website development proposal sample doc


Currently,The website has become an indispensable marketing tool.,At the beginning of the construction of Shenzhen website,Detailed design and planning of the website needs,Avoid unnecessary modifications in late period,Impact the optimization and promotion of the website。

(website development proposal sample doc)one、Create value

Do a website that can create value for users,When the user visits our website,Feel good,Can get what you want,Solve customer needs,This is where companies should be concerned.。Good Shenzhen website construction,Is to provide value for customers。

website development proposal sample doc

two、get the point、Show feature

Shenzhen website construction must have its own characteristics,According to your own business,For example, some companies focus are products,Some companies focus on solutions,Need according to the situation,get the point,Show your own advantages。Will value。

(website development proposal sample doc)three、Detail is the key

Detail,The website is not easy to use,Detail is the key,For example, to avoid mistakes and pictures,Pay attention to the opening speed of the website,Whether the page layout is beneficial to user access, etc.,Multi-station access and test the website on the user's perspective,Come to find problems。

(website development proposal sample doc)Four、Insist on promoting

The promotion of the website is to persist for a long time.,From the beginning of the construction of the website,Need to pay attention。Including search engine promotion、Links、Bidding advertisement, etc.,Put the popularity of the website,Can you have a better effect?。The most important thing is,Want to pay attention to the effect of the website,The rankings of the website are only part of our final destination is also for profitability.,Therefore, you must focus on the effects and profits of the website to enterprises after the website is under construction.,This is the most important。

Most users find relevant information through search engines.,So search engine optimization is very important,Promotion is a long-term job,Need to persist,Only。We have a professional network marketing team,Face-to-face communication demand,In-depth、Accurately understand the direction of the enterprise,Restore business model,Precise marketing positioning,Website framework planning,Content optimization,Create a high quality marketing website。