website development questionnaire


Shenzhen Community Home Network as a national community comprehensive service website,In recent years continue to strengthen our own construction,Site and WeChat new media window for service carrier ,Provide convenient information support for grassroots community governance,Creating residents“Community home”。Diverse sound,Can help Shenzhen Community Home Network better。recently,Shenzhen Community Home Network“Open door”,Listen to the public opinion、Do very real things,Open opinions for the city。From now on2021year4moon20day,Participate in Shenzhen Community Home Network Questionnaire,Have the opportunity to win a hundred yuan phone bills。

Shenzhen Community Home Network(,It is a social construction in Shenzhen“Weaving network project”important parts of,It takes a harmonious and happy community as the total goal,Society、Community grassroots organization、The broad participation and interaction of community residents is the basic platform,Taking community residents as the main service object,Outstanding people's livelihood、culture、Life service is focus,By increasing laws and regulations、Community life service、Execution and prevention and protection and protection of the black black deflation for knowledge promotion,Provide residents,Create a community resident、Covers information service platforms in all communities in the city。At the same time, in order to promote community autonomy、Community party building、Community governance provides information platform。

Shenzhen Community Home Network since its establishment,Always committed to providing multi-diverse residents、Convenient、One-stop service website,Constantly send warmth for community residents。In Shenzhen Community Home Network,Community information、Convenience、 Social consultation、Domestic services、Business solution、Event declaration、Research collection、Public welfare resources、Psychological counseling and other services。at the same time,and6Eastern convenience service sector,elder、Woman、Children and special groups are special attention to service objects。

In order to further understand the current status of the base to the platform,Shenzhen Community Home Network is publicly collected by the city,Listen to the needs and suggestions of grassroots managers and community residents,From now on2021year4moon20day,Fill in the questionnaire to participate in the lucky draw to win a hundred yuan。

also,Shenzhen Community Home Network will not regularly carry out award-winning benefits,Each phase will send a bread machine、Smart fan、sports watch、Hundred yuan call and other awards。

(website development questionnaire)Write:Southern reporter Cai Yuqing