Tired,Because he is increasing with a profit、The growing industry is struggling,And the pressure is increasing。Khandelwal It is considered that this struggle is part of an older battle.,It makes people think that British people's colonization of India,Many people in his business people have fallen into poverty。He still has a concern for foreigners with a briefcase.。

right Khandelwal Convinced,His family generations have firmly support the Indian People's Party,Moti “New India ”It includes a businessman like him。He is considered to be integrated with his beliefs and trading business,He is integrated with his loyalty to Moti himself.。

(website development company in indore)

Khandelwal of WhatsApp Avatar display,He is sitting around the Prime Minister,But as the state competes to foreign competition open market,He may find,I will become the price of Modi New India Policy.。

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