toronto website developer drupal


Guide from a network developer,very simple,Step by step。


toronto website developer drupal

step1:Choose your website platform

Before starting to worry about color schemes and domain names,You must decide which platform to use to build your website。

“platform”What means?

All right,Returning2004year,When I started usingWebDevelop,Most websites useHTML(Code),CSSevenFlashConstruct。 These have spent a lot of time learning,And it is difficult to master。

(toronto website developer drupal)That's why most people still think that it is difficult or requires a lot of coding and design skills from the beginning to create a website. - But this is no longer true.!

exist2016year,pictureWordPressSuch a content management system(CMS)I have created a website that is accessible to everyone.。

(toronto website developer drupal)in short,Content management system(Or website build platform)Is a user-friendly platform,Build a website and manage your own online content,Instead of using a pile of looseHTMLpage。

2016Three most popular construction platforms

toronto website developer drupal

As can be seen from the above figure,Nearly half of the website on the InternetWordPressWebsite platform。have a lookW3 TechsandBuiltWithRecent statistics。

(toronto website developer drupal)whyWordPressMore than others?

Because there is no better at this point/Easy way to create a website...But more importantly:

#1。It is completely free,There are many layouts/Theme is available for choice。

WordPressDon't spend a corner, download or install,There is a huge community who designs beautiful themes and templates,Make it easy to get up。You will never lack uniqueness...

#2。This is a very friendly friendly。

If you know how to useMicrosoft Word,You already know how to add your own content。 WordPressCan expand free plugins to process any website,You can imagine - From gorgeous business pages to social networking sites。Have“Plug-in”,You can add a contact form,Subscribe form,Image galleries, etc. For your website - Very simple,Yes?

#3。Small or big website?Great two。

From basic blog to beautiful business website and online store,WordPressCan handle any type of website。 WordPressByeBay,Mozilla,Reuters,CNN,Google venture capital,Even NASA。

#4。Your website will“response”。This means it also applies to mobile phones and tablets.。

(toronto website developer drupal)The website you build will respond immediately,In each mobile device,Smartphone and tablet look great。No need to hire a network developer。

# 5。Huge support and developer community can help。

(toronto website developer drupal)There are so many people to use platforms(Website administrator,Blog,Subject developers and plugins),It is easy to findQUICKhelp,When you need it。also,WordPressThere are a lot of free resources availableYoutubeAnd their support forum。

In fact,I am also。The following is the home page and“Blog”Example of page:

toronto website developer drupal

Of course,There are other websites construction/ CMSplatform。

DrupalIs a very powerful platform,Be subject towebDevelopers and experienced programmers welcome,But it brings a very steep learning curve,This makes it a bad choice for beginners.。

JoomlaSimilarWordPressAnd work Great online store,But you need at least one technical code,Make it work in the way you want。

If you want more details,I put a considerable comparisonWordPress,JoomlaandDrupal。

But for beginners,I suggest itWordPress。

In the first2In the middle,I will guide you to complete the selection domain name and find the process of hosted your website.。

(toronto website developer drupal)In the first3In the middle,I will show you how to install and customize you.WordPresswebsite。do not worry,I will take you through the entire process.,And provide a large number of pictures as a reference。