website developer interview questions


Interview company:Baidu

Interview post:C++Background development

one side:

Introduce your own project

1.TCPFour timestime_waitWhat is the role??What kind of consequences will have been removed??

2.Implementation mechanism for virtual functions?

(website developer interview questions)3.vector,queueWhat is the underlying data structure??What is the benefit of a circular link??

4.Talking in detail balance binary tree?And the specific difference in the red black tree?

5.What sorting algorithms know?Tell me in detail to rapid sorting and stack sorting implementation principles and processes?

6.Give me a detailed introductionTCPcharacteristic?

7.What do you know?mysqlengine?Specifyinnodbandmyisamthe difference?

8.Why use a federated index?right(a,b,c)Establish a joint index,where a=3,b>4,c=5Can this joint index??why?

(website developer interview questions)9.Characteristics of shared lock?

10.What is something?Detailed introductionACIDFour characteristics?

11.The three major paradigms are introduced separately?

Two sides:

Assault interview,Incomplete time,11Points to start it directly.。This is not ready to calm down.,You can let the interviewer wait for the interviewer to prepare the equipment.,At the same time adjustment。

1.TCPThree handshake processes,What impact will change to two handshakes??

2.What methods are there in between processes??What are you used??Talk about some features of pipelines and messages?

3.Database four isolation levels?What inconsistent issues have been solved separately?

4.Browser from display the intermediate of the display interface?

5.What is a dead lock??Formation of deadlock conditions?How to avoid dead locks?

6.Apart fromselectNetwork model you do you know which network models?Talk aboutselectandepollDifference of network model?

(website developer interview questions)7.Talk about the memory distribution of the process?What are the differences in stacks and stacks?,The more detailed, the better?