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Flying icon(Compile/Wen Hui)According to foreign media reports,In the past year,The wireless industry explores unauthorized spectrum(LTE-U)It isWi-FiImpact problem,Predict the fast response network management bureau(FirstNet)The final winner of the contract,And analyze the honeycomb IoT(IoT)Advantages of technology。exist2016The year is about to end,The author led everyone to review some topics of the most popular wireless technology industry this year.。

5GTest and test,And the exhibiting software definition network/Network function virtualization

US Federal Communications Commission7moon14Day announced“Spectrum development plan”(Spectrum Frontiers),Bold into the new spectrum field,In parallel5GOpen a large number of millimeter wave spectrum research。at the same time,Operators of different sizes are in2016Annual5GTest and test。Samsung Electronics2016The World Mobile Communications Conference announced that thousands of megabits per second,This is the companyVerizonData obtained in the test of the United States operators in Basteli, BSKLISTOR,Test content includes real-time flow360Degree virtual reality。

andVerizoncompared to,AT&TTake a less radical way,butAT&TAlso made multiple times5Gtest,These include combined with Ericsson、Alleged the speed achieved14 GbpsTest。This summer,SprintAlso in Santa Clara and Philadelphia in California73 GHzand15 GHzActive on-site millimeter wave system demonstration。T-MobileAlso conducting related tests,CEO of the companyNeville RayThen call it boring,And violently slammed other operations。also,U.S. CellularAlso combined with Ericsson Madison, Wisconsin5Gtest,Its overall peak speed is9 Gbps,The speed of one mile is1.5 Gbps。

at the same time,AT&TandVerizonAlso committed to converting its network from hardware drive systems to software definition network and network function virtualization,Improve income by increasing benefits through cost efficiency and more flexible architectures provided by software drive systems。SprintandT-MobileLack of enthusiasm for publishing its related plans,But it is expected that operators around the world will be developed.5GThe process is increasingly using software definition network and network function virtualization technology.。

Honeycomb and unauthorized Internet of Things technology enters the battlefield

althoughVerizonContinue to speed up its Internet of Things,In order to be able toAT&TCompetition dominant,But the real battle is not between these two wireless operators.,Instead of operators andSigfox、SenetandIngenu(Unauthorized service)Between startups。

(website development madison wi)exist2016Most time,These start-ups use running in licensing and unauthorized spectrumIoTThe internet,CreateAT&TandVerizonWaiting for the company's larger market delivery advantage,These companies continue toLTERelatively expensive Internet of Things services on the Internet。

But wireless operators say,Market delivery advantages have no longer exist。By the end of this year,includeAT&TWaiting for operators,No need to wait:LTE Cat MTechnology is now available。actually,althoughVerizonNot revealed its target market,But it did say,The company has made good progress in fulfilling its commitment.,The commitment is achieved at the end of this year.Cat M1commercialize,National expansion will2017Annual。

(website development madison wi)3.5GHz CBRSA new change in frequency bands caused spectrum sharing

The US Federal Communications Commission decided to pass3.5 GHzFrequency segment creates a civil wide frequency radio service(CBRS)Make some innovative move,The committee is this year4Month3.5 GHzfor“Innovative frequency band”。

The regulatory authority releases approximately100 MHzI have not used spectrum used for commercial purposes,This part of the spectrum and existing business spectrum form a150 MHzContinuous frequency band。CBRS AllianceAt8Establishment,The purpose is3.5 GHzAdvance in ecosystemLTETechnology;12moon,Wireless Innovation Forum(WinnForum)Announce,Provide the public3.5 GHz CBRSSignaling protocol and procedures related to frequency bands——This is the first to respond to the Federal Communications Commission3.5 GHzStandard for new rules。Soon after,Federated WirelessandAlphabetofAccessThe team reported an important event with midburns:Demonstrate interoperability between its spectrum access systems,Further verified3.5 GHzCommunication ability。

(website development madison wi)However,Not everyone fully agrees3.5 GHzFrequency section setting,This includes two Republican members(It is expected to be in Trump2017year1After the month, the main white house,They will stay)。Even these two members——Ajit PaiandMichael O'RiellyFinally vote for this plan,But the problem still exists。These two members said3.5 GHzIs an experiment,And point out the field of disagreement,includeO'RiellyWhat,Priority access license(PAL)Short-term license terms——Wireless operators require prolongedPALDeadline。Whether the Federal Communications Commission will re-examine these topics after the new government is going to stand up, there remains to be observed.。

(website development madison wi)LTE-U / LAAthreatWi-Fias well asWi-FiCounterattack

After a few months on the use of unauthorized spectrum launchesLTEAfter the debate,Wi-FiAlliance9The month released its expectedWi-Fi/LTE-UCo-memory test plan。includeVerizon、T-Mobile USAnd Qualcomm, etc.LTE-USupporters insist on,They willWi-FiHarmonious coexistence,But Cable TV andWi-FiThe leader of the world is not thinking so,They are worriedLTEBe excludedWi-Fi。

Wi-FiAlliance,Test plan is the result of compromise between all parties,So no one will be satisfied with all this。In fact,11The monthly test plan raises the industry concerns again:Nokia completed itLTE-UThe ability of equipment testing is seriously concerned,And complaining that the test plan submitted to the committee is not a complete file.。butWi-FiAlliance refutes,Nokia has already filed the above problems before the parties discussed。

therefore,It is clear,supportLTEand supportWi-FiThe debate between the group's unauthorized spectrum will continue to the new year。

AT&TIt is expected to be a partner for the Rapid Response Network Administration

After years of hard work,Quick Response Network Management Bureau finally2016year1The monthly issued a national broadband network specially used in public safety is deployed(RFP)。4moon,The agency extends the deadline of the bidders submit proposals to5moon31day。12moon,In other two bidders——Rivada MercuryandpvdWireless——Declare that after receiving the notice,AT&TIt is expected to stand out。Although some analysts believeVerizonIs the ultimate winner,But most operators keep silence throughout the situation。

Although the Rapid Response Network Administration has not officially announced the winner,butRivada MercuryBut protesting this situation,The company believes that the assessment of the Ministry of Interior is too arbitrary and repeated。If the relevant legal issues are solved,Then the administration is expected to sign contracts next spring.。ifAT&TLaugh at the end,Then this will become an important business of the company.——AT&TBe able to use20 Mhage700 MHzGold spectrum,And additional network capacity capabilities that sell public safety。Analyst believes,No matter who win this contract,,Quick Response Network Authority will be more important to telecom tower departments,Because the deployment of this network needs to build a large number of new base stations。

Quick Response Network Administration,It will continue to promote the establishment of a public safety wireless network。Institution11An important move in the month:Launched in Boulder's Technology Headquarters in Korodo, ColoradoFirstNetInnovation and test laboratory。The laboratory will be used as a“Plug and play”environment,Quick Response Network Authority and its future private industry partners will be public security before deploying the national network、Devices and applications。