joomla website development tutorial pdf


We have done a lot of websites,Developed from customization to using open source software(Wordpress, Joomla,DiscuzWait)There are many cases to build websites to customers.。

According to the use of the station,The actual process varies from 100,000 miles。

joomla website development tutorial pdf

* First of all, the most important thing is:Prepare reasonable budget,Don't worry,Don't enjoy the process,The process is very painful。

If you are yourself, build a website from your head.,The transaction to be dealt:

1)Buy domain name

cost 15~60Yuan/year

Alibaba Cloud、Tencent Cloud to apply for domain name;

2)Domain name real name authentication

(joomla website development tutorial pdf)free,Domain name,Real-name authentication can be performed in the Domain Management Office;

(joomla website development tutorial pdf)3)Purchase server

Recommend Huawei cloud、Ali Cloud、Tencent cloud and other cloud servers,Pay attention to the activity to go to Amoy,Below this is Alibaba Cloud,96Yuan1year,Basically play,But as mentioned earlier,Prepare reasonable budget,The lowest configuration is still available in shallow taste.;

cost 100 ~ 4000Yuan/year

joomla website development tutorial pdf

4)Domain name


*Pay attention to the steps of the domain name The purchase server is behind,Ali Cloud、Tencent cloud for filing,Request to fill in the code code,This filing code is from the previous step to the cloud server purchased.,Every cloud server has the most5Apt;

The process deviation of the domain name is large.,Basically, where is your server?,The cloud server bought in Ali Cloud is in Alibaba Cloud.,The servers built in Tencent Yun are filing in Tencent Cloud.;Buy a server housing,Record in the service provider hosting the computer room;

5)Website deployment

Our personal blog,Corporate website,Marketing website, etc.,Quantity90%All usephpLanguor,Here90%Be based onwordpress, joomla,drupalOpen source software construction,Website deployment is a very professional topic,Can be installed one-click,But there is a problem,Need considerable expertise。

6)Website production

After the website is deployed, you can access the website through the domain name.,But the content of the website、The style is not we want at all.,At this point, you can enter the site management system through the management link of the website.,Delete the original content,Publish your own content,Modify style, etc.(But now there is a considerable part of the website,Is a complete static website,No management of the background);

For personal blog sites,What is the content is the king?,style、I really don't need to spend too much effort in typography.,Find a basic satisfied template to use it.,Many users are quite a lot of energy in the style,How long does it take for a long time?。

(joomla website development tutorial pdf)For many small private bosses, it is also,We encounter considerable cases,It is necessary to make from which site is in the aesthetics.(Especially the electronic components industry,Some style is not good),But in terms of product content, it will not be organized ten days.;

Website is the most basic business card,The website can be very cool,But in fact, the most important thing is still content and future operations and promotion。

7)Website operation

joomla website development tutorial pdf

The operation of the website is generally included:

A.Content operation

Or copy or original,Reproduced,And that's all,The core of this part is a rhythmic update.,Rhythmic update is an important voucher that this website is alive,Baidu Google will be very interested;

B.Interactive content management

If there is a contribution、message、Comment function,Things really have no,Because many automated tools will automatically review、register、message,Including that we will do this for customers.,There is such a classic case(The famous stationmaster Lu Songsong commented1.5Wan blog),A lot of cases this is not what you want.,Management of interactive content。

Interactive content is messy,Will get the users who are interested in your content。

C.System operation

(joomla website development tutorial pdf)The number of good things in the online world,Hypothesis,So data security is the top priority,Regular data backup。

For users who have been building station,Do this2Thing:

one)Regular backup data,Set up automatic backup strategy;

two)Operating system account password,Database account password,Website administrators' account passwords are as complicated as possible;

8)Website promotion drainage

This topic will be wider,For most websites,Basically, stop this work after adding the website to Baidu statistics.。

Many of the heads now appear from the media platform,Agree simplified、Extended the operation of promoting drainage,Headline、Bachelor、Bear's own、Penguin、Big fish number、Netease number、BThere are these several self-media platforms have been covered.80%Traffic。

Register an account on these platforms,Content synchronization to self-media account matrix,Draw to the website,Very significant effect,This also constitutes the core idea of the head player,Is the distribution and interaction of content,Let SME also have energy in all network marketing promotion。