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There are many e-commerce platforms today.,Everyone should know a lot,For example:Taobao、Jingdong、Take more、Suning...Of course, in addition to these platforms that keep up with them. Vipshop、mushroom Street、A series of e-commerce such as Jumei。

Then do you know how to create an e-commerce platform?? How to perform the design and implementation of core modules,Provide security for everyone、reliable、Easy to maintain、High-performance e-commerce platform program??

(ecommerce website development blog)This article teaches you how to build,In fact, it is not so difficult.!As long as you learn with your heart、Do it with your heart!!

The development of the Internet, especially e-commerce,Let our life have too much change。Seeing the courier through the street alley every day,Various wraps stacked at the door of each building,The company's front desk is even turned into a parate counter.,We feel that the circulation of goods has occurred.。Meeting at too many traditional retail industries,Every time you have a topic, how to do e-commerce,Even someone“Do e-commerce to find death,Do not do e-commerce, etc.”。

More and more companies will transition to the experience store,Put the e-commerce as a new channel,In order to build new business model;Even the traditional department store in each city is very powerful,Can only go to the complex,Take more and less common shopping mall。All changes have shown that e-commerce has changed its original business model.。

The changes brought by e-commerce have made many companies.,The reason is not to understand the Internet,I don't know the game rules here.,Even in some extent, I feel that the e-commerce platform is still a mysterious technology.,I don't know how to cut into e-commerce.。

(ecommerce website development blog)Actually,E-commerce platform is already a popular product,From a wide level,Nothing more than finding a third-party aggregation platform to open a store,Or do your own e-commerce platform,There are two ways in the two ways.。Open a store on the aggregation platform,The advantage is not to go to the business city product,Disadvantage is that customers are always others;Create an e-commerce platform,Although there is a need to put some funds and energy to maintain,But gradually establish your own user group,Make your own platform word of mouth,More is an ideal and ambitious practice。

The purpose of this article is to help companies build a project of their own e-commerce platforms.,CombineShopNC Mall system,Construct big data、High-performance places,Describe the design and implementation of the core module of the e-commerce platform,Provide security for everyone、reliable、Easy to maintain、High performance e-commerce platform solution。

ecommerce website development blog


(ecommerce website development blog)ecommerce website development blog

ecommerce website development blog

ecommerce website development blog

ecommerce website development blog

main content

(ecommerce website development blog)Full text is divided into four parts,10Chapter content,I hope everyone can read carefully.,Understand the true meaning of them,Book reads all over the past!

first part(First1chapter)Function plan,Introduce the composition of the e-commerce platform standard and the functional components of each kit。

(ecommerce website development blog)First1chapter,E-commerce platform standardization kit,With the high-speed development of e-commerce,Traditional single shopping mall trading system can no longer meet market demand,The diversified e-commerce platform system has become the mainstream of the market.。Circle with shopping mall/BBSForum system、newsCMSsystem、Product recommendation sharing micro-mall system、Instant communication between the buyers and sellersIMMobile terminals used by devices such as systems and mobile phonesAPPEquisouncers is an indispensable part of the e-commerce platform。

(ecommerce website development blog)ecommerce website development blog

the second part(First2chapter)Is technical architecture planning,Plan the technical point and implementation method for implementing the first part of the function,Technical framework needed before building code。

First2chapter,Technical architecture of e-commerce platform。Technical architecture of e-commerce platform involves many aspects,Software and hardware,Mainly summarized8Part,They are operating systems, respectively、application server、Load balancing、Cache、data storage、File storage、message queue、Search design and development framework,This chapter will be8Some of them introduce。

ecommerce website development blog

the third part(First3~9chapter)Functional implementation,Describe the design ideas of various functional modules constituting the e-commerce platform in detail、Skills sharing、Key code analysis、Final function experience,Completed the perfect conversion from theory to practice。

First3chapter,Design and implementation of mall kits。

ecommerce website development blog

First4chapter,CMS Sate design and implementation。CMSAs a standard kit for most websites,Since the e-commerce platform is also gradually developed,The mall now is no longer a single sales product,More in information、Social and other fields comprehensive layout,Gradually become a shopping-centered integrated portal。Especially in local malls and industry malls,CMSIt is an indispensable component。CMSSuccessful operation,Not only can you become a website or industry information platform,It can also bring huge traffic for the website.,Enable the website into a place or industry authority website,Not only can you bring objective advertising revenue for your site,And you can better promote sales of malls。

After in-depth investigation, we have developed for the mall system.CMSKit,When choosing the module to be developed,We combineCMSAnd the characteristics of the mall have developed articles、pictorial、Topics and Home Editing Four Modules。TraditionCMSComparison,ourCMS The kit can better combine with the mall system,Provide richer content,Including product information、member information、Shop information, etc.,Integrate the original dispersion into a platform。You can also bring a variety of operational modes to the website after you open a third party platform such as Taobao.,Make the content of the website more rich。

ecommerce website development blog(ecommerce website development blog)

First5chapter,Design and Implementation of Social Platform。In recent years,Communityization of e-commerce sites has become the topic of the Internet industry。From vertical media、Social networking site、Weibo and other utilization flow advantages provide marketing services for e-commerce companies,Open blog to the e-commerce website、Microblogging、Forum and other active new and old customers,Let's talk about it.、Mushroom Street and other specializes in shopping sharing community emergence,Socialized e-commerce forms a variety of forms。

For merchants and platforms,E-commerce social intersection can be considered sharing、communicate with、Discuss、Interactive, socialized elements attract users to buy。From the perspective of consumers,Social electronic commerce reflects the store selection before consumers shopping、Product comparison, etc.,Reflected in the shopping processIM、Forum and other communication and interaction between e-commerce enterprises,Also reflected in consumption evaluation and shopping sharing after purchasing goods。

ShopNCThe mall system explores the socialization of e-commerce websites.,DevelopSNSModules and circle kits。

ecommerce website development blog

First6chapter,IMSate design and implementation。IM——Instant messaging(Instant Messenger),The core function is to send and receive messages between users.,To achieve a span chat。Everyone used the most、The most typical thing isQQ,Of course it is now integrating a lot of other features,Its main advantage isPCend,And what we have to implement is a chat system that provides services to both merchants and sellers in the mall.(Simple online customer service system)。

ecommerce website development blog

First7chapter,Design and implementation of mobile application suite。With the advancement of times and technology,People rises sharply to mobility and information,Mobile Internet has penetrated into people's lives、Work all areas。along with3GArrival of the times,Mobile e-commerce has become a chain of various industrial chains“Big cake”。Mobile e-commerce can provide users with the required services anytime, anywhere.、application、Information and entertainment,At the same time, users and businesses are met、Safety、Social and self-realization needs,Since the user's welcome。Mobile e-commerce has become the future trend of e-commerce development。Mobile e-commerce as a new type of e-commerce,Advantages of mobile wireless networks,Is a useful supplement to traditional e-commerce。Although there are still many problems such as safety and bandwidth of mobile e-commerce.,But compared to traditional e-commerce methods,Mobile e-commerce has many advantages,Get universal attention from all over the world,Development and popularity。

(ecommerce website development blog)Of course,Different characteristics due to fixed-network-based e-commerce and mobile e-commerce,Mobile e-commerce is impossible to completely replace traditional e-commerce,Both complements each other、Complementary。Mobile communication、Easy features,Decided that mobile e-commerce should be positioned in Popularity in Popularization,Popular business applications should be provided,thereforeB2BIt may become the main model of mobile e-commerce development。

ecommerce website development blog

First8chapter,O2OSate design and implementation。O2OMarketing model is also known as offline business model,It is the online marketing line to purchase drive and offline consumption。O2OBe discounted、provide information、Service booking, etc.,Push the message of the online store to the internet user,Thereby converting them to their offline customers,This is especially suitable for goods and services that must be consumed by the store.,Such as dining、fitness、Watch movies and performances、Beauty salon, etc.。

ecommerce website development blog

First9chapter,E-commerce platform interface design and user experience。

ecommerce website development blog

fourth part(First10chapter)Is the installation deployment,Deploy the mall that has been completed to the server,And introduce the deployment process of the main nodes in the cluster deployment。

First10chapter,E-commerce platform installation and deployment。This chapter we useLNMP(Linux+Nginx+MySQL+PHP)ArchitectureShopNC B2B2CMall systemCentOS 6.4x64Installation as an example,Explain the installation and deployment process。

(ecommerce website development blog)ecommerce website development blog

The above four parts are the e-commerce platform from planning,Build again to each key module,Remnance and performance、Optimization of user experience,Completely explained,Meet the basic needs of the e-commerce platform to establish to operate。

According to the above content, the development work of the mall one by one,It can make the cumbersome work、Charm!!

(ecommerce website development blog)This copy【High performance e-commerce platform construction:Architecture、Design and Development】 Total438Page,Because the number of articles is limited, there is no more content to everyone.,So friends who need full version of content,You can forward attention Xiaobian,Private letter Xiaobian【Technology】Gain!!!

First line big factoryCTOHighly evaluation of this article

From the needs of a company,Telling from the technology selection to code development to deployment.,Especially its code development,Several core functions of the e-commerce platform have,And not flowing money,From the design idea to the final implementation,This is very important,It is also very worthy of affirmation。

(ecommerce website development blog)As far as I know, I have no similar article.,Truthfully,Real code,And these codes are also certified by a large number of business-running sites.,this is notDEMO,This is indeed a highlight of this article.。

So a full version of friends,Can be directly privately confidental technology to get!!

(ecommerce website development blog)I believe that everyone will be here, I will definitely learn how to build a business platform that belongs to myself.。

(ecommerce website development blog)I will help everyone here.,I hope everyone can cherish!!


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