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There is a man who is a legend in the entrepreneurial world,he24Wrote a website at the age of,only work every day2Hour is too much work。He makes tens of thousands of dollars a day from Google ads,no partner,never finance,one person controls100%Equity,36age5.75Sell the company for 0 million。he is Marcus·Flinder。

matrimony website developer

2015year7moon14day,dating websitePlentyofFishby5.75billion dollar priceMatchGroupacquisition,And the founder of this site, Marcus·Flinder is now36age。The site has long been run by Marcus alone,from2003Since the beginning of the year, the website has made money by placing Google ads。

Because the site is too profitable,no staff,soMarkusNo need for a partner at all,No financing required,company's equity100%belong to him。When selling the company,no one to divide this5.75One hundred million U.S. dollars,5.75All the billions belong to him alone!2008year of the year,The annual net profit of his website is1000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Marcus·Flinders sold this yearPlentyofFishwhen,site already has9000million registered users。

2003Years Marcus just started wanting to doPlentyofFish,because he just learned a new computer languageASP。To practice hands,I can prove that I understand when I look for a job in the futureASP,just do itPlentyofFish。As a result, many people came to the website to register,It's burning up slowly。Wait until the website can earn money every month4000Dollar,almost when he can support himself,he quit his job,Make a living from advertising on your website。

matrimony website developer(matrimony website developer)He believes that after he founded and maintainedPlentyofFishperiod,There has never been any real difficulty。The website has only been established for a few months,Only a few hundred visitors a day,But the flow increases very uniformly、growth is stable。So he can clearly foresee,How many visitors will there be in the next four or five months。Then he has enough time,One person slowly improves the performance of the server、Improve the structure of the database。Markustell reporters,The thing he is most proud of is:“just me,Generated every month10billion web pages”。

(matrimony website developer)2006year6moon,He posted a Google ad sent to him90million dollar check,Compared to earning per day3ten thousand。at this time,He is still the only one on this site。while his rival,generally have at least600server,At least300employees。

matrimony website developer

After reaching my goal of making a million dollars by myself every month,another year,arrive2007yearMarkusthe first employee。up to now,PlentyofFishalready every month3.7billion independentIPand25billion views,staff still only65personal。

This is entrepreneurship,is the real down-to-earth,is the real business。

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