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(website developer in ludhiana)Although India is still a developing country,Domestic rich gap is very large,But Indian people have always been keen on various elections,It is proud of the democracy and freedom they enjoy.,in,Nature also includes“freedom of speech”。at the same time,India's nationalism is extremely enthusiastic。In this situation,“Anti-China”It has become the political correctness of India to a certain extent.,Any Indian who dares to open a fault to China,Faced with a double strike from online and offline,at this time,Indian“freedom of speech”Gone。

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Based on Global Times《Indian fast newspaper》、Times NowNews network and other newly reported reports,One21Years old man said because of a sentence“‘Arunacon’(That is, Nanka)Is part of China”,Not only being siegeed by India,Leading their own and their families,The Indian government also involved,This Indian man is now facing“Incitement”Equal charge。Before this,He has apologized。

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(website developer in ludhiana)It is reported that,This name is Parasse·Singh's man comes from the Punjab Ludana, India,Is a game blogger,existYouTubeOperate a game channel。exist23One video released by the day,Paras·Singh said a sentence“‘Arunacon’(Tibet South China)Can't find on the Indian map,Because it is part of China”,Dennon·Elin“It looks like a Indian person”。This sentence is even more·Singer was buckled“racism”hat of。

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(Moti is the people of the People's Party)

Subsequently,Paras·Singh was subjected to a series of online two-off。Indian netizens not only insult Paras·Singh people,Even his family did not let go。Paras·Singh after deleting the video,Even an apology video,No petial India“patriot”Noodle;And next to the Punper Police is also local time25Parras arrested·Singer,“Arunacon”(Tibet South China)Policeman,The Idardal Court has issued an olofable arrest for Paras.,Paras·Singer was accused of violating《Indian Criminal Code》First124A strip(Incite speech)、First153Astrip(Religion、Race、place of birth、Residence、The hostility between the language of different groups)Many clauses。

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According to the report of the dynamics,Paras·Singer said that those who were treated by the Indians as a traitor,With a name“Mobile battlefield”Mobile game。This mobile game is banned in India“Jedi survival”very similar,“Arunacon”(Tibet South China)People's Party Congress Ni Nong·Elin is therefore recommended that the Indian government will also“Mobile battlefield”prohibit。Be“Jedi survival”Plazin·Singer,When commenting this“careless”Say that words,Therefore, a series of storms have been triggered.,It has caused serious impact on their own and his families.。

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Indian claims“The world's largest democratic country”,And their people have been treated since she said with a political incorrect truth.,Pamped India's democratic fake mask。even so,It is also unable to change the fact that Tibet is China belongs to China.。Regardless of the actual control of India or not recognition,Tibetan areas are indisparable territories.。The people living in the Tibet is really unlike Indians,Because they are Chinese,These are the strong evidence of Tibet South is Chinese territory.!