website development company in pune


website development company in pune

Employment siteIndeedA new study of employee feedback from the website,Including rating、Number of comments and time for vacancy,I found that job seekers in the Indian technology industry are more willing to cooperate with international companies.,2018Most of the 15th National Congress of Science and Technology is a multinational company,The top five isAdobe、Nvidia、Microsoft、SAPandAkamai Technologies。There are only three in the overall rankings in India local companies.,The famous international enterprise thinking7,Apple13。

what can be confirmed is,Big Company has certain attractions to technical staff around the world。However,Indeed IndiaManaging DirectorSashi KumarExpressed at the press conference,The results of the survey also show that employees are eager for companies.:There is a clear progressive structure and a good overall work environment。

Sashi KumarSupplementary description:“In addition to the company's strategic and meaningful work plan,Focus management and is willing to create a favorable environment for employees to create a highly evaluation of job seekers。”

He said:“In addition to competitive salary,Creating a culture of a partnership rather than letting employee feel just come to work,More sense of employees。”

The following is the rankings of India15List of technology companies。


website development company in pune

Company Rating:4.3Comment quantity:490strip

(website development company in pune)This year's highest ranking in India is a multinational computer software companyAdobe。

since1982Since the introduction,The company focuses on multimedia and creative software products,Such asPhotoshop。However,recent,It has turned to digital marketing software。therefore,The company's position is very wide,Design、project、Finance and sales。

(website development company in pune)office:Bangalore、Gurgang、Hyderabad、Mumbai and Nouva。

2. Nvidia

Company Rating:4.2 Comment quantity:179strip

American companyNvidiaLaptop、workstation、Mobile devices、Laptop and PC Create a graphics processor(GPU)。The company has a series of game-oriented consumer products,Set-top box。

Nvidiawas founded in1993year,Over the years,To keep up with the pace of technology,Not only paying attention to video games,Also pay attention to more and more popular artificial intelligence。

office:Bangalore、Hyderabad、Mumbai and Poola。


website development company in pune

Company Rating:4.2Comment quantity:5297strip

Microsoft1990The first time I launched in India for the first time.,I have been working hard to expand their business.,Using India's growingITtalent pool。

now,Microsoft has more than nine cities in India6500Employee。CEOSatya NadellaAlso from Hyderabad, India,Although Microsoft is headquartered in the United States,But its company's board of directors is diversified。

office:Ahmedabad、Bangalore、Ji Nai、Hyderabad、Gurgang、Know、Kolkata、New Delhi and Pumpa。

4. SAP

Company Rating:4.3Comment quantity:1822strip

software companySAPMainly produces computer software to manage business operations and customer relationships。Multinational company1972Established in Germany,At present180Country to carry out business。

rightSAPComments,Job seekers emphasize the company's production environment and rich benefits。

office:Bangalore、Changdal、Gurgang、Kolkata、Mumbai and New Delhi。

(website development company in pune)5. Akamai Technologies

Company Rating:4.1Comment quantity:179strip

American content distribution networkAkamai TechnologiesIs one of the world's largest distributed computing platform,Network traffic reaches15%arrive30%。The company launches server network services worldwide,Also rental equipment will increase their speed。

IndeedCommentator emphasizesAkamai“interesting”Work environment,And the company can help employees achieve good balance between work and life。

office:Bangalore、Gulgar and Mumbai。

6. VMware

Company Rating:4.1Comment quantity:656strip

VMwareIs Dell's subsidiary,Provide cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services。Dell is established1998year,Now it is Microsoft and Apple and other companies have desktop software using it.。

The respondent affirmed the company's“Active environment”,Think that you can improve your ability。

office:Bangalore、Ganni and Pump。

(website development company in pune)7.Cisco

Company Rating:4.1Comment quantity:4389strip

Cisco Development、Manufacturing and sales network hardware and telecommunications equipment。The company also has some subsidiaries specializing in specific technology markets.,Including IoT and Security。

OneIndeedCommentator emphasizes their ability to learn in work,And can understand the recent development situation when working with other companies。

office:Bangalore、Ji Nai、Colombo、Kolkata、Gusum、Hyderabad、Mumbai、New Delhi and Pumpa。


website development company in pune(website development company in pune)Company Rating:4.1Comment quantity:3896strip

Intel focuses on production communications and computing products,Microprocessors and other semiconductor chips。

Respondent,They work in a friendly environment,At the same time full of power and good salary。

office:Ahmedabad、Bangalore、Chinna、Gurgang、Hyderabad、Kolkata、Mumbai、New Delhi、Nova、Pune and Sass Kandelabad。

9. Citrix Systems

(website development company in pune)Company Rating:4.0Comment quantity:474strip

Multinational software companyCitrixServer、Application and desktop network、Software service and cloud computing technology。

The company also actively participates in the corporate responsibility plan,And allow employees to participate in two paid volunteers every year,Helping the company's annual global impact day。

office:Bangalore、Mumbai and Delhi。

(website development company in pune)10.Indian Space Research Organization(Indian Space Research Organization)

Company Rating:4.4Comment quantity:232strip

The only public sector in this year is the establishment of the 15th National List is Indian Space Research Organization.,It can also be said that it is an Space Administration of the Indian government.。

The institution is headquartered in Bangalore,A statement on the government website,The organization is driving India“Use spatial technology to promote national development while spatial scientific research and planet exploration”The goal。

office:Bangalore and Hyderabad。


website development company in pune

Company Rating:4.0Comment quantity:10979strip

Information Technology CompanyHewlett-Packardwas founded in1939year,In2015Demolition into two entities。One of them isHPcompany,Now focus on developing personal computers、Printer and3DPrint solution。

(website development company in pune)IndeedCollected10000Multiple comments,Job seekers actively definitely be the overall culture of the company's vocational development plan and company centered on consumers.。

(website development company in pune)office:Bangalore、Chinna、Gurgang、Kolkata、Lucknow、Mumbai、New Delhi andUdham Singh Nagar。

(website development company in pune)12.

Company Rating:4.2Comment quantity:157strip

Indian fashion e-commerce companyMyntraAt2007Annual launch,Mainly sell personalized gifts,Then spread to a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products。2014year,The company is used by India e-commerce giantsFlipkartAcquire,After receiving the bidding for the holding equity this year,Turn it to Wal-Mart。

An employee said,MyntraIs a typical representative of many new technology companies。



Company Rating:4.2Comment quantity:6558strip

Technical leaders Apple's most famous is innovative design and software features。Company or industry leader in consumer products and online services。

2016year,Apple established a new development center in Hyderabad to build a map product,It also shows that it will take advantage of Indian technical talents.。Later, it was also launched in Bangalore.iOSApplication development accelerator。

office:Bangalore、Gurgang、Hydebad and New Delhi。


Company Rating:4.1Comment quantity:1220strip

Transnational Semiconductors and Telecom Equipment Corporation Qualcomm is mainly designed and sold wireless communication products and services.。at the same time,It is still a chip manufacturing and patent license industry leader。

The employee of the company works,They get“Cutting-edge technology”And enjoy the flexible working time and“compete”culture。

office:Bangalore、Hyderabad、Chinna、Mumbai and New Delhi。

15.Tata Consultation Service

Company Rating:4.0Comment:14626strip

Tata Consulting Service Company is a information technology、Consulting and business solution company,Is a subsidiary of multinational group Tata Group。Tower Group29Home listed company,Including Tata Iron and Steel Company、Jaguar Land Tiger Tata Tata Motor Company and Tata Communication Company。

(website development company in pune)It has been ranaming in India's technology companies.,And in recent years, it has expanded the company's responsibility plan for employees.。

office:Ahmedabad、Bangalore、Boba、Babaneswar、Ji Nai、Brother、Gandi Nagar、Gurglad、Hyderabad、Jamsedebur、Know、Kolkata、Lucknow、Mapha、Mumbai、Napur、New Delhi、Nova、Barta、Pleuma、Lai Bull、Tri Fando 琅 and Wadadala。

India is moving forward in technology innovation,However, local high IQ technical talents seem to still worry about multinational corporations.,Not a local company,This has to be said that it is the loss of India development.。