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10Ago,Tourism management professional graduated Cheng Ji drops into the way。Condoction,Working in the front end customer service sales position after four years,Cheng Yuri turned to the outboundant play product,Responsible for the development and design of Thailand Tourism Products。2020After the epidemic,Outbound tour is affected,Cheng Yuri is also forced to stop in the cause of rapid rising period.。Although many colleagues choose to leave,But Cheng Yili feels that there is also the possibility of persisting。2020year6moon,After the company officially completed,Cheng Yuri turned to the surrounding tour。now,She has created her own representative。

travel website developers

2021year10moon25day,Cheng Yuri in the Jiangsu Garden Expo Park。

(travel website developers)Transfer+Award,Outbound travel products before the epidemic“Advanced road”

(travel website developers)2022The Spring Festival is coming,Cheng Yuri and colleagues are busy online online。In recent years,Enjoy the new consumption trend in the hotel,“In the same area”Background,Look locally“Older”More and more young people are favored。“one way or another,Dinner still have to eat。”Cheng Yuri is mainly responsible for the development of surrounding products in East China,In the surrounding tour, the opening of the tour has been working for nearly two years.。

2012year,Tourism management professional graduated Cheng Yubi into the position of the cattle,First, in the customer service sales position in the front end, I have worked for four years.,2016He seizes the opportunity to transfer the job and responsible for the development of Southeast Asian tourism products,Since then, the road to advanced。

Product development position is the core of the Towelull,Not only need to produce products,Need to follow up selling、Tourist satisfaction and feedback, etc.。It is not easy to turn to the product from sales.。Although Cheng Yuri is very familiar with tourism needs,But how to convert demand into available products,It is still challenge for her.。She has strong adaptability, she has their own efforts,I gradually emerged in the new position after half a year.。Shortly after transfer,She touched the companySClass project。Based on the exiting tourism demand,Tunnery wants to create an outbound and group tour products that do not limit the departure,Responsible for the team where the origin is located。

After a year of grinding,Cheng Yuri is in the group“Air tickets+Ground”Modified“Eat Siamese”Outbound tourism products have been praised by the market,In two years,The route passes over 10,000 passengers,2019The Spring Festival reaches the peak history。“In the later period of product,A lot of similar modes appeared in the market,I have been copy and imitate that year.。”

along with“Eat Siamese”Successful,Cheng Yili also harvested the first company-level award in the opening of outbound travel products.——Towel 2019Annual Works Award。Just as she is2020When the Spring Festival is a big time,The outbreak of the epidemic will stop everything.。

travel website developers

2019year,Cheng Yuri participated in the design of the outbound tour product award。

Conquer the trend,“My youth is in the tourism industry”

then,Cheng Yuri is still not realized that the work will face a big change,“The epidemic is just outstanding,I haven't thought about it has not been able to do it later.,I only know to handle the retreat.,This is everyday work。”

2020It took a long time after the Spring Festival,Because the company cannot work properly,Cheng Yili is in the state of home office。Unlike other people's anxiety and confusion,I was very busy that time.。“First, there are more businesses.,The work to be dealt with will change.;Second, policies for non-destructive retreats that have not been traveled during the company's epidemic,But in fact, the company will bear,We need to communicate with suppliers,Loss this part of this minimum。”Monthly work,Cheng Yuri is responsible for Thailand and other Southeast Asian tourism market suppliers,Accumulated as company damage185Ten thousand yuan。

at the same time,Because the company's business is almost stopped,Cheng Yuri and colleagues can only receive salary according to the minimum wage standard of enterprises in Nanjing.。Realistic dilemma and life pressure,Do not have to leave some colleagues,arrive2020year6Month company,It turned out that there were more than ten colleagues in the departments left to seven or eight employees.。

Cheng Yuri also asked if he had to leave。“I analyze myself,Learn to manage,After graduation, it has been in the tourism industry.,Professional advantages and work experience are related to tourism,Unless you continue to do this,Otherwise, there is no great competitive advantage in the recruitment market.。If you continue,Why don't I am going?,Many youth are here,No way to give up, give up。”

Cheng Yili who doesn't want to leave, want to try again。2020year6moon,People's demand for surrounding tourism,Combine this tourist consumption trend,The outbound travel products of Cheng Yuri are moving to the development of surrounding products.。

from“Peach home”arrive“Yellow flower shore”,Good product is from“Not give up”

Afterwards,Cheng Yuri and the other two colleagues are responsible for the development of surrounding products in East China。After the travel supplier、After the line, it is routinely working in the previous period of the group.,Cheng Yuri noted that the demand for surrounding tour is fast、Seasonal strongest feature,Put the development direction“Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai1.5-2.5Hour drive”。

Thinking through tourists,Follow the determined development direction,Cheng Yuri quickly determined his first surrounding product goal。2020year9moon,Cheng Yuri discovered a new opening hotel in Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province——Taojiawu Country Hotel。This hotel is well location,But there is not much highlight in the information.,She doesn't want to give up the possibility of developing new products,Just drive to the colleague to the scene。After arriving at the hotel,She is very glad that she did not give up easily.。This hotel is located in the scenic spots away from the city,There are also water drifting and other fun facilities around the surroundings.,Set of casual sightseeing、Holiday、Catering accommodation、Water activity in one,Ideal for peripheral package products。Tangle price,Cheng Yuri arranged online for sale on the third day.。

travel website developers

2020year9moon4day,Cheng Yuri is in Huzhou, Huzhou。

Cheng Yili clearly remembers,Taojiawu Country Hotel contains a nightroom、Double breakfast and double scenic spoilers packaged products price599Yuan,I sold it on the first week.100Multi night,Visitors are also very high。The first surrounding tour product developed is recognized,Let her feel very encouraged。

Thereafter,She not only participated in the development of more self-driving travel packages,I have also developed a day trip、Two-day tour and other conventional surroundings and group tour products。Working more than a year in the new position,Cheng Yuri has clearly recognized the same and different from the development of outbound travel and surrounding products.。“The same is to become a product。Different is the rhythm of the surrounding tour.,The sensitivity to the product is higher。also,The price of surrounding tour products is more transparent,Relatively small profit margin,Competition is more intense。”

(travel website developers)In the development of a sub-surrounding tour product,The colleagues are extremely tenacity,Continuous improvement of work sensitivity,Last year11Month successfully developed“Huanghua Shore Hotel Packaged Products”Do a good place。

Development of Huanghua Shore Hotel Packaged Products,Demand docking from a jubilant program from Cheng Yubi and colleagues。“Junda Plant Hotel2021Year-old,I have no resources in this hotel.。In order to assist group construction,I found the hotel's person in charge to communicate resources、purchase,At the time of the hotel's design style、Service and accessories and other facilities have an excellent impression,Follow-up group,Colleagues are very satisfactory,Also expressed,Increased my determination to get online。”

Characteristics of the Yellow Flower Shore Hotel,Cheng Yuri will create it“hotel+Play”“hotel+Meal”Two surrounding tour products,Online on platform and other platforms。Good new hotel resources have never lacked competition,In order to take the Huanghua Shore Hotel resources and master the competitive advantage,Cheng Yurans and colleagues have taken multiple rounds,The price of the hotel packaged products588Yuan/Set down to399Yuan/set。“The product is sold for half a month.150Evening night,From last year11Month to now,US(Toward Cavity)The sales performance has accounted for the performance of the Yellow Flower Shore.60%above。”

After the epidemic,“Also want to continue to make”

(travel website developers)Instructions for less than two years, we have developed a variety of highly recognized products.,Cheng Yili said,As the field of surrounding tour products“Half a new person”Not too much experience,“More thinking from tourists”。at the same time,In the current epidemic situation,There is a high random property in the surrounding tour.,“Developers should improve sensitivity,More observation demand dynamics,Always grasp the status of the epidemic is also very important。”

In the past two years,Cheng Yuri has developed online96Self-driving tour package products、Hundreds of routine and group tour products。Before doing domestic tourism,She is some destination、Attraction、There are not many hotels in the hotel,“Really cut into this market,I realized that China's tourism resources,Only one province、A city has an income tourism resource。”

(travel website developers)Before making a borders before,Cheng Yuri frank,Today's work intensity is much higher than the epidemic.,Now she and colleagues have to develop a week.3-4Product。Although the current working status is generally satisfactory,But occasionally there is frustrating time,“Compared to the formation of an epidemic,The epidemic has messing a lot of rhythm,Maybe I plan to develop、Selling resources in a place,But if there is a sudden outbreak of the epidemic there,I have to give up,Reselect new development area。”

“for2022year,I can't say that it is very optimistic.,But according to the observation of these two years,Some of the travel needs of people did not give up due to epidemic,As long as you make a flexible adjustment,I can always develop some tourism products that will allow public acceptance.。”In the view of Cheng Yili,Affected by the epidemic,Domestic tour is still a mainstream trend for a long time.,at the same time,More and more people tend to drive self-driving tour,Boutique small group will be more favored。

Imagine future,Cheng Yuri said that I still want to make another development of the country.,In addition to your favorite、More than income,Development of outbound travel products is more challenging,It is different from the eyes of people.。“If you can still make,Explain that the epidemic has been more effective,It is also a good expectation to the future.。”

at the moment,Busy, the hotel's new rice seedlings,It is also necessary to arrange the online plan of the surrounding tour products in East China after the Spring Festival.。“Although the tourism situation after the Spring Festival is not accurately predicted,But plan must be prepared first,Surrounding tourism needs still have。”

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