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Full response and mobile phone friendly design

Whether you build what you use the page factory,It will achieve full response and mobile-friendly effect。Page factoryBootstrap 4Done successfully。If you create a page with this tool,It will100%Responsive and friendly,Just like magic。

Real-time front end editing

(joomla website development)Page Factory brings you a new front-end editing system,Bring you the most convenientwebDevelopment experience。Add an element,Edit and see the change effect in real time。View your custom effect,No preview。Everything is in front of you。

Ready-made section design

Page factory brings you90+Distinguished part design,These built-in parts will make your development work unusually simple。Drag and drop any blocks you selected,The page design effect can be rendered immediately,The whole process is completed in an instant!

Device response capability

“Size”Not suitable for all equipment。That's why in the page factory,We introduce responsiveness of specific devices。You can present site on different devices,And see the appearance effect on a specific device category。The most exciting thing is,You will be able to experience all these customizations on site!

Create your own block style

No need to make similar parts for your website over again。Use new page factory library system,You can repeat the previously designed part of the previously designed page on different pages.。

What you have to do is save your design in the library.,And place it in any location you want。Very simple,Not?

Refurnit system structure

We have completely repaired the page factoryUIandUX。We redesigned editors(Before and after)Full look and feel。

In order to make the development process faster,We bid farewell“Modals”,Everything is now real-time,Tentacles。

Exquisite fashion plugin

These plugins use extended digital fields and features to redefine new appearance,Can now use these innovative plugins more comfortably。

New fields and custom tools will bring your experience to a new standard。Use these powerful plugins to turn your dream into reality。

Reproductive media manager

The page factory brings the most advanced media manager you can think of。We use the stylish material design concept,The ability to redesign is indeed surprising。

It supports many file types and accessories,Image、video、Documents and files。

Magical shape divider

There are many ready-made shapes in the page factory to design different parts of the web page.,This website will present a different,Visually, it is easier to split in shape.。

It is very simple to add shapes to the top and bottom of the website.,And you can also flexibly flip and change the added shape。

Custom font style

The style of using the page factory to change the text is easy than ever.。Can be in the editing interface of the plugin,It is easy to set the weight of the font,Make font more attractive。

Select a font,Then use all available options to sample,Including text size、Alphabet、blank、Alignment。

Font series

Before you have a way to choose the font you want,Decorating your website with text is incomplete。Use the page factory,You can use fonts on site。

Select the correct font from a large number of font series collections,Get good typography effects as much as possible。

Rederating user interface

Designed as core,Redesigned the layout of the front-end editor of the page factory。You don't have to open nowaddonsorrowOption to modify the content。

Each style can be done on the sidebar。also,We also improve the layout and user experience of the backend editor。

Common complex row structure

Use the page factory,Your creativity is unlimited。Can build any layout you can imagine。

Add a row、List、Nested columns and insertware can be completed between blinks。You can adjust the margin of the page,Fill and drainage,Fast production a perfect layout。

Copy anything in a click

Page factory provides copy paste features,By reusing existing line、Columns and plug-ins,Help you quickly create complex layout。You can easily copy the elements and paste them into the desired location.。

Enable or disable a row plugin

(joomla website development)Easily enable or disable page elements,Row、Columns and plugins。Disabled elements still exist in the backend,But users will not see them at the event site。

In this way,You can perform experiments and continue development activities without losing valuable customizations.。

Unlimited revocation and redo

Enjoy unlimited undo in a better way with the latest tools/Page factory with heavy power。Use this feature,You can revoke or change immediately when editing the page.。

This is a very useful function of life-saving,The previous state of the recovery to the page is very simple。

Control column horizontal spacing

Use the page factory,You can control it“gutter”Level level spacing。If the page design requires no space between the neighboring two columns,It may be necessary to delete the drainage space。

so,Now you can complete it by simply removing drains。

Multilingual support

(joomla website development)Page factory100%Language freedom。No matter what your site language is(includeRTLscript),The page builder will work in local mode。also,Use language management system,You can get a click method in the component to install a new language.。

Then the page builder will display in a corresponding language,Use the default language of the site。

Pre-design template layout

Page factory25+Pre-designed professional page layout。You can use these ready-made page layouts to start the site within a few minutes。

Simply select a pre-built layout,And use content to customize it。The website is ready,New layout periodically added。

Export and import template

This is a very time and convenient function.,You will definitely like。Use the page factory,You can export page layout,Then import them to recover structures。

Import Export Features Allows you to use the previously created page layout,And build a site within the shortest time。

Unlimited nested row

Nested line characteristics using the page factory,You can insert a row in the existing row or column,Display content with complex page layout and display content in what you want。

This feature opened a huge free door in front of the developers.,And ensure that end users get better user experience。

Add a custom line to the page

Page plants include many innovations and useful tools,These tools are sufficient to build the layout and structure of any website,No need to write any code。

at the same time,This tool adds a custom to page elementsCSS,To provide you with the freedom of getting more personal appearance。Enjoy!


SPPage generator supports localJoomlaarticle。It allows you to use tools powerful features to decorate the selectedJoomlaarticle,Thus gaining the final freedom。So create,Beautify and manageJoomlaArticle more professionalSPPage constructor。

abundantJCEEditorial experience

You have already asked,We have delivered。Page factory ProOwnJCEEditor support,Can be used in the page factory text editing interfaceJCEtool。

If you don't want to useTinyMCEeditor,A new option will appear in front of you。

Page Builder Module

Now you canJoomlaIn usetab、accordionPlug-in!Module location and page generator module。

It is convenient to create a beautiful design in the module location,No need to manually encode any。

Visual creationK2item

Many people useK2,This isJoomlaSite popular content extension。In addition to localJoomlaarticle,Page factory also supportsK2project。

This means you can use differentSPPage Builder Function Editing and StyleK2Supported content。


useACL(Access control list)support,You can control accessibility to each page of the different user groups, respectively.。

This feature allows you to display for specific types of users/Hide any page or elements。This can play a key role in better website management and privacy。

Installation update

installation steps

First1step: Log in to youJoomlaBackstage

first,You must log in to you with your username and password.JoomlaManage dashboard。for example:Access the administrator First2step:Extension installation

First2step: Entroy expansion>>Install。

(joomla website development)Page factory installation

(joomla website development)First3step:upload files

Now upload your installed files,You can drag and drop files or use“Browse documents”Button to add a file

First4step:First of all

You will find a page factory at the top of the management menu。

How to update

Developers continue to introduce the latest things to introduce new updates to the page factory。You can check if the update is available on the extension update page,You can also notify you information about all updates via email.。

As long as there is an update available,You can download it from the page factory page Builder download page,And add it to your extension list。

Before the upgrade,You don't need to uninstall the previous version。The new version will overwrite the old version。

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