website development questions


(website development questions)The heads and tailings of all pages are the same

Home、Column page,From head to tail,There is only the name of the company in the head.。Website title、Keyword、Describe the same,Even if the search engine contains the website,I have I have to rank。

Navigation bar

Inside the large industry website, it is best to use text form.,Avoid using images orFlashNavigation bar、Reduce website extensibility。

(website development questions)website development questions

Text is inappropriate

Some website pages are not optimized,The thick font is easy to identify,But the overall plan is troubled by these thick fonts,No web。

The homepage is an animation or a language version selection button in different countries.

Some websites,One open is an animation,After the animation is over, it is the version of Chinese and English.。

Decompose large form

(website development questions)In order to speed up the browsing speed of the web page,Try to avoid using large forms,Because the browser must wait for the content of the entire table to reach the client,Can display the content of this form,And the text or image is displayed while downloading。At the same time, try to minimize the depth of the form when making a web page.、Table complication,Can reduce loading speed。


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website development company american fork Florida, USA,What is the cost of a dynamic e-commerce website??At the data exitWe are e-commerce website designersThe company provides the best professional web design for small or large companies in

quality management plan for website development


quality management plan for website development Website as a facade in the Internet promotion,Is the display of corporate image,The importance is self-evident。So how to build a high quality website?What issues need to pay attention to during websit

how to choose website development company


how to choose website development company In today's fast-developing economy,Small and medium-sized enterprises have realized the importance of enterprise website to enterprise development。However,The website building market is polarized。Some