real estate development websites


How to plan a real estate website construction plan?

Site design,As a professional website development company,Net Hui Tianxia Technology will give full playWebsite planningAnd the advantages of construction development,In the real estate website,Considering the particularity of real estate,Will strictly follow3Principle。

(real estate development websites)1.In design:High-end design is the foundation,Corporate culture is key,Arrangement in the frame、Color matching should be more integrated into the company's corporate culture,byviHandbook is the main tone。

2.Safe:Timely notice of information modification and user management log,Easy to respond to network management and related personnel。Safety of each division、Sub-system module security、Safety of safety during session。Advanced3The programming method of the layer structure can remain stable even in the case of poor access。

3.On maintenance:In the website maintenance and follow-up to expand Shanghai Yongxi will provide a dedicated website maintenance background,There will be exclusive customer service for training before the online,Background is simple and convenient。At the beginning of planning real estate website,The function module framework will be large and easy to expand,It will be very convenient to add new features and modules in the future.,Reduce secondary development cost。

real estate development websites

What is the construction process of the real estate website??

one、Preliminary investigation

First before building a website,We will first do market research,Go to understand the industry and products of the company and our website,Then start planning the website,Discover the column of discussing websites with customers、Function、Page Layout。Of course about the information about the website,The literary case is actually the best, the customer's own ideas.,Because of the most information about corporate products, enterprises,Enterprises will also know users of their website than website construction companies.。

two、The domain name of the website domain name and space website is to register.,Domestic Ali Cloud、Western Digital、Tencent clouds are very good,Space will choose according to the specific situation of the enterprise website,For example, due to the physical location of the space affects the access speed of the website,So if the website user group is in the United States,We will help companies choose the space of the United States.(There is also the space for the domestic mainland if the site is used.,It also needs to be filed)。

three、Production website includes website page frame prototyping、Web Design、Front-end development、Rear end development,Among them, the page frame prototype design and web design need to be recognized by customers to continue.,Only by the company's recognition,Can we further operate。

Four、Upload the article of the website information website、Product images These are needed to prepare,Enterprise handed over to the station company,Station company will help companies upload to the website。

Fives、Website delivery is handed over to enterprises after the construction station company,There is no problem after you look at it.,I feel satisfied to enter the acceptance,Station company will deliver the website,And the simple operation of the church corporate website。

Real estate website constructionHow much offer?

The cost of website production is the main fees for website construction costs.。It is affected by many aspects,Website function、Website production mode、Partner area、Cooperative nature。Everyone masters these points,Basically, you can know the insider of website construction costs.。

Website function This impact is that you can also understand,you get what you pay for,The more functions,The more expensive price。Website billing,Generally is a functional custom website。This website is a website that implements a specific function.,For example, the real estate website,Need to calculate the function of the mortgage interest rate。Some websites are relatively simple,Enterprise official website,This type of website can not talk about functional customization,Some basic development。