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(travel website development)travel website development

Most provinces are vigorously developing tourism industry,So many travel agencies and personal travel websites,Leading the online travel website market competition is very fierce,I want to be accurate guest,Relying on the search engine ranking,The quality of tourism websites will directly affect future business competition.,How to do a tourist website,In addition to the function of the tour website,Also consider the website page looks good or not,Code design andURLWhether the path is easy to search engine optimization。

1、Tourism travel line reservation

The product of the travel website is the itinerary,Booking Function Module Major Travel Service、Management and sales line products,And provide the front desk to book or purchase line products on the website,Implementing merchants transferring traditional lines of line products to online,Expand more sales methods and channels,Establish a new profit growth point。

2、Line Search Filter

Website If only a few lines are difficult to attract users,You can't meet users,To add a lot of travel routes to users with different needs,How to make users quickly find the route they want in a number of routes very important,In addition to a search,Also have the option to use the conditions you want.。

3、Hotel booking

Solve line problems,I have to solve the problem.,Just a hotel reservation function module,Administrators can conduct hotel release and management in the background,And provide a certain area to front membership、Recommended hotel reservation service,The hotel is sold in the hotel's room through the online platform of travel agencies.,Thus make it better to achieve benefits。

4、Ticket booking function

(travel website development)As long as you travel out tourists,Very clear,Buying tickets for a long time,So by building a online ticket purchase platform,Visitors can view according to preferences、Screening and searching for related tickets,Online booking Tickets,Can greatly improve the traditional ticket sales,Sales tickets from online,Effective saving tourists buy tickets。

5、Member management function

To complete the line、hotel、Ticket booking and other functional operations,Establish a member management,The member system has a bigger advantage to cultivate a large number of loyal customers for travel agencies.,Effectively establish a long-term stable market,Enhance the competitiveness of travel agencies in the same industry,Implement membership management,Can also promote two-way communication between travel agencies and tourists,After the customer became a member,Generally, you can regularly receive the dynamics of new travel agencies.。

6、Travel Raiders function

Can I have better attractive users?,Just regularly some valuable travel strategies,Combined with tourist attractions、line、Text introduction of special attractions such as destination,Travel information、Travel experience and other information to the website visitors,By marketing promotion,Use the article provided by the articleSEOFunction promotion,Expand new customers online,Promote website sales。

7、Private customization

(travel website development)Different people have different needs,Did not find the right line in the existing tourist strokes,You can make travel agencies to create your own travel plan through privately-customized ways.,This travel plan is completely personal,Route attractions to arrange,Eat in the travel time during travel,Suspension and effort。

8、Online payment function

To achieve online sales products,The website needs to have a payment system,We must be with online banking、Alipay、WeChat payment product docking,Users can complete payment operations。

9、Visa service function

With the opening of the global tourism industry,Go to foreign travel needs to handle visas,For convenience, don't understand how to handle visas,Take a visa service,This is an indispensable function of operating overseas travel,Can improve the visibility of travel agencies。

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