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(website development maine)Become“King of horror of horror”Previous time,Steven·Gold is just a common town youth in the northwest of the United States。His born in Portland,Frequently moving,until1966After entering Maine University,Most of his footprint remains in Maine。

The book is fascinating,Stephen·goldDerui Town, a repeated debut in the novel,The prototype is Bango Town, Maine.。1979Year writers are moved here。“Delhi is Bango,The story in the town is everywhere”, Steven·The gold himself said this。 So when we pursue his trays,Want to find movies《Clown》Nothing of the strange phantom and red balloons with metaphor,Just open the journey from here.。

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Steven·Golden House,This article is in addition to the signature material picture

Steven·Golden House

A green tree in the center of Bango City,I stood an ancient gothic villa.。Black cooked iron fence deliberately cast into spiders、Bat shape,Other houses around the surroundings。Earlier,because《Clown》Re-shoot、Release,There is a red balloon appearing in front of the villa door.,The way to set the trap of the clown with the movie named Pannius.。Stephen·Gold people know,He often greeks at home and fans.,So even if a person is not please,Needless to feel Tang Jun。For some sense,The red balloon appeared in front of the house means an invitation。Fans left the package here、Flowers and books,Sometimes I will leave a message in front of the door with chalk。

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2013year,Steven·Gold and wife Tabis donated three million US dollars to repair this library,Since then,This hormonics stand in this。The writer himself does not want to say this donation,But the locals always talk to tourists with this generous donation.,in addition,already1990Era,1990s,Jin has donated two hundred or five hundred dollars to the new side wing of the build library.,existstkfoundation.orgThis donation can be found on the website。

The Bango Public Library is located in1913In the original site of the initial library of the fire burning。BostonPeabody & StearnsArchitectural affairs brought new design,Appearance atmosphere,Elegant design,Beautiful white stone inlaid in set tall windows,Ancient oil painting and sculpture displayed indoors,Various details make this place become the ideal writing of writers.。Website:

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Located in Hollow Street145Bango Public Library

(website development maine)Gerald·Winterns and Soen Bookstore

Located in the main street of Bango Town48Bates Bookstore(Betts Books)Very famous,Not only because of the bookstore, there is a lot of Stephen·Golden first version of the novel,More because writers often have their unacceptable visit this bookstore,Talk to fans。2008Beginning,Bates bookstore is closed to a bookstore in an online business,Bango Town is urgent to need a sales of all kinds of Steven·Surrounding product stored goods to greet the fanaticism,At this moment,Jerald·Wentes appeared in his collection.。The display area of the bookstore is dazzling,In addition to the novel of the primary version of the first brush,There are also souvenirs for sale.,Writer's manuscript、Proof、movie script,Let you become a veritable Stephen·Gold Museum。Website:

Thomas Mountain Tower

exist1897Year of Thomas Mountain Tower,Controlled the entire Bangor water pressure,it is《Clown》Prototype of the Deli City Water Tower,It's here,Stay encountered Pannius for the first time。Read the novel original,Or people who have seen the same name movie and TV series,Maybe just see it, it will be cold and chestnut.,But in fact,As the main water storage tower in the town,Thomas Mountain Tower has no recorded drowning accident in the case。Website:

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Thomas Mountain Water Tower is now one of Maine History and Protection Buildings

Hope Mountain Cemetery

(website development maine)East from Bango Town,Driving for ten minutes to come to the city of Dai Di Street1048Hope Mountain Cemetery,here is《Pet cemetery》The main viewing ground in the movie,Steven·The gold also played a passenger in the film.。I hope that there is another identity that is familiar with people.——One of the most historic garden cemetery in the United States,The cemetery is preserved.,Repairing the whole lawn is also a partial green planting and flowers in the garden,People can't help but remember the greenhouse and garden under the Manage of the British State Manufacturing Organization。

Maine University

The reason for visiting Orrono is also very,Here is Steven·Golden Youth Times Park。He during the University of Maine,Write an article for the school newspaper,Leidon, one side·Würgen Works Library,And married Tabhi, who works in the library.。

Redmond·The Folegler library is a paradise in the minds of many literature.,More than 100,000 books here,Read space is wide and bright,Night point,The entire hall will be lit by the bulb hanging in the air.,Very warm atmosphere。Steven·After the famous name, it is often mentioned in the student era.,At that time, he served as a new year of Maine University.,Come to《First22Military regulations》Joseph who promoted·Haler is not encountered,“I remember that I was here for the first time I saw a writer.”,He explained,“At that time,I actually and created Joselian and Meijie People breathe the same air。I am obsessed with reading at that time.,For the arrival of this writer, it is deeply shocked.,After I realized it,He is just an ordinary person,the same with me。” university provides free campus tour for tourists.,But need to make an appointment in advance)

website development maine(website development maine)Redmond·Fugler Library,Steven·After entering the school, I found a work in the library.。Gabe Souza picture

Pet Cemetery House

Evanson, 15 minutes drive from the southern Bango,Is a small town that lives in 4,000 people。The reason here is because Steven·Gold love cat buries the pet cemetery here,And use this for the inspiration《Pet cemetery》This book。This book was also written by Stephen·King thinks it's the scariest book of all his books,2012year,When he was invited to speak at a high school in New Brunswick, he mentioned,“This book is creepy,I keep it in the drawer,Because I don't think anyone wants to read it。”It is also worth mentioning that,There are two other towns worth visiting around Evanston,Both Hancock and Ellsworth1989year movie《pet cemetery》the location,The former is only 16 kilometers away from the town,The latter is less than fifty kilometers away。

Maine Murder Bookstore

Kennebunk is a dark town,sparse cottage,The red brick wall surrounding the front of the house、white picket fence,dilapidated gas station,Outdoor flea market and antique store,all reminiscent《Soul Escape Games》scene in,or《clown》new movie1980Derry Town。On Bourne Street1Maine Murder Bookstore( Mainely Murders),is the main target of book lovers,because it is too“Stephen·gold”span。Books piled high in the store,Two female shopkeepers Paula and Annie are said to be the ashes of the crime novel。The sign of the bookstore is a bloody dagger,Standing on a charming street, it looks a little awkward,But don't have a taste。

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Bookstore signs hang randomly on the street fence

St Andrews Waterfront

continue north,St Andrews, just 20 minutes from the US-Canada border,said to be Stephen·gold writing《The Shining》seaside cities visited in one book。On the promenade facing the sea,There are several“Whale Watching Tour”cabin for signboard,Café offers creamy chocolate-flavored naimu bars(Nanaimo bar),A very special taste of traditional Canadian food,well worth a try,on the same street,I even found a video store。

The atmosphere at the Algonquin Resort is eerie and scary,This is a 19th century Tudor style building,The hotel makes full use of its own characteristics,Provide visitors with a series of paranormal themed tours, including haunted house tours。Tour of the entire hotel,After listening to a few more ghost stories,I exchanged it for a hundred bucks473room key,Spent the last night of the trip here。Scary noises keep coming out at night,wobbly floor,make me toss and turn,never sleep。URL:

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The Algonquin Resort at a Glance。Algonquin Resort picture