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Bahrain Chamber of Commerce President Samir·Nas(Samir Nass)disclose,A joint committee will be formed between the Chamber of Commerce and the Supreme Judicial Council of Bahrain,To formulate and develop special laws to regulate e-commerce in Bahrain。

Chamber of Commerce Virtual Council member assigned to Business Markets Committee says,Current e-commerce laws fall short of the ideal level to uphold the rights of all and regulate e-commerce processes,Given the trend towards accelerated transformation of e-commerce,The Chamber of Commerce and the Supreme Judicial Council form a joint committee,to research and formulate laws,Including that it matches the rapid growth of e-commerce。

The Chamber President also announced the launch of two e-commerce platforms in Bahrain,and pointed out that the Chamber of Commerce is currently developing these two platforms,and will launch in a few days。

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The first platform will be a public platform,All members can use and benefit from the platform,And all merchants participating in the platform will be able to promote goods through the platform。

(ecommerce website development bahrain)The second platform will be dedicated to women entrepreneurs,This is an e-commerce platform in development,The platform will be open to all women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia,To strengthen the position of women entrepreneurs in the local market。

to this end,The importance of turning to e-commerce to keep pace with global developments in the field was highlighted,and underscored the need for Bahraini merchants to conduct e-commerce to access a larger and broader global market than the local market.。

ecommerce website development bahrain

Yousef, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Business Market Committee·Salah·Erding(Youssef Salah El-Din)Express,E-commerce has become the future of world trade,We cannot stop or limit its development,But it is possible to merge with it and set e-commerce controls。

he pointed out,E-commerce may leave some questions in the market,such as firing some employees,But it will provide other opportunities for new jobs or investments,We have to adapt to the new situation,Merchants must change the way they do business to meet the challenges of e-commerce。

As for the committee's adviser, Ahmed·Ben Harrier(Ahmed Al-Benkhalil),He pointed out some of the challenges that must be faced in developing e-commerce,and pointed out that the Arab countries(including Bahrain)Lack of e-commerce laws governing transactions between merchants and customers,also,Lack of Guarantee in Customer Receipt。

ecommerce website development bahrain

He also pointed to the need for e-commerce-related training for merchants,and emphasize,In addition to having enough qualified personnel to engage in e-commerce,Chambers of Commerce must also be held accountable。

also,Council participants focused on the need to facilitate export procedures,Especially exports to Saudi Arabia, the largest market for Bahraini factories and traders。One of the participants also suggested the establishment of export banks similar to those in many countries around the world,To support Bahrain's exports to global markets。


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