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ecommerce website and app development

Experience:How to build an online store?E-commerce website development steps process sharing!

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry,Many companies have also started their own transformation and development path。But how do many companies develop online malls?,What to pay attention to,not very clear。here,ITWang Qinger, the founder of the studio, based on years of experience in the industry,Talk to everyone about this!

Let's talk first:How to develop an online store?

First、Sort out development needs

First of all, you can combine the market conditions and your actual situation,To sort out the needs of the entire project,Then decide what kind of business you want to do,what effect to achieve,I have a number in my heart。

the second、Prepare hardware facilities

Then go to prepare some required data and hardware settings,If it is the first time to do a mall,First, prepare the domain name and server, etc.,and related material preparation before development。

The third、Choose a developer to work with

Then get to know the developers in the market,Combine your budget and needs,Choose the right developer to work with,If the company has its own professional mall development team,Build your own store website。

the fourth、Design and development plan

For the previously sorted requirements,To plan and design specific development plans。including development time points、Features to be developed,Development steps,It is convenient to complete related work arrangements for different time node arrangements。

the fifth、Mall development online

last developer,On the basis of the online shopping mall system to do functional development,Or customized development according to enterprise requirements。After the store is built,After passing the system test,The layout of the store can be launched online。

(ecommerce website and app development)let's talk:What to pay attention to when developing an online store?

When a company is developing,from the business itself,Analyze the purpose of building a business mall,And the positioning of the mall website construction,In order to determine the specific functions and development effects of the mall website。Besides,Enterprises also need to identify target users,And combined with the consumption habits of target users,Do the layout of the online store。The mall developed in this way can really fit the situation of the enterprise,It can operate on the ground when the mall is operating。

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