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Web Surveys are important tools,Websites and businesses can use it to measure important feedback from website visitors and customers。Web Surveys are also some of the unmentioned elements of a website,Because their role is mainly to collect data,instead of being a main function。

in e-commerce and any industry,Deciding what your customers want is largely based on asking them directly。also,Doing so will also give you a deeper understanding of the user experience —— which are valid,which are invalid,and what can and should be improved!

therefore,as you saw,use web Surveys offer many benefits。Of course,Designing them properly has a lot to do with whether they work for any site。

(website development questionnaire pdf)We'll skip the section about defining your survey goals and clarifying the type of feedback you want,Because this is a prerequisite for any successful investigation。next,We will only focus on the survey design aspects。

1. use of images

(website development questionnaire pdf)you might trust your head,An internet survey should be a bunch of rote lines,in the context of the web page,each line asks a question。Although this is definitely a classic or regular survey method,But with such a naked、Hollow way to design it,won't do any miracles for its conversion rate!

Use images throughout your investigation —— Space and divide different parts wisely —— Has been shown to affect conversion rates,and other very important investigative actions。

(website development questionnaire pdf)Survey Monkey made a with 2015 Interesting experiment related to the UK general election。They applied three treatments to their survey design,Each with three unique images——This is the only constant change in the design(They expressed respondents' desire to be PM The problem)。They want to determine how clicks and completion rates are affected。

(website development questionnaire pdf)The images they use are:

  • downing street 10 entrance(British Prime Minister lives here)。
  • UK coloured map with party representation。
  • rosette(ribbon for military decoration)。

Map images have the highest click-through rate,for 9.3%。Downing Street entrance performs worst,only 5.9%,rosettes 8.2%。

(website development questionnaire pdf)in terms of completion rate,The image doesn't really affect this data,Because the completion rate of the map and Downing Street imagery are both 89.9%,The completion rate of rosettes is slightly higher,for 90.9%。

it makes sense,Because images have been shown to affect website conversions。on the website,Using images in your designs always leads to better results。

so when you design the survey,Don't just include pictures,Instead, think carefully about the ones you use。under investigation,They should be linked in some way to the characteristics of the respondents,for maximum impact。

2. Understand the limitations of your phone

(website development questionnaire pdf)in mobile,Investigation is a double-edged sword。on the one hand,More people now use mobile devices than desktop computers,So more people are using their smartphones to conduct research than ever before。Unfortunately,for some reason,Survey users have a worse experience on mobile。

The biggest problem is time。Surveys taken on mobile devices take longer to complete than on desktops 11% arrive 50%。What today's users and customers value most is the speed of the user experience,So the length of time it takes to complete a survey on a mobile phone is undoubtedly a result of“friction”a major reason。

This slow down comes down to 3 a particular reason:

  • Server connections on mobile devices are slower than high-speed desktop internet。
  • Mobile phone screen size is small,Difficulty reading and answering survey questions。
  • Users are just more easily distracted on their smartphones,Especially when trying to do research on the go。

For this slow moving speed,what can we do?

for beginners,Don't use matrix problems,i.e. displaying multiple questions in a grid。You've already met them while answering a survey question,But they aggravate the user experience by forcing the user to scroll up, down, left and right。Doing this on the small screen of a smartphone is obviously a hassle。on the contrary,Drop multiple choice questions and answers,with more direct questions,Just get a yes or no answer from the user(therefore,No need for excessive mesh)。

Keep the length of the survey relatively short,to improve the user's answering time。

Of course,Remember to test your survey on different devices:iOS, Android and desktop。

3. the most important is:Designed for user experience

Designers and developers are always taught to design for UX first。design one web Investigating can be a little tricky,because you're not dealing with a traditional page,But this is a great opportunity,despite this,Apply everything you know about being excellent UX knowledge of design。

The Laboratory of Automated Psychology and Decision Processes at the University of Maryland provides a useful set of guidelines for web survey design。The basic principles are all about conducting surveys in a user-friendly way。

Some useful design suggestions include:

  • put your logo on the top left of the page,Navigation menu placed vertically on the left side of the page。
  • All questions and answers should be left-aligned。
  • Response formats should be positioned to the left of all response categories。

Besides,It's always a good idea to use easy-to-read design elements,because your users / Respondents will scan the length of the page to read the questions,and want to complete the entire survey。

Further good practices include:

  • Use enough white space between individual questions,This allows users to focus on only one question at a time,without feeling like you have to squint or try to guess the answer to a question;
  • Use font sizes that are easy to read on the web,Especially on small screens on mobile devices。

according to UXmatters Research,For small mobile devices,at least 4 Minute,And for large mobile devices,at least 6 Minute。

if possible,Use numbers or bullet points,Break the problem down further into smaller pieces、easier to understand、Blocks of text that are easier to navigate。

In general,designed by you web Surveys should be a pleasure to browse and answer,instead of nasty work that the user can't do。


Web Surveys can be effectively taken from any given site's users、reader、Get feedback from customers and consumers。The problem is that they have to be designed for usability,So respondents don't give up on the survey before it's done。You want useful data from any survey!

Remember some important guidelines:

  • be sure to use pictures,but be careful,Use only images relevant to the respondents。
  • Always design your surveys for mobile,Because more and more people are now using their mobile phones to answer surveys。
  • Follow basic user experience principles,to ensure the readability and usability of the survey。