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It has been brewing for nearly nine years,Joomla 4 Finally officially launched。16 Year,Joomla Has been downloaded more than 1.23 Billion。Joomla Is the third largest welcome content management system,On the Internet 50 There is a website in use. Joomla。

(joomla website developers)Joomla 4 Yes Joomla CMS Latest version。from J3.9 upgrade to J4.0 Demand J3.9 Upgrade first J3.10,and J3.10 and J4.0 Already launched on the same day,J3.10 Will contain a compatibility checker to help guide the user to complete J4.0 Migration。

joomla website developers


(joomla website developers)Workflows Will be used Joomla A great boost of the content creator。Workflows Will help users run the website effectively,Ensure that the job that needs to be completed is completed by the correct person。

Workflows Depend on stages and transitions composition。With a new workflow plugin,An ecosystem should develop,Make many time-consuming repeatability work easily。For medium and large sites,Well-created workflows Just as you have your own automation project manager,Track your process,Ensuring that all matters are delivered in a reasonable order。


The speed is one of the primary factors that convert the number of clicks to the number of views.。In use Scalahostings Cloud VPS Solutions and Rochen Test in the host environment,In the installation default CMS With the hosted installation package,Joomla4 exist Google Lighthouse The performance score is reached 100%。


No matter what the size is your website,Accessibility(Accessibility)It is essential,From the beginning,Joomla 4 Provide the best accessibility。layout、Contrast and other infrastructure have built-in accessibility,Therefore, all the visits of the website will benefit。


(joomla website developers)Search is a promotion for any website。It allows you to focus on the fields they are interested in,Improve participation and improve your website rankings。therefore,When it comes to search,Joomla 4 Smart search than before Joomla Search has a considerable improvement。


pass through Joomla 4,You can quickly discharge the front of the search engine。It is responsible SEO,So you can focus on your outstanding content。Built into the page structure SEO It means that you can get the correct page structure without any other extensions.。


With many architectural changes,Joomla 4 Aim to maximize security and prevent hackers。