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For any website,We all have reason to believe it wants to get traffic through search marketing.,And professionalSEOTechnology is especially important at this time。

seoTechnical promotion personnel,Committed to network search optimization andWebsite buildingVarious related aspects。The company solved the maximization of the profit of the boss,Solved the problem of website construction of technicians。Generally,The company links website construction with corporate profits.,Focus on the company's market positioning and products,Rich website content,Optimize website image,Gradually improve your product market competitiveness,Ranking,Let customers find the website they build,Let the website play the biggest benefits。

(remote website developer jobs)remote website developer jobs

2、Frontal engineer

This position is also the programmer we often say.。They need toUIDock,Be responsible forWebsite buildingOverall format,Edit website via code,accomplishUIDesigner given design plan,Adjustment of user experience。

beforePhotoshopandDreamweaverCan be a web page。As website development is difficult to increase,、Diverse development methods,Web production is closer to traditional website background development。Web pages are calledWebFront-end development。Front end technology includes four parts:Frontal art、Browser is compatible、 CSS、 HTML“Tradition”Technology andAdobe AIR、 Google Gears,And conceptual interactive design and artistic visual design。

existWeb1.0era,Due to network speed and end capability,Most websites can only present simple graphics information,Can not meet the needs of users,Numerous requirements for interface technology。With the improvement of hardware、The emergence of high performance browsers,Broadband popularity,Technology can achieve more possibilities in user experience,The front-end technology field shows huge vitality on the generation。


UIDesigners are primarily responsible for setting interface design in the website,That is, the interface we see,Use some drawing tools and drawings to ensure its beautiful style and pattern,Let customers be satisfied with beautiful。

OKUIThe design is not only to make the website have a personal taste.,Also let the website operate more comfortable and simple、free,Fully embody software positioning and characteristics。

4、Backend programmer

The backend programmer is probably responsible for the rear end docking and website of the website.,Mainly in order to realize the true operability of website function in website production,Similar to building search engines to complete various types of search and sorting tasks,Virtually act as an implementator。


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