website developer internship


1.First of all, of course, a small sister is taking you.,Take you to understand the company's main business,The project groups have those projects,What framework is used?,So as quickly as possible with the framework used by the company,The test environment writes a deletion to find this framework。

2.After you are familiar with the company's framework and business,Will arrange some small features to develop。For example, when I just entered the company,Arrange one for meOAPlease develop。What you develop is generally used in the company's internal,Will not cause loss to the company,So just do the boldness,Don't consider too much risk,It is not the problem you consider.。For example, when I apprentice just came to the company.,I arranged him to do a test coverage of notifications and code of the warning.,Will not hinder the master function。

website developer internship

in addition,The company will arrange a person to take you.,You have to ask him more。If you have any questions, you must ask for trouble.,Be sure to understand a root。

In development,As long as it is wrong, you can find the root source.,so,Once you have encountered problems,Be sure to make something,You will never forget。

in addition,If you want to stay after graduation, continue in this company,Don't go home when you intermine.,Try to learn more in the company for a while,The things you can learn in your business are really quite a lot.。

(website developer internship)All right,Peace of mind,The code is not as difficult as you think。Don't think you can do it.,You are a newcomer,The company will not arrange your super-load work.,You must step by step,From functional start,Enter your own programmers。

(website developer internship)I am engaged in it.8YearjavaDevelop,there is a needjavaAspect, private letter I,Or have anything aboutjavaProgrammer problem,Can leave a message in the comment area。

website developer internship