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hidden developers website

Pay attention to titanium media daily、Monthly organized industry bad news list,A list of the most influential bad news。

2moon13Day message,According to American Science and Technology MediaTechCrunchReport,Developers who abuse Apple Developer Certificate Project Not onlyFacebookGoogle。A survey found,More than a dozen naked colorful erotic applications with more than a dozen cash gambling applications to escape the supervision of Apple。These developers either use apple-shaped virtual enterprise certificates or attachment to legal review,Thus bypassApp StoreKeeping with the companyiOSTraditional security measures for ecological environment。There is no reasonable supervision,These developers can operate the harmful applications that violate Apple's content policies。

This situation further proves,Apple's responsibility from the regulatory corporate certificate,Resulting in the project,EvadeApp StoreThe rules and prohibition categories。Taking into account the company's CEO Tim·Cook(Tim Cook)Often publicly criticized competitors abuse data, etc.,Apple has failed to find and ban these pornography and gambling applications,It shows that there are many need to improve their company itself.。

(hidden developers website)Last week,TechCrunchReported,FacebookAnd Google violates Apple's corporate certificate project rules,Publish applications that collect user traffic and collection activities。This causes Apple to temporarily revoke the certificate of two companies.,Thus, the company's legal employee application cannot work,In addition, the company is confusing in the company.。Apple then released a fierce statement,AccusationFacebookPrivilege,Publish data collection app,Violation and Apple's agreement。Rely on,Any business certificate issued to consumers,Certificate will be revoked,Protect users and their data。However,Though,There are still many prohibited applications to download from hidden developers websites.。

Everything is derived from Apple's standard for enterprise projects.。The original intention of the project is to facilitate the application of the company's employee use only.,And its policy is clearly defined”Enterprises must not use or release or otherwise,Allow its consumer to access internal applications”。But Apple did not fully implement these policies.。

according toCalviumGuide,Developers only need to fill in a form online and pay to Apple299Dollar can apply for the certificate。The form only requires developers to commit their development of corporate certificates for internal employees.,They have legal permissions for registered services,and provideD-U-N-SEnterprise number,And have the latestMac。Set good Apple account,And agree to the terms of service,Enterprises will receive the phone from Apple after one to four weeks,Ask them to confirm again,They only release applications internally。

(hidden developers website)Sprinkle in the phone and network form,Plus online searchable public information,Just any developer can apply to Apple's corporate certificate。

Considering the number of applications that violate the corporate certificate policy so much,Obviously Apple needs to strengthen supervision of corporate certificate projects。TechCrunchDiscover,Thousands of websites offer downloads from enterprise applications,And this survey only excavated a small number of representative illegal applications。TechCrunchOver the past week,Use a standard non-jailbreakiPhone,Downloaded and verified12Porn application and12Cash gambling application。These applications use Apple's corporate certificate system,ProvideApp StoreDisabled application。

existFacebookAnd Google was exposed to violate the corporate certificate policy,Apple seems to have disabled some similar applications in the past few days.,But there are still many still available.。

The nature of these applications of corporate certificates is often inconsistent with their true intentions.。Many applications are used in the name of innocent and elegant.,for exampleMohajer International Communications(MohajerInternational exchange)、Sun Gate and Asian Live Technology, etc.。Others use forgery or stealing credentials,Register under the fundamental not related but legal business name。

(hidden developers website)

Bad news list NO.2-NO.7

Indian anti-monopoly institution investigating Google:Is there an improper use of Android blocking competitors

2moon13Day message,Date,Reuters report,Allegation against Google's improper use of its Android operating system shielded competitors,India's anti-monopoly agency launched an investigation。in3Informed people said,Indian Competition Commission(CCI)past6I have been reviewing this allegation for a month.,It with Google2018Fine by the EU43.4Billion euros(50One hundred million U.S. dollars)Anti-monopoly case,Google has already appealed to this EU anti-monopoly.。

Pure electric truck2018Annual sales3.4Ten thousand vehicles,Down45%

2moon13Day message,Data according to the first commercial vehicle network,2018Year round,Domestic new energy truck actual terminal sales3.4Ten thousand vehicles(Plenty、Medium card and heavy card。Among them, pure electric trucks occupy near99%),A sharp drop in the same period in the previous year45%,It is the first decline since the new energy truck market has been strongly supported by the country.。

California Motor Vehicle Administration:Apple drone road performance bottom

2moon13Day message,according toAppleInsiderReport,The latest data display of the California Motor Vehicle Authority,exist“Disengage”(Refers to the automatic driving system of automatic driving cars that cannot handle the current situation,Must take over by the human driver)In case,Apple's automatic driving car test platform is considered to be the worst path of road performance。According to record,Apple's automatic driving team1000Mile average871.65Subsequent。

Foreign media:Xiaomi electric scooter is exposed to the hole,Allow hackers to control vehicles

2moon13Day message,according toCNETinformation,Safety research organizationZimperiumInformation released on Tuesday,MilletM365A defect found in the electric scooter,Allow hackers to complete remote control of vehicles,Can cause users to suddenly accelerate or brake when using vehicles。ZimperiumThe password authentication process that is blamed on the scooter is completed by Bluetooth communication.。ZimperiumThis defect has been reported to Xiaomi。Xiaomi did not immediately reply to setup request。

Passing Apple will launch a payment subscription news service,Intended50%Question

2moon13Day message,according toThe VergeReport,Apple is planning to launch a payment news subscription serviceApple News。《Wall Street Journal》Report,Apple hopes to exclusive new service50%Income,This triggers dispute in the publisher。picture《New York Times》and《Washington post》Waiting such a main news website has not agreed to authorize the content for this service,Publishers are still worried,They can't access subscriber data through Apple's news service,Thus deprived the rights of enterprises to obtain user email and credit card information。

Moving blizzardQ4Quarterly financial report:Revenue23.81One hundred million U.S. dollars,Will lay off the world800people

2moon13Day message,Diaphraia announced on Tuesday2018The fourth quarter of the year and the annual financial report。The report shows,The fourth quarter of the Diagonal Floor has reached a record23.81One hundred million U.S. dollars,高于上年同期的20.43Above the same period last year;净利润为6.50One hundred million U.S. dollars,相比之下上年同期的净亏损为5.84Net profit。动视暴雪还宣布将在全球裁员8%。(One hundred million U.S. dollars/钛媒体实习编辑)

In contrast, the net loss in the same period last year is,关注钛媒体微信号(ID:taimeiti),One hundred million U.S. dollarsApp