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《Starlight does not ask the road:Huawei global technical service person's story》

Tian Tao Editor

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Construction of the Great Wall of the World(sequence)

Huawei Global Technical Service Department

Yarung Zangbu River like a golden dragon,Roaring from the beautiful Naga Bouva and Galaboe。In its downstream,There is a tie town such as a lotus,It is beautiful“Holy place”——Ink。

Moir is once“ Plateau is island”,No road,All materials have reached back,I need to pass the snow mountain along the way.、cliff、Blue-filled swamp,Road danger,Only satellite phone can only guarantee,Cannot be played。2004year6moon,HuaweiGTS(Global Technical Service,Global Technical Services)Employee Wang Wen Zheng and customers、Cooperation is difficult to enter there,Construction of base stations for ink,People living there,Establish information bridges with external communication。

More than ten years,Countless Wang Wenzheng,They are like a dripping,Passion with Huawei service people,Polycurrent,Hui Cheng Dajiang,Like the Yarlun Zangbao river,Into the sea,Rush to the world,Arrived globally600Most 10,000 communication base stations,covered30Billion。It's them,Huawei communication equipment,Wanli Great Wall with the world communication。

website developer in karachi(website developer in karachi)from“Informal island”Wanli Great Wall to communication,Deliver the mission

2007Day at the beginning of the year,Construction site construction site near Karachi Airport, Karachi Airport, Pakistan,Huawei project person in charge stood on the side of the foundation,He was just called the scene with a phone call.,Next to panic bunter boss。Faced with a deeper, it has been excavated, but it deviates from the drawings design.30Rice foundation pit,Everyone I don't know what it is.。According to plan,After the dawn, this foundation is to start pouring cement.!Now,Canned cement vehicles have been upline。The customer is red and the neck:“Such an outrageous mistake,I have never seen it.!”

This is the beginning of China, China,Facing complexTurnkeyproject(Turnkey projects)Time,Problems often occur。

(website developer in karachi)In the early years, do domestic projects,We only need to be responsible for the installation and adjustment of site equipment。later,Go abroad to do projects,Customers not only need to be responsible for communication equipment,Also responsible for the site acquisition、Electricity introduction、Tower and computer room and air conditioning and other infrastructure construction,This type of project is calledTurnkey。At that time,We have just outstanding school gates for a few years.、Familiar with the furhead boys in the field of communication,I don't know the specifications of bricks at all.、Cement label。Civil construction、Site integration this area,No civil training experience、No site integration expert,We are under almost unknown,It is necessary to start drill billions of dollars.。

(website developer in karachi)PakistanUOn the project,In order to win back the project progress and customer trust,Project manager Qin Hua,Take four delivered employees with Zhou Yu,With the procurement expert,Two cars,After night, I've filled the army whistle card.、City and villages of explosive residues,Khat, who is driving in the war,on site“Dissect sparrow”。That day,They use24Hours,Continuously run28Site,Risks who have been eyeing by terrorists,Finally found the crux of the project progress。later,Customers know that this is shocked,Even said:“You are really a bunch of desperates.!”

In order to urgently open a remote site,Net excellent engineer Zhong Yongqiang will make mistakes to increase the diesel of the generator oil box.。“After the lips were numb for a week,But when the site is open,Happy villagers surrounded by my dancing,Unforgettable。”Zhong Yongqiang recalls。

Rely on such a stock“Don't let go of the purpose”Rushing,Continuous reflection、Improvement and summary,Project gradually transforms from disordered status into an orderly plan integration,Project progress has also gradually meets customer needs。

There are still many items like this.,EgyptXproject、BrazilVProject progress is not smooth,They have been draped“Project manager's Waterloo”。We have repeatedly defeated,Repeatedly fight,Constantly accumulated experience in actual combat、growing up very fast。

2011year,Huawei winning the bidder to the largest integration project so far——IndonesiaMproject,Enforce new problems。Indonesian land area200Wan Song,East7500kilometer,Depend on1More islands,Claim“Thousand Island countries”。It's more volcano、Multi-earthquake,It is the most complicated place in network planning and construction of the world.。“Fail to Plan, Plan to fail.”(Foreign proverb:No way to do planning,Plan to be destined to fail。)This is the most common sentence in the initial customer executives in the meeting.。

(website developer in karachi)“To meet the needs of customers in the contract,More than a few times of the antenna is designed to the same tower;Same site360The level of the degree is actually played100Multiple microwave directions,Almost unable to work;Tower is covered with equipment,Underweight long design……Project progress stagnation,On the side, there is no goods available on the spot.,On the side of the materials in the thousands of containers, they can't send them in the warehouse.……”The project manager at the time recalled。

At the high-level meeting of both parties,Customer Group's high-level:“This project is huge,Important to us,If6The month still does not meet the requirements,We will stop the project。”

Under huge pressure,Network planning design expert Yao Yong lead the technical backbone Wang Fuzhong、Sitanggang、Hong Jianhua、Zhu Chang and other employees and customer team closed together dozens of days,Reprimage planning plan,Replacement microwave for backbone link;Dramatic interference problem for Indonesian submicron wave frequency,Introduce new bands;Optimized transmission program by one by one,The original optical cable alternative is also the most expected5100Kit2200kilometer。

that's it,Project group survey、Edge planning,Edge design、Shipping,existIT、Supply chain and solutions and other departments,Planning and integrated supply order,In the end, Liu Dark。Huawei network crosses the swamp and the original forest,Acupunction、Volcano and earthquake,Successful guaranteeMThe final goal of the project is reached。With the promotion of network construction,Customers also jumped to become the fastest developer of Indonesian data users。

(website developer in karachi)Huawei service people rely against this strong sense of mission and uncomfortable,Side,Step by step to build a project management、Technical management、Process management、Systematic professional capabilities such as resource management and integrated supply,The battlefield that is filled with smoke into a smooth and orderly construction base,Create the delivery team from the guerrillas。

(website developer in karachi)Now,We can deliver every year1More than 10,000 projects,Install100Most thousand base stations,layout4Wanjin cable,Equivalent to a circle around the earth。We have the most powerful delivery skills and project management levels in the industry.,Let Huawei become a partner that customers trust。Now Hua's base station all over the world's five ocean seven continents,We have a communication of the world to build a communication。

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Base station installation

Never interrupted electric waves——“night guard”Responsibility

(website developer in karachi)Go forward Concepcion(Concepci)On the way,It is a large-scale large crack and a pit in the ground along the ground.。Concepcion is2010year2moon27Day Chile8.8The most serious city in the large earthquake。NClient's microwave interrupted,Sun Dawei andCesar Perez、Cesar MolinaA car,Countries and traffic flowing against the disaster area,I rushed to this city,To help customers recover communications。In the earthquake zone100Hour,They have experienced many aftershocks,Finally, successfully helping customers recover communications。

(website developer in karachi)Sun Dawei smiled and recalled:“The worst thing is no water to wash,A few days,Feel uncomfortable。Later, I found some water in the pool of the hotel.,So we took some trash can.,Be used to wipe your face,I feel cool after I finish.。Another aftershock,We are taking,Container machine room is like sitting in the sea stolen,I close the wrapper tightly.,It's surprising that it is about to jump out.。”

(website developer in karachi)Someone asked:“Deceived zone,Are not you afraid?”

He seriously:“Say that it is not afraid to be fake,But there is no way。Restore communication is our responsibility,Early morning call,May save a life。Besides, even if I don't go,Others will also go,Moreover, we have nestled there.。”

Sun Dawei is just a molecule of Huawei maintenance people.。Where there is a disaster,Where there is Huawei maintenance person's figure。Wenchuan earthquake、Nepalese earthquake、Chile earthquake、Japanese tsunami、Hurricane Mexico……In order to be able to get a life-saving channel,Huawei maintained brothers to overcome fear,Fulfill the mission,Running the most serious place to communicate equipment,Contend,Ruvering the base station and other communication facilities,First time to restore communication networks。They are the pioneer of maintaining people,They make a huge contribution to the post-disaster relief work,Be highly recognized by customers。

at the same time,There are more Huawei maintenance people who are obscured.,Work on the customer's network。them,Help customers solve a problem every ten seconds;them,Work late every day in hundreds of upgrades、Reconstruction and network cutting site,The surface is not shocked on the surface,In fact, dark flow,Thrilling;them,Every week is a big and small sports event、Business summit、Magnific Festival communication guarantee and carefully prepared、Day and night,Be in the eyes of customers“Network heroes”——RussianSamusenko,Middle EastMuhammad,EuropeanKrasimir,Lun Mi Lunchen,AfricanBouadma,Asia Pacific Liu Longhai,Tang Yun,Master。For example, Tang Yun,Customers even claim:“As long as it is the plan written by Tang Yun, we are all inspected.!”Another example in Saudi Arabia,16war16Unfold,As long as there is a serviceFellowWang Nanbin,Customer's confidence is full。Customers praise:“Excellent performance, especially the tiger team!”(Very excellent performance, Especially the tiger team!)

(website developer in karachi)today,Huawei's first line has thousands of maintenance engineers and second-line support systems(Two Global Technical Support Center、Ten Regional Technical Support Center)R & D three-line,Provide global operator customers7*24Hour unbrocess customer support service,Guarantee170Multiple countries and regions、1500Network network、Tens of millions of sites stable,Provide communication services for one-third of the world world。Every phone、Behind every message,May have the support and payment of Huawei maintenance personnel。They stick to their customers' commitments,Widely struggling for the customer's communication network。

(website developer in karachi)Maintaining people's work is generous and great。2016Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Olympics,Huawei guarantee project group“Zero accident、Zero interruption、Zero complaint”Successfully completed the events and opening of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games、Closing communication guarantee,Won the high praise of our customers。someone said:“The brothers and brothers are too simple.,Frequently overwear,24Hours of hours。They will not say what is beautiful.,Silently guarding the Olympic network,They are also the hero behind the Olympics.!”

First session“Global Excellent Network Maintenance Guard”Winners Liu Qiang recall:“When I stopped the award, I took a trophy.,Come upon《game of Thrones》middle‘night guard’Oath,Our brothers we maintain,Huawei‘night guard’!”

if there is“night guard”exist,The electric waves of communication will never interrupted。

website developer in karachi(website developer in karachi)Huawei engineer and the Chinese Moving Everest Safeguard Technical Group Experts have opened in the base station

Working with project,Construction captain to the projectCEOTurn around

World's big event,Must be fine。Only on a small-size project management level,Project manager can know which money、Which money should not be spent,In order to“Good steel is used on the blade”,Help customers solve problems with the most reasonable cost。

Old card operator,DenmarkTCustomer network aging,Cost is not high,User experience is not good,In the fierce market competition, the middle of the river。Reviviation,TCustomers want Huawei to do full network wireless relocation、Optimize and manage services。After the negotiation is over,TclientCEOSay:“This is my biggest adventure in my career for decades.。”

In order to deliver a promise to customers,Project manager Zhou Ruisheng leads the delivery team,Used for nine months,A site for planning,Or relocation,Expand,Or optimization,Entering efficient operation……UltimateTThe customer's network quality has achieved third party test ranking first、Data traffic increases three times、ARPU(Average Revenue Per User,Average revenue per user)Value growth10%,BundleTCustomer network“Ugly duck”Become“White Swan”。According to the incentive plan in the contract,Customers deliberately gave Huawei sent tens million kroned bonuses。

2012year,GTSStart the management system construction of the project as the basic business unit,Continuously strengthen the business responsibility of the project manager,Improve the training and collaboration of the eight core positions of the project,At the same time, the project awards and personnel assessment rights are also given the first-line project group.,Quickly promote“Over the battlefield、Boiler”Successful people do the master。2014year,Northeast Europe28Aged Zhang Dawei became the youngest five-level project manager。

Lai Messen、Duan Lianjie and other Chinese and a large number of local excellent project managers,Middle EastMuhammad Saeed Khan 、LatinishRene、South AfricaMichael、Western EuropeanHubert、North AfricaHazem、Central AsiaEmreUnder the joint efforts of some people,The annual contribution of the project has improved the percentage of double digits than the budget.,Project manager is accelerating from the construction team to the projectCEOTurn around。

website developer in karachi

Everest peak5GScreen

Core ability,Growing in the war

10,000 projects、Millions of sites delivered,Business scene is getting more complicated,Size is getting bigger and bigger,How to construct your ability on platform tools,Change the hand to shoulder,Become a dream。

(website developer in karachi)In order to achieve this dream,2014year,GTSStartISDP(Integrated Service Delivery Platform,Integrated service delivery platform)Change project,In the processITManagement Department,Corware of successful practice experience to the platform,The project manager Xu Yuncong said in the global conference.:“Because of your dreams,Because of adhering to achieving dreams,ISDPPour a generation of experience in delivering people's heart and dream!”

ISDPOverall Group of Sun Tiger、Yu Junwei、Qin Junyi、Pan Luzhao、Jiang Yanhua、Jiang Wa and other delivering projects,On-site development,Verification Test:Thailand took the lead in trial,Accelerated product maturation;Turkey proposes remote acceptance optimization suggestions,Solve multiple functions and ease of use with the project group;Myanmar is deployed in project deliveryISDP,First-line operation visible,Customer remote acceptance approval once passage93%above。

today,ISDPIt has been applied to the world6A more than 10 items,registered user42Ten thousand,Monthly friend9Ten thousand people,Gradually change our delivery methods and behaviors。But as a delivery platform,We are very awake,ISDPContinuous optimization in use、Continuous improvement,But we firmly believe that digitization is a correct road。

Soldier and horses,Grain。Project staff dispatched to be a boss。Li Gang, vice president of original delivery management:“A big project in North Africa,In order to protect delivery,Suddenly200people,Almost empty the resources of the organ,Have a chancePMO(Project Management Office,Project Management Office)Move to North Africa。” Similar story,More than ten years ago, I was staged almost every day.。The various departments of the organs is to remove the End of the wall.,Every day, you can do your hand to make your hands.,Coke。Service experts are also suffering,Wang Nanbin recalls:“One year365sky,I have got300Many days in business trips,Sometimes even7I have a project to find me.。”

In order to achieve“Apply the right skill to the correct place in the correct time”,from2013Beginning,GTSStarted to build a service talent supply chain,Online resource management system,3Wan employee experience、Skill、Special and busy conditions can be checked in the resource library。Who will speak Spanish,Who will speak Japanese,Who is the skills to do something?、When is there a space?,The project team can find talents who meet their needs in the repository.,Three to six months of human supply plan according to the project situation,Realizing people fast and accurate supply。

2015year,MexicoAProject begining,clientCSOVery worried manpower problems,He mentioned in an email:“Need very powerful Huawei team to come to Mexico,Can reach the goal of both parties。”After receiving the mail,Project Manager Li Longxing also blew the resource set number in a global scale。Short two months,He is from China、America、India and Malaysia and other countries,Group people who understand Spanish、Experts who understand North American standards and various network experts455people,Successful guaranteeAProject delivery。OnlineiResourceMeanwhile,Leasing and subcontractive resources are alsoiResourceAcceleration on the resource management system。Sub-binding resource points system successfully practiced in the Representative Office of Thailand,It is also promoted around the world。

It's like a modern war“Cold weapon era people sea tactics”Enter“Precision of the information era”Same,We have seenGTSAdvantages on the tools you have on digital delivery platforms,This is like“Millet plumber”Go“Airplane and cannon”。ISDP、SmartQC(Smart Quality Control,On-site job quality management tool)、SmartCare(Net Gauble Network excellent platform)、ISUP(ICTService unified platform)、Autin(Operation and maintenance platform)Platform tools,Has been delivered for engineering、maintain、Project operations bring significant results,And attempts in delivery mode,Building four global remote delivery centers,Accumulate capacity to tools and platforms。Although the global business increased in recent years、Project complexity is doubled,Huawei Delivery Team passed“Local live delivery team+Remote delivery center”Collaborative delivery mode,Realize the smooth cooperation of engineering delivery and network maintenance。

Huawei's service has been greatly improved in these years.,Digital、Movement and intelligence, there is still a long way to go, GTSConstantly summarized experience in delivery,Continuously optimize digital delivery platforms and tools,Huawei“Great Wall Guardian”Provide the most powerful weapon,War of winning the squad leader。

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