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Maryland Registered Company:Suddenly increased in the near future,why?

A very close state in Maryland and China cooperation,Maybe many people don't know,Foreign companies invested in Maryland, USA,Is one of the most densities in the US overseas companies。Why is so many companies choose Maryland Registered??Today, I will talk to you the advantages and disadvantages of the US Maryland registered company.。

The biggest advantage of US Maryland Registered Company

National support:Registered in Maryland, USA can get support from our country。

“China Mary Maryland Science Park”It is established by the University of Maryland and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.,One of the six international projects of the Torch Center of the China Science and Technology Department,It is also the only cooperation project in the United States.,Aim to attract and support Chinese health care in the United States、Environmental friendly、agriculture、R & D entities of industrial technology companies such as energy and fire prevention。

website development maryland

Other advantages of US Maryland Registered Company

1)Advantage industry:The largest economic proportion of Maryland is the manufacturing industry12%about,The main manufacturing includes food、Textile、Chemical、print、Steel、metal processing、car、Aerospace、Electronic device, etc.。If your company is related to these,Registered in Maryland is a good choice。

2)good tranffic:Near New York and the capital Washington,transportation、Convenient communication conditions。

3)Tax advantage:Science and technology parks, including China and Maryland University,Maryland has set up4Foreign trade zone and corporate area,There are a number of preferential policies in the district。

4)Investment restriction:Maryland government has no restrictions on investment,But for the bank、transportation、Communicate、Natural Resources、Insurance and field investment has investment proportional restrictions。Financial institutions prohibiting all or controlled by foreign governments in Maryland。

5)Trade condition:2011Maryland export trade volume is108.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Accounting for the total export of the United States0.72%,The top ten export markets are Canada in turn、China、Saudi Arabia、South Korea、Mexico、Netherlands、Egypt、Japan、United Kingdom and Germany。

6)Natural resources:Have a very rich mining and forestry resources。Forest and Yinlin City area40%。Hardwood,Ideal for making furniture。The main trees have oak and mountain hutoma。Pine forest along the coastal plains。Minerals mainly have coal,Reach4Billion ton。

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