membership website developer


membership website developer

When you browse some material sites or download some mobile phonesAPPTime,I will jump out of time from time to time.。In these various member services,The most attractive thing is“Lifelong member”。

membership website developer

Although the price is not,They“Affordable”what,Think about yourself so young,I bought a lifelong member.,What seems to be,It's a good investment.。I opened a member I,Naturally there is no advertisement,So these developers who support life payment,How do they profit??Convinced,There is no free lunch,Buy“Lifelong member”,Will there be a risk??Today, Xiaobian takes you to explore.。

First let's take a look,supply“Lifelong member”Developer,How do they profit?

membership website developer

Friends promotion

(membership website developer)membership website developer(membership website developer)

Three people or five people,Enjoy the benefits or invite friends,Can earn commissions,These are commonly used in developers。Invite friends more,The more you enjoy the offer.,Many profits earned by developers will also。and,You are inviting friends to,Also help developers free advertising,Developers will also save a lot of advertising expenses。

(membership website developer)membership website developer

Earn traffic

membership website developer

Since you bought a lifelong member,In order to better achieve the value of Member,It seems that it is reasonable every day.。When you use software or members,It is inevitable that you will use your mobile phone traffic to download and browse。You are browsing the download process,Produced flow rate,Naturally become the profit of developers。Make a bit more,You make a golden gold in a game,If you don't want to play frequently,During this process,Even if you will not be golden,Because of your own consumption,Open the game from time to time。First gift package,It is to catch people's psychology。

membership website developer

Marketing number

membership website developer

Marketing number,As the name suggestion,That is to publish a variety of promotional accounts。This account contains a lot,E.g“xxxOfficial account”,New welfare or beta versions or new articles will be thrown from time to time.,Promote you to open these marketing information,Get the latest news in the first time。For example, the goose factorywzCamp,Typical case。

Talk about the profit,Let's talk about it.,After reading it,You should carefully consider,Do you want to open?“Lifelong member”。

risk1 Not refund

This situation is more common,All kinds of members now are basically“Once the member is opened,Not refund”,“Lifelong member”Price is often200Yuan RMB or more,The amount is relatively large。Moreover, now is the Internet,New day,More types of products。If you provide yourself,No rigid demand,It is recommended not to open it easily.。If it is not a product itself,The other party will not give you a refund

risk2 Member lost

membership website developer

This situation is also more common,Long time is not logged in for a long time,Account information will be lost,Xiaobian believe,Everyone here has experienced this kind of thing。Payment succeeded,Members are gone,You said that stimulation is not stimulated?

risk3 Good content is not high

membership website developer(membership website developer)

It has been mentioned above,In today's society,More than similar products,There have been more things.,God is very bad,Look at it。Open a member,The content is not high,So,You have chosen the party with high quality,Hand over the membership fee,I played a water drift.。

(membership website developer)Author suggestion,“Lifelong member”Don't open it easily,If you really like your products and services very much,I can try it first.3Month or6Monthly member,Open the member is not late。Don't“Value value”,Be cheap,and“Whim”Open member service

membership website developer


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