website development lowell ma


Many people think that developing a website is a very difficult thing to develop a website.,But that is the past.,The current development of the website is already getting simpler.,Small white without code can go to design a website using the website construction tool,Such as Dreamcms,empirecmsThese。It is not very difficult to use the code to build a station.,There is a trend in the development language now that it is approaching convenient simplification.,The purpose is to make more people to learn。

So now developing websites is far from being so difficult.。As long as there is a certain understanding of the development process of the website,So developing a website is really not difficult。This will formulate the plan to have the same plan.,Planning to do something,Efficiency is very high。The website development is also the same,Clear the development process of the website,It is also fast。

website development lowell ma

1.Demand analysis

It is used to developing a website.。When you want to develop a website project,The first thing to do is to conduct specific functional needs analysis,What is the function?,Don't do any function,This function is targeted by those user groups.。How does the function need to achieve what kind of business logic, etc.。

(website development lowell ma)There are also servers and domain names.,Come according to the needs of our website,How much does it take?

(website development lowell ma) phase

(website development lowell ma)Just like building a house,There is always a design picture.。Website retrieved in detail according to design。

3.Procedure development phase

Divided by sketch, page structure and design,The front end and the background can be performed simultaneously。The page can be based on the created style,Do a static page first,Put the effect initially。The background is used in the design of the design database to face the front page.。

The front end is responsible for the production of static pages according to the beauty effect.;Background according to page structure and design,Design Database Data Structure and Development Website Backstage。